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I am beautiful on the inside, and so are you. "That's" what matters.... #GoodMorning ♥
We are all blessed with the gift of....
I just made it home from the hospital. There really isn't anything I can do to thank u all enough. But for now, i "Thank You" for praying for me, when i didnt have the strenght to pray for myself. It saved my life... #ThankYouGodForGraceAndMercy
My ribs are still a little sore but nun the less im still living & im SO glad! It aint over til he say so. I claim VICTORY! yall have a good day..♥.
Still a little sore. But I'm ok. Thanks again♥
WARNING!!: To everyone who downloaded the #FaceBookMessengerApp FACT: if u have this app that means…
Sad part about it is, some of us should be in jail for the death of #MikeBrown right next to the cop who shot it him. Yall #Share videos/pictures of everything but wont #share anything of substance. Yall can tell me EVERYTHING thats goin on in #Love&HipHop but yall can't tell me who yall are, where
Bein fast.... we gets the work done first though #RGG #Entrepreneurs #JustWatch...♥ =)
Pooh the Phoenix & Camille the #Lion lol
Not to fond of black & white but, ehh... #NewMusicComin ♥
(LMAO! Im cryin DEAD) Meanwhile, women out here having babies by dudes like this and im successful smh s/o to all...
Does anyone know of an all white studio something like these in Detroit? it would be AWESOME if someone could assist me. If not please tag someone who may be able to help? thanks if you can... #Lost #dancestudio #whitestudio #photography #needphotographer #needphotography #allwhitestuio #whiteda
Lil Kim's new album Cover. Your thoughts??... 😂😂😂
Its funny how now days, men can use their critical thinking skills to determine who has the best walk-away between two females but they refuse to use the same skills to figure out how to get out they mama basement, own they OWN business, provide a worthy future for themselves and their children & ul
Goodmorning! ^_^ you will have a better day than you did yesterday!♥
Me being the fat chick that I am lol #EelSushi
Tried the Dragon Sushi roll and LOVED it! S/o to my boo @love_chance_happiness_ and s/o to all the men thats not afraid of trying new things =)
Get your free autographed cooy today! = )
Hope y'all havin a good night!♥ ^_^ #GoofBall
I couldnt remeber everybody, my memory is little :=( Full video on fb "Camille songstress paige" ) lord knows I got love for everybody...♥ s/o Dre Skoni, Nuke Bless and everyone else I missed... #Dopeness
This is what I get for recording with my eyes closed lol what y'all think so far?? Lms to hear the finished product....♥ #LateNightsInTheStudio
Autographed copies? Hmm... Maybe =) #InTheStudio
Y'all know I got somethin up my sleeve ;) like this post if ya ready =) #MIA #InTheBooth
My current situation... and NO yall cant see me in my bathing suit lol =)
NEW PAGE!!! >>> Camille Paige<<< Please ADD!!!
Word on the street is Camille paige got a New Website... ;)
Where all my #ATL Men at?? I LOVE me some southern men smh<3 #Atlanta #DirtySouth
What he will love about me can't be seen with the naked eye. It can't be put on or taken off... & what I'll love about him can only be felt, yet not tangibly touched... New music comin =) #Goodmorning♥
Late night post.. new music comin soon♥ #LostFiles
Follow her. She's pretty, creative & inspiring = ) @hate @ hate @hate
I have a surprise for you guys ;) ..Until then, listen to my latet single and stay tuned. Thanks for your support<3
Workin on the Trey Songz ft Mila J "Disrespectful" REMIX = ) Hope y'all ready... lms to RSVP♥
STUDIO TODAY!!! ^_^ Usher - "Good Kisser" Remix #Leggo♥ p.s. What cover should I do next?? = )
Things ppl say to me = ) don't forget to check out my #Aaliyah "Miss You" cover (link in bio). Be in the look out for my #Usher #GoodKisserRemix ♥
I learned how to cook, clean, shut up and listen from My Grandma. Just in case my mama missed somethin ;) 62yrs young and counting. I love her♥
Umm, Chastity.... We can see you. Lol #HerHidingSpot
Currently writing a song for a 10yr old girl. She gone be the clodest w/me writing for her =) #WaitOnIt #StudioThisWeekend #Geeked ^_^
How do you call your 3 year old baby girl a bitch tho?? Smh God cant even explain how ASHAMED I am to…
If one more person listens to my music and tell me I sound like #JheneAiko or #MilaJ gonna jump off a cliff -_______-. New music comin though = )