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Smh I really dont want to say nothing cause I know a LOT of ppl aren't ready for it but unfortunately, its a part of my calling. You guys only see burning buildings in #Ferguson, but "We" know that this is just the start of "their" much BIGGER agenda! People listen, A lot of horrible things are abou
We kill eachother everyday and get away with it. #NoSnitchin ...I known yall know the code. But they mad cause a white man got away this time? Im praying for the family.... #MissMeWitTheRest 👋 ✌ #Ferguson #RipMikeBrown
Everybody is not worth your energy. When you care about a person's situation more than they do, it's time to give it to God, and walk away...
All you hear is what's coming out they mouth. What them actions do though?...
Hey you! Beat up, beat down, stepped on, stepped over, stressed out, fed up and Just plain ole sick & TIRED! Yea you! Pay attention the next time YOU look in the mirror. Cause you've been through hell but you don't LOOK LIKE what you been through! People's imaginatIon can't even fathom your reality.
.... because I'm #Happy 😊 😁 😝 😛
"You are not a human being. You are an infinite, metaphysical energy-being inhabiting a human body. I created you in my image and likeness. Your body is the vehicle that gets you through the test called 'Life.' Your free will determines whether you pass or fail..." -God #TooDeep i know.... keep scr
My sis so cold with the brush. I need to invest in her future lol ladies hit me up for her info #nails #nailart #detroitnails #detroitnailsalon
Good afternoon IG fam. Walk in YOUR light today and be blessed. ..♡♡♡
God is about to do something AMAZING with me, with eveybody around me... everything i touch, everybody I've crossed paths with everybody I've spoken to and everybody who's reading this. Dont ask me what it is, I can just feel it! If you believe & recieve what he's ABOUT to do for you; like this post
Hey you. Yea you reading this; I dont know you. But I know what you've been through because I've been through it too. Your so strong that ppl expect you to be strong when sometimes you need comfort too. Ppl think that because you always smile that everything in your life is alright... EVERYTHING AIN
Once you come to the realization that about 90% percent of what we've been taught is a lie, you will began to know who created you & what your #purpose is on this earth. I know. Its scary... but your either gonna live your purpose in life, or your gonna punch a clock everyday for someone who's livin
While I was going through, you kept your distance. So now that I made it through give me my space... ✌
Thanks for playing the role... Thanks for acting the part and speaking it well... Thanks for playing the game; Her heart is broken now. Your the champ. But you've lost more than you've won. You gained satisfaction of your own selfish desires. But you lost a woman that can stand on water and walk thr
God is bigger than everything you going through right now and part of the reson you stress so much is because u keep trying to control things you really have no control over. Let God be who he is and do what he does. He's not gonna force you to trust him. Either you wanna see him move mountains in y
Just got home from a movie date with Mekaboo & cic. I HATE bathroom photos buh eh...whatever. Now im headed to a lock in at my church. Yall know what that mean!! FREE PIZZA!! ^_^ Lol #FatGirl #SoWhat ...Later fb fam ♡
If you knew how many "friends" talk about you behind your back, you wouldn't have as many as you do now... #KeepYaGrassCut
GOODMORNING IG fam! I know we ALL have our problems but on THIS day I want to you let them GO! I want you to cast every worry, fear, care & concern on ME & forget about them. Im taking them to the alter today & laying them in God's hands for you, & all I want you to do is ENJOY YOUR DAY and WATCH hi
Now I SEE why I been going through so much HELL! everybody knows that i have no car because of my car accident. I prayed for a "specific" car. Not ONLY did he bless me with the car out of the blue (sky) but he COVERED IT with the BLOOD of Christ! Smh somebody put they hand to the Lord and say "Mine
I remember when I brought my bundle of joy home. Gosh she was so tiny. But boy how fast they grow! I don't want her to grow up to fast :( pretty soon she's gonna be dating! But my baby still look good tho! Lol Goodmorning from Ms. Chasitie Blue♡ =)
When I tell you God is GOOD.... ??! smh yall gotta understand, IM NOT JUST GIVING MONEY AWAY FOR NO REASON! I didn't know Where it was gone come from or when but I KNEW it was comin cause he said it! God told me to write a bucket list and I did! Then he said "Specifically because you didn't think
#GoodMorning IG Fam! I declare that today WILL be better than yesterday! That everything you need done BE DONE! That all you desire be delivered unto you! & that doors began to open that NO MAN can close! This applies to everyone who reads it! New videos on YouTube. have an AMAZING day!♡
Goodafternoon IG Fam! I declare that today WILL be better than yesterday! That everything you need…
Her shoe game tight but she don't know where she goin in life, she independent but her morals messed up, she cute but her attitude ugly & her "head game" cold but she dont have COMMON SENSE... where ya #standards at bruh? o_0
New video on Monday. #Goodnight IG fam...♡ 10/27/14
What I want to know is, why everybody want to be my "friend" all of a sudden? Sorry but I cant trust the ones I already have. Love yall from a distance... ✌
What God has for you is for you and you only. ..♡
For the past week my family has been experiencing #ParanormalPhenomena this video u clearly see an orange bottle move and almost levitate behind me during the time marks of; 6:40 , 7:21 , 9:50 , 13:00 , 14:19 , 14:23 , and 14:34 .. What do you think?...
Don't worry about who accepts you. Stop looking for validation from imperfect human beings. REALIZE that GOD has picked YOU as HIS CHOICE... and anyone who TRULY knows him will "recognize" you. ..♡
#DemonicPossession #Angels #God #demons #devil #Revelation #Telepathy #divine #illumianiti #sleepparalysis #nightterrors #KNOWLEDGE #enlightenedones #enlightened #masonic #mason #aliens #ufo #weird #weirdstuff
@Camille_Paige Eyes watered watching your video something happened like that to me only once but three times in one night it's really scary.
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Your finances jacked up. Bills past due. Lover ain't treating you right. Family turning they backs. Friends become enemies. Loved ones dying. Cant find love or a job and don't know what to do or where to turn next... some of u have experienced 1 or all of these things but u MUST remember... 10/16/14
"You are perfect in my sight, therefore you are imperfect in the world. Your imperfection makes you perfect. " -God "The Awakening" - Secrets Revealed 10/16/14... Link in bio #GoodMorning♥
#NoughSaid #Camillepaige #CamilleSays
Dear #Sheeple If you haven't noticed already, #Ebola is one of many POPULATION CONTROL weapons used and CREATED by the evil duers who dwell in high places. IT HAS A PATETENT NUMBER just like AIDS and the Light Bulb! The same people who enslaved u & ur ansestors, made u forget about them; now they m
People still Don't believe DEMONIC POSSESSION, depression and oppression is real. But they tell you the TRUTH in the music industry. I guess it's ok for rihanna though huh? Cause she's famous smh keep letting these demons dressed up as artists drag you to hell... #Sheeple "I'm friends with the monst
1,300+ views in less than 24hrs. Can somebody say "Eyes on me" ...something im saying gotta be the truth... the truth will be told one way or the other. Life or death...*shrugs* Link in bio
Your idol sold their soul to the devil, I didn't. I Can escape death, they can't. I know who i am, you don't. I have my testimony you want it.... #Haters
Almost 1000 views in less than 24hrs.. Something I'm saying must be the truth. I've lost family (cont)
Almost 1000 views in less than 24hrs.. Something I'm saying must be the truth. I've been keeping what I've Been going through Behind closed doors secret for years. I've lost family over this. I've lost "friends," and every year in the month of August I've literally almost lost my life. I have nothin
#TheAwakening preview release Tomorrow. Official Full Video release Thu Oct. 16, 2014