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Cameron Agnew
Just over heard a guy telling a girl how he had diarrhoea whilst he was travelling! Mate quite your graft, no one wants to hear that shit πŸ’©
I can never have my ear phones in for longer than an hour as they start hurting my ears πŸ˜”#LittleEarProblemss
This dissertation has fully ruined me! Definitely in need of a spa day and massage. @adamdsharp what are you saying?
β€œ@LegitQuoting: The Dalai Lama” @Ethan_Howard fair words from the Dalai Lama
Pombears are the one
Fully just watching the sunset
April the 1st the only day of the year when you literally can't trust anyone, not even your mom #AprilFoolsDay
Really wish life had a rewind button sometimes βͺβͺ
All uni seems to be doing so far is making me tired, drunk and fat. Seriously need to re-evaluate my life...
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All this work to do and all I want to do is curl up in a ball and nap
Having a shower and playing music through my phone just isn't the same πŸ˜” I miss piggy 🐷🎢🎢
This is the only thing motivating me to get through this dissertation. @Ethan_Howard not long left now mate #Thailand
Sheffield βœ”οΈ Leeds βœ”οΈ Manchester βœ”οΈ Thanks @helmossy last night was amazing! but after the last 3 days I won't be drinking for a while
Proper looking forward to having a shower at @helmossy house... Oh and her party
Sheffield βœ”οΈ Leeds βœ”οΈ Manchester Leeds done! & a Big thanks to everyone who came last night for @Ethan_Howard birthday such a fair night!
So tired 😴
Sheffield βœ”οΈ Leeds Manchester Great night in Sheffield seeing @jamieheawood go through in @YorkshUnplugged now back to Leeds for tonight
Full body massage followed by dinner at @Reds, guy date with Binky #NotEvenGay
We got a foking megaphone!! πŸ“’οΏ½
How come when it comes to doing work everything and anything is able to distract me like "Oh look that cloud looks like a cat" #StayFocused