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caprice crane
Yesterday was a pretty big day for Lady Lloyd and me. And by big I mean huge. She came in the morning earlier than normal for breakfast and then she came back an hour and a half later. On her second visit she was testing me a bit. Climbing up on my leg, grabbing my hand with her paws when she was ta
With my very dear friend #GlenEFriedman at last night's #MyRules book launch which was off the hook. The new book shows never before seen shots chronicling skate, punk and hip hop heroes like @tonyalva, #rundmc #minorthreat #beastieboys #jayadams #publicenemy and so many more. Proud of this guy.
Hanging with my old pal @dannyboydeltabravo out supporting our friend #GlenEFriedman at his L.A. book launch for #MyRules.
#tbt Here's a photo of my cutie-pie parents looking very serious next to an NBC cake at the World's Fair. Food is indeed serious business and cake especially. An important lesson I learned from them at an early age. #cake #ridiculouslygoodlookingparents #seriousbusiness #tinalouise #lescrane #hottie
Instead of taking out your phone to record that thing you'll never watch, just experience it. I promise that's better.
#wcw Loving this gal's style as she buys her 40 at 2pm. Pants are saggin' because those underwear are Gucci, bitch! Damn right she's gonna show 'em. #saggin #40oz #gucciunderwear
"Accomplished Nothing" achievement unlocked.
Interior decoration where I just took a meeting. Because I'm a mature adult and a professional. #fartjar #grownup #mature
Don't cry because it's pumpkin spice latte season. Smile because it helps weed out the people who won't shut up about pumpkin spice lattes.
"You Won't Believe What Happens Next!" You're right. Mostly because I'm not clicking your stupid link.
When you're looking at your phone and you laugh at something, nobody gives a shit what it is. Quit waiting for us to ask "What?"
This is Truman and Manuel and it's my favorite photo ever. Look at the expression on Manuel's face. He's like, "Uhhhhh....excuse me? I reserved this seat." #trumanandmanuel #ifeellikeimincoach #thisisbullshit
A better way to get me to donate money is to lose that clipboard and hold a puppy instead.
See ya later, sun. Thanks for hangin' out. #sunset #losangeles #lastlooks
In case you didn't believe me that Lady Lloyd is a nut snob and refuses anything but walnuts, here's proof. #lloydthesquirrel #ladylloyd #squirrel #nature #noalmonds #walnutsonly
Something as simple as a compliment can really brighten a person's day. For instance I just told someone I liked their hideous outfit.
Posing with my favorite pixie @victoriasummer at #SamSimon's #vegan Luau last night. #yummyfood #gigglesgalore #PETA
With the legendary Ingrid Newkirk at the #PETA #vegan Luau at #SamSimon's house.
I kid you not, this is at my gym. In case anyone is wondering what the goal weight is in Los Angeles.
I kid you not, this is at my gym. In case anyone is wondering what the goal weight is in Los Angeles. #subtle #getskinnyordietryin #thisisreal
Goodnight from my sleepy little Max. And his tongue. #handsomemax #shihtzu #tongue
Once during hide-and-seek with an ex-boyfriend, I left and never came back. His wife's going to be SO surprised when I come home tonight! :)
Just like, hatch from an egg and be ready. Easy. #relationshiptips #heretohelp #nopastnoproblems
To have a successful relationship the main thing you need to do is have no past whatsoever.
Life Hack: Send her a photo of you reaching the top shelf or putting the duvet cover on the comforter instead of that dick pic.
I was chilling outside in my @badmoodshop shirt with Max on my lap and I kid you not, Lloyd showed up--jealous as hell--and demanded I give her walnuts. We talked it out and she's calm now but boy does she have a temper! #badmoodshop #badmoodlloyd #handsomemax #ladylloyd #lloydthesquirrel # #jealous
I'm on Instagram at capricecrane. Are you following me? If not, fix that now:
Here's a cow photo bombing a horse stuck in a fence. You know this cow is like, "What a dummy!" #horse #cow #photobomb
Will the iPhone6 make my dad love me?
I'm not saying you're an asshole. But I'm definitely thinking it.
Those "I'm so lucky to be married to my best friend" Facebook updates are code for "I'm totally in the doghouse and I hope this bs helps."
Lady Lloyd and I played tug-o-war with a walnut just now. She won but I put up a good fight for a few seconds. I like to keep her on her toes. #ladylloyd #lloydthesquirrel #squirrel #nature #walnutfight
Inception. A Lloyd within a Lloyd. #lloydthesquirrel #ladylloyd #squirrel #bffs
Oh, it's hot out? By all means, please post that car dashboard photo of the temperature. Riveting stuff.
If thoughts could be prosecuted, I'd have been arrested for punching people so many times.
One of my neighbors feels like the world deserves to listen to his phone calls and see him in his underwear every single day. I'm just doing my part to help him reach a wider audience. #nothanks #putsomeclothesondude
Urban Outfitters has apologized for selling their blood-spattered Kent State sweatshirts and say their "I ♥ ISIS" t-shirts are now on hold.
1. Vodka is made from potatoes. 2. Potatoes are vegetables. 3. Vegetables are good for you. 4. You're welcome! #vodka #healthnut #vegan
1. Vodka is made from potatoes. 2. Potatoes are vegetables. 3. Vegetables are good for you. 4. You're welcome!
HUGE NEWS!! We can officially announce our book w/@GrandCentralPub & @capricecrane out in 2015. Details coming soon.
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Paris Hilton spent $13k on the "World’s Smallest Pomeranian" because he went nicely with her "World's Smallest Brain." ADOPT! DON'T SHOP!
If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, be like, “Fine, here’s my Netflix password. Now, for real. Go.”
I just told Lady Lloyd we have air conditioning and she's strongly considering coming inside. (It's 102 degrees here.) #lloydthesquirrel #ladylloyd #squirrel #squirrelburglar
Hanging with the beautiful @jtillathekilla2 and the studly @markthompsontv at the MFA Gala. A great night for a great cause. (I'm totally grabbing her ass in this pic.) #mercyforanimals #assgrab #alwaysinappropriate
I took this Rat Pack photo of @phillaak @drewfromtv and @markthompsontv at the super-fun @mercyforanimals gala. They clean up pretty nice, these three. #mercyforanimals #pokersharks #ratpack #oldhollywoodstyle
I looked at Max and said ‘you need a bath,’ and he snorted and said ‘ME?!?!?! YOU need a bath, my friend! And I said ‘Yeah, well I’m the parent so lets see who wins.’ And here we are. #handsomemax #afterbathmax #wetshihtzu #thelawone
Having a best friend with you at a dressy event makes goofing off that much more fun. In a rare moment of poise @FionaGubelmann and I behave ourselves at the amazing @mercyforanimals gala last night. #mercyforanimals #heroes #bestfriendsmakeeverythingbetter
Flashback Friday to that time my best friend Esther and I shared our first kiss. #smooch #estherthewonderpig #bffs #fbf
George Zimmerman threatened to kill a man in a road rage incident. But it was probably the other guys fault for wearing a car.
Just heard Chris Brown gave anger management advice to Ray Rice. Which is like the Duggars giving advice on birth control.