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Some simple joys I had as a kid I will never outgrow. Like finding a P1000 bill in the pocket of my jeans. Ty, old careless self
Sometimes you're alright, Manila
"Your call is important to us..." ...Please enjoy this 30-minute flute solo.
Imma try to swim from something bigger than me
Chasing waterfalls
When all else fails
I'm up in the woods, I'm down on my mind
Today's itinerary involved climbing up a monolith and sliding down loose soil. What was your Sunday like?
You know it's a bad day when you ask a saleslady for your size AND SHE TURNS OUT NOT TO BE A SALESLADY
What's worse than something getting into your eye? A guy glancing over at you at the exact same time, thinking you winked at him. Just, no.
Camilla, Camille, Camella, and Carla are common mistakes but this one takes the trophy for most creative wrong name
"She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city."
Underneath the palm trees, you could leave your worries
Bliss is the sand between my toes and the sunburn on my nose
I fell in love at the seaside
On an island in the sun, we'll be playing and having fun
And we'll all float on anyway
What a selfie looks like when taken by the shores of Baler šŸŒŠ
#RealTalk from my instructor, King: "Ano naman kung mahulog ka? Akyat lang nang akyat. Ang importante na-enjoy mo yung ride." -- He knows.
Wave after wave, slowly drifting
It's like the sun set in your eyes and never wanted to rise
Accidentally hit this baby whaleshark with my foot, but he didn't mind. "Just keep swimming," he said. šŸ‹
Mountains know the secrets we need to learn
Colors of spring šŸ‚šŸšŸŒæ
Water so clear, you can see to the bottom
Some sceneries just need #nofilter
Hands down, the best jacuzzi in town
Fact: The only time I can sit still is when I'm by the sea. šŸŒŠ #minimalpeople
Golden hour sunbathing view šŸŒ“
Salt hair, don't care | Missing the crystal clear waters of this beautiful island šŸŒŠ
Sunny side up ā˜€ļø
Because wall climbing is too mainstream, I gave waterfall climbing a shot. You'd be pleased to know that I'm still alive and kickin' šŸœ
Level 5 of this majestic five-tiered waterfalls in Samboan, Cebu. Well worth the climb, and this is just one of five. šŸ’™
No sunblock, no life vest, no snorkeling gear. Just me and my whaleshark friends, reunited after 10 years. šŸ‹ Still on a high from this weekend's adventure!
Because it's hump day and my mind is elsewhere as usual. One more day till ā˜€ļøšŸŒŠ
Before sunset. Don't mind getting lost when the road leads to this. @dailydoza
Prancing through life šŸŒæ
Weekends are for getting away from everything
work/play Ā© @glenncamson
To the best view in Mt. Pulag and beyond: Thank you for being my partner-in-crime, part-time lover, and full-time best friend rolled into one handsome sushi. I will always be here to pluck your unibrow and agree when you say that Kobe is the greatest person to ever walk this planet. Happy Carlos Men
farsickness (n.) an ache for distance
Ateneo Blue... Archer? Thanks for letting me get my inner Katniss on, @dailydoza
Ruins of the past > Buildings of today
From the "bawal magsuklay" series. @kara.chung @alelisalac Heyyy

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