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Ari Capogeannis
CSS-Only Solution For UI Tracking
"Speeches from US presidents have gotten dumber over time"
Simply fantastic -> Advanced Imaging Reveals a Computer 1,500 Years Ahead of Its Time…
At what point does exploiting a video poker bug become a criminal act rather than oversight on the developer's part?…
The War for Digital Talent Has Begun - "...90% of companies lack digital skills"
Dear Twitter Friends: That gum you like is going to come back in style! #damngoodcoffee
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Scotland Rejects Independence; Internet Reacts Accordingly… via @mashable
Joan Rivers, a Bitchin' Life in Photos
49ers take biggest bite out of fans' wallets - Attending a 49ers game costs a family of four an NFL-high avg of $641.
"One Of The Best Examples Of Collective Intelligence You'll Ever See"
My next CZ to do list item - "Pee Here And We'll Post It On Youtube: The Czech Republic Anti-Public Urination Sign"
You've got Face Mites | "Look at it wiggle its wee stubby legs!"…
Cloud Storage Showdown: Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud and More Compared
"Pandora is huge. Spotify is missing." - These are the 25 most popular mobile apps in America via @qz
Michael Sam Sacks Johnny Manziel in Media's Dream Scenario… via @mashable
"A Guide to the Golden Age of Corporate Logo Design"
Man Builds Working Hard Drive Inside Minecraft | Enterprise | WIRED…
Wanna stick it to The Man? Trust me, I'll explain. For now: #icechallengebucket
Don't move @Dropbox @googledrive @onedrive & @BoxHQ files when you can access them all in the same place @Samepageio!
Johnny Appleseed was real, and he got frontiersmen hammered.
NASA: New "impossible" engine works, could change space travel forever. A few more tests and I can finally head home.…
The Hip-Hop Flow Chart Ranks Rappers By The Size of Their Vocabulary. It would be nice to have this for politicians.
"'Fargo' Producers Reveal Details on Season 2" #awesome
"'Airbnb Logos' Tumblr Pokes Inappropriate Fun at Company's New Logo"
For those in my state still watering their lush, green lawns - "California Drought Cost: $2.2B and Thousands of Jobs"
I was curious about this myself - "Why Planes Still Flew Over Ukraine Until MH17 Was Shot Down"
KalaBox: The Promise of Local Development Done Right…
Cloud Wars: It’s Real, It’s Happening and It’s Awesome… via @mashable
One Chart Showing Who Trades With Who In The World
I just backed a most fantastic dev tool, "Kalabox. Advanced Web Tools for the People" on @kickstarter thx @kalamuna
Our free, open source Kalabox 2.0 will be a boon to developers, designers, & technical project managers… #drupalcon
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"Marketers Use Facebook Despite Believing It May Be Ineffective"
"A Necessary Evil? Pantheon Raises $21.5M To Help Companies Deploy Drupal And WordPress."…
136 years of visual effects evolution in a one sensory-overload video.
Six Common Problems With The UX Process, And Six Solutions!… via @smashingmag
Guy builds digital computers using strings, weights, and a chessboard.
Programming Isn't Manual Labor, But It Still Sucks… via @mashable
Portland Reservoir to be Drained After Teen Pees in Water "city isn’t suffering from a drought" via @NBCNews #moronic
"IRS Misses XP Deadline, Pays Microsoft Millions for Custom Support"
$51 Billion to host a two week long sporting event with all that's going on in the world today? Sickening. #Sochi2014
A shame the lengths this country is being driven in by big brother legislation "FAA says no to beer drone"