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caprice crane
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Found a new spot to hang out. Because I'm mature. #marilyn #totallylookedupherskirt
I told this guy we could still see him. Some people don't even know how to hide behind a planter. C'mon dude. This is Stalking 101. #heretohelp #stalking101 #yourewelcomedude
You guys, my BFF is on Celebrity Big Brother UK, which started last night. His hashtag is #CBBLESLIE and he is the best. So watch when you can and show him some love! #lesliejordan #family #smallbutmighty
I knew it was a dream because the cord to plug in my iPhone was a length that actually made sense.
Keep in mind, the #Ferguson live feeds we're witnessing are thanks to courageous media who are putting themselves at risk to document this.
Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, I'm sorry I said your child is ugly. :(
At the @WWE #summerslam. Next up: @FionaGubelmann vs @capricecrane #wwe #badasses
Not just love.The right kind. This was actually the original lyric in The Beatles first draft. Oh, also, acid. #dtla #billboard #101 #beatles
Saw this sweetheart on the most recent episode of #Botched. She wanted to get bigger breasts, obviously. I'm so happy my pal @heatherdubrow is married to one of the genius doctors on this show. It makes me feel that much closer to it. #mustseetv #glorious #totallynatural
Hi @WWE I'm going to #summerslam tonight to watch @BrockLesnar and @JohnCena. I haven't really been training but can I fight the winner?
Comment "Looks fun. Guess my invite got lost in the mail!" on every photo your friends post for the next 24 hours.
Yep. Getting this. #medicalert #deletemybrowserhistory #legit
I can look directly at someone, nod when they're talking, maybe even throw in a "yeah," and still not hear a single word they said.
My friend @travonfree and I had a fun breakfast today. One of us is up for an Emmy tomorrow night (not me) and one of us is ordering pizza. #hesawinner #ilikepizza
My friend @Travon and I had a fun breakfast today. One of us is up for an Emmy tomorrow night (not me) and one of us is ordering pizza.
Had a great breakfast with @capricecrane talking about how great we are as people and how humble we are about it.
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If you put your ear up close to the butterfly tattoo you can hear the daddy issues.
My dog would never ignore my texts.
#tbt Everything I know about makeup application I learned from my mom. Obviously she is a genius. #prettiestmama #totallynatural #makeuptutorial
*opens eyes* *reads latest news* "Nope." *hides under the covers*
I can't believe this is a real commercial I just watched on CNN. "Supported by Americans whose first language is English." #mindblown #wtf #merica
Police in #Ferguson demanded the media put their cameras away, begging the question: What don't they want us to see?
Where's a daily double when you need one? #jeopardy #moviestar #igotthis
Seems legit. #cashonly #handwrittensign #nope