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caprice crane
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Hey, Leo! This person would like your attention. #lostangeles #leonardodicaprio #desperado
I got to wear the most gorgeous @patriciabonaldibrand dress last night and rockin' jewelry by @ericksonbeamonofficial for the WIN Awards. Thanks so much to @showroomseven @ivystyle and @myfairmomo. ❤️💃
Ugh. I told Max to slow down after the 4th beer but he insisted he could hang. So here we are... #handsomemax #wasted #shihtzulove #lightweight
Apocalyptic rainstorm cleared up just in time for the sun to bail for the day. #sunset #lostangeles
Girl in Neiman Marcus just asked the sales associate for a bottle of water for her Maltese. The dog's tag says, "Bae." I'm done for the day. #bae #maltese #bottledwater #notmadatthemarantsweatertho
My hero today is this very sassy lady who stopped the cops in front of me because the car on the right stole her parking spot. YOU DO NOT STEAL HER PARKING SPOT, PEOPLE! I can't even be annoyed with the situation because I love everything about this woman and wish she was my grandmother. #sassy #sos
"I'm pretty sure I dropped a piece of food and I shall not rest until I find it." #handsomemax #maxhaslosthishead #shihtzulove #sillyboy
Sunset over Sunset Blvd. #fireinthesky
Superfun "hen party" today with @simonereyes at @officialpeta. Rescued hens give great little cuddles. #henparty #iamnotanugget #rescue
#tbt Look at how ridiculously good looking my dad was. Yesterday would have been his birthday and I missed him all day like every other day. #RIPpop #ridiculouslyhandsome
I only peed a little in my bed and therefore I do not understand why I needed a bath or what all the fuss is about? #handsomemax #afterbathmax #shihtzulove #madface
"Excuse me, but it's raining out here. I'd like my almonds now but may I come join you inside?" #hollywoodsquirrels #babysquirrel #lloydthesquirrel #nature
This is an actual children's book. It could also be titled "WebMD." If I got this book as a kid, I'd be even more messed up than I already am. And that's saying something. #messedup #childrensbook #nightmaresfordays #webmd
#Repost from @neighborsfromhell Are you following this account about awful neighbors? It's hilarious and you need it in your life. I may need to text my neighbor with the rooster just to submit to them! Follow them at @neighborsfromhell --- Fostering the arts. #neighborsfromhell #nightmareneighbor
I call this, "Mommy, don't forget to take me with you." As if, I'd ever forget! #mybaby #15yearsyoung #shihtzulove #handsomemax
A delicious Thanksgiving dinner in NYC with my perfect, precious, prettiest mom. This is the lady I am so incredibly grateful for, every single day of my life. I hope you're all having a lovely Thanksgiving, #happythanksgiving #motheranddaughter #prettiestmama #alwaysgrateful
Happy Thanksgiving from me and my friend Monty the Turkey. I'm so grateful for all of my friends and family which includes my animal friends and family. I'm also grateful for places like @farmsanctuary and @thegentlebarn who rescue animals year round (and then let me visit)! #happythanksgiving #resc
In NYC at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade with my gorgeous mom and our very good friend Matthew. We booed the Sea World float and cheered for Spider-Man! #prettiestmama #spiderman #fuckseaworld #happythanksgiving
Just when you thought Guy Fieri couldn't be any less likable, he announces he's forcing kale on his dinner guests.
At the airport. See this guy in a full camouflage track suit? Of course you don't. It just looks like a floating head with a rasta hat. Okay, it's HR from Bad Brains so I guess he gets a pass. #invisibleman #holidaytravel #badbrains #HRgetsapass
People commented last night when I posted a photo with @fionagubelmann because she wasn't a squirrel. And to that I say, here's a photo of me feeding a piece of squash to Fiona the Squirrel. She is by far one of my favorite squirrels and one of the prettiest squirrels I've ever seen. (Also an excell
BFF @fionagubelmann surprised me at our mutual friend @markthompsontv's dinner party and we got so happy we decided to take a prom photo. #rideordie #prompicture #dinnerpartyatthompsons
I was trying to teach Lady Lloyd that it's not polite to climb on people when you want more nuts. She said, if that's the case I set a terrible example and I'm not one to talk. Can you believe the nerve of this squirrel? #ladylloyd #lloydthesquirrel #nature #hollywoodsquirrels #thenerveofthissquirre
If you have your sound up you can hear both Lloyd chewing her walnuts and my asshole neighbor's rooster. #ladylloyd #lloydthesquirrel #assholeneighbor #nature #hollywoodsquirrels
Hurry up, Max thought as he waited in the getaway car. He'd really wanted to be in the bank where the real action was but he knew his driving skills and that nobody else but him could pull off the maneuvering they'd need for a clean getaway. #bankjob #smoothcriminal #handsomemax #thuglife