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when you decide to lay down for a minute then you wake up 6 hours later confused af
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Franco Baresi and his brother Giuseppe, captaining AC and Inter in a Milan derby ...
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EXCLUSIVE: Here's the moment Manuel Neuer found out he had made the final 3 for the Ballon D'Or:
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fucking joke
fuck stress
can't believe @HARRISONSMITH__ put £3.50 on number 15 and it came in 😂😂#ellollo
These are fire do you agree or disagree?...
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When you the only one out ya squad to graduate
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Kendra is so fucking annoying
Feel so ill😒
Cunts that put '💊💊💊💊💊' after tweeting about their weekend antics are the worst! Simmer down Wolf of Wall Street👍
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Rocky's got Xbox one 😩💦💦
can't wait for Christmas
can never seem to get to sleep at a normal time
This is what Gemma see's when she looks at Tinchy
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Gemma Collins arriving in the jungle like 'Sorry I'm late just picked up a cheese burger for 99p'
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Gunna be like takeshi's castle for Gemma getting over that bridge
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Gemma is a unit
running out of data is so shit
Stereo Kicks were top lads. Still think they'd be better off with 9. I'd vote for them but Cowell's got my phone
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Yaya Toure Takes Out A Girl In The Crowd With This Shot, I Really Shouldn't Laugh... 😩😭
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Maybe because it's physically impossible for Claire..
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so tired😴
When Timmy Turner said "Giant snake, birthday cake; large fries, chocolate shake."
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my sleeping pattern is fucked
My Mum said she left a slice of pizza for me when I get home
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When you see all your friends hanging out and you can't cuz you not born yet
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can't wait for fast and furious 7👀
@Eden_Morris25: pretty much describes last night that you???
yes kisstory