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Christiane Amanpour
I’ll be live from Edinburgh in 20 minutes on @cnni as the polls close in Scotland’s independence referendum. #indyref
Afghanistan is “on the right track” for a unity gov't, Amb. to UK tells me; says Abdullah & Ghani are up to the task:
The moderate Syrian opposition is capable of fighting both ISIS and Assad, Fmr Commander tells me, but needs support:
Today's the day of the Scottish independence vote! @camanpour joins us from Edinburgh at 6:20amET w/ an update as voters cast their ballots.
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The chance at independence doesn't come often, Scottish MP tells me. He’s voting ‘yes’
EXCLUSIVE: W hours until #indyref, Fmr PM Gordon Brown tells me “things have started to move.”
“I think things have started to move,” Former UK PM Gordon Brown tells me. My exclusive interview airs in 2 minutes on @cnni. #indyref
“There’s a good kind of change”…[and a] bad kind of change” Fmr PM Gordon Brown tells me. My exclusive intv airs in 5 mins on @cnni #indyref
INTL EXCLUSIVE: I interview Former PM Gordon Brown about #indyref in 25 mins– many say his speech earlier today was his “moment in history.”
Seen on the streets of Edinburgh. I’m live from Scotland tonight – 7pm London, 8pm CET. #indyref
One of Africa's first symphony orchestras, born from conflict, is giving music's healing gift:
On the road in Scotland tonight, hours before a historic indep vote. I speak with both sides and hear about Scotland’s stellar history…8pCET
Former U.K. PM John Major makes an impassioned plea for Scotland to stay in the union #indyref
Scottish Nationalists have avoided all realities of indep, Fmr PM John Major tells me #indyref
The Pope's envoy to Iraq has some strong words for ISIS: || via @camanpour
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DOWN TO THE WIRE – Tonight Former UK PM John Major joins me to make the impassioned case for Scotland staying with the UK. 7pm London @cnni
My interview with London Times Chief Investigative Reporter Andrew Norfolk, who was pivotal in revealing the abuse:
Three weeks after Rotherham child sex exploitation scandal, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner steps down
For 150 years, Lieutenant Alonzo Cushing’s valor in the Battle of Gettysburg went unnoticed:
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It’s not about war, says Pope’s envoy to Iraq…World must protect ISIS victims, he tells me:
The Vatican is making the moral case for protecting victims of ISIS:
The Pope’s envoy to Iraq, Cardinal Filoni, tells me #ISIS is doing the Devil’s work & world has moral responsibility to stop it. Airs 8pmCET
Pope's envoy to Iraq tells @camanpour equates ISIS attacks with the "devil". Full interview @cnni at 7pm London time.
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Today is the official launch of my debut novel, “The Ambassadors,” (@Pegasus_Books)
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I produced for @camanpour in 2009-10, am grateful for her advice on key scene in “The Ambassadors” @Pegasus_Books
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Very proud of my former producer @geolerner… who's learned enough as a journalist to write a great first novel! …
You're probably riding your horse wrong, if the first-ever "Nomad Games" are any clue:
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Why is ISIS so much more scary than al Qaeda? A veteran U.S. diplomat tells @camanpour why:
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“Separation doesn’t make sense in the modern world," @DMiliband tells me about Scottish independence. #indyref
As Obama pledges to destroy ISIS @DMiliband says he must “stick to [his] humanitarian mission”
Joining @camanpour to discuss the plight of civilians in Syria and region at 2pm EDT
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13 years after 9/11, Obama declares long fight against terrorist org. I ask @theIRC Pres. & Fmr UK For. Sec. @DMiliband what it means, 8pCET
Meet the bold Pakistani/British comedian @NadiaPManzoor – her new play is “BURQ OFF!” My interview at 8pm CET, @cnni
My colleague @holmescnn’s interview: U.N. Gaza Inquiry Chairman: 'The Int'l Criminal Court is sitting in the wings':
Israel, Facing Criticism, to Investigate Possible Military Misconduct in Gaza, by @IKershner:
Why is ISIS so much more scary than al-Qaeda? Veteran American Diplo Ryan Crocker tells me:
ISIS is absolutely targeting America, veteran U.S. diplomat Ryan Crocker tells me:
Nothing good will come in Iraq/Syria without Pres Obama's leadership, veteran diplo tells me:
President Obama must go “all-in” against ISIS, two heavyweight American diplomats tell me:
ISIS: Bigger, stronger, more experienced & better financed than al Qaeda, veteran diplomat tells @camanpour
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Ahead of Pres Obama’s speech tonight, 2 U.S. diplomatic heaveyweights, Ryan Crocker & Robert Ford, tell me what they expect to hear. 2pm ET.
In ISIS crosshairs: "They don’t need to get a visa; they just need to get on a plane" veteran US diplo Ryan Crocker tells me; intv airs 2pET
.@cnni 2pET: 2 of America's longest-serving MidEast diplomats - Robert Ford & Ryan Crocker - tell @camanpour time for US leadership is now
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Iraq: “With the increased international support coming, and I think [ISIS] would be defeated, at least here in Iraq."
“Airstrikes have been very, very effective,” Iraq’s new deputy prime minister tells me:
Iraq’s new Deputy PM tells me ISIS is a global problem:
Ironically, ISIS has brought Iraq together, the country’s new deputy PM tells me:
Maliki is a vice president in Iraq’s new government … is it more of the same?