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Ari Capogeannis
Johnny Appleseed was real, and he got frontiersmen hammered.
NASA: New "impossible" engine works, could change space travel forever. A few more tests and I can finally head home.…
The Hip-Hop Flow Chart Ranks Rappers By The Size of Their Vocabulary. It would be nice to have this for politicians.
"'Fargo' Producers Reveal Details on Season 2" #awesome
"'Airbnb Logos' Tumblr Pokes Inappropriate Fun at Company's New Logo"
For those in my state still watering their lush, green lawns - "California Drought Cost: $2.2B and Thousands of Jobs"
I was curious about this myself - "Why Planes Still Flew Over Ukraine Until MH17 Was Shot Down"
KalaBox: The Promise of Local Development Done Right…
Cloud Wars: It’s Real, It’s Happening and It’s Awesome… via @mashable
One Chart Showing Who Trades With Who In The World
I just backed a most fantastic dev tool, "Kalabox. Advanced Web Tools for the People" on @kickstarter thx @kalamuna
Our free, open source Kalabox 2.0 will be a boon to developers, designers, & technical project managers… #drupalcon
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"Marketers Use Facebook Despite Believing It May Be Ineffective"
"A Necessary Evil? Pantheon Raises $21.5M To Help Companies Deploy Drupal And WordPress."…
136 years of visual effects evolution in a one sensory-overload video.
Six Common Problems With The UX Process, And Six Solutions!… via @smashingmag
Guy builds digital computers using strings, weights, and a chessboard.
Programming Isn't Manual Labor, But It Still Sucks… via @mashable
Portland Reservoir to be Drained After Teen Pees in Water "city isn’t suffering from a drought" via @NBCNews #moronic
"IRS Misses XP Deadline, Pays Microsoft Millions for Custom Support"
$51 Billion to host a two week long sporting event with all that's going on in the world today? Sickening. #Sochi2014
A shame the lengths this country is being driven in by big brother legislation "FAA says no to beer drone"
Mavericks starts today. Good day.
Nice that the refs are testing out their new NFL flag football rules.