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Cameron Agnew
I think this definitely influenced alot of people to vote NO #ScotandDecides #InABitMate #FuckOffPiers
When you find out the girl you've been grafting on has a boyfriend...
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Big shout out and congrats to @adamdsharp and his new face!! 😁 just in time for
"are you chinese or japanese?" ........................................................
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Mt. Batur sunrise ☀️
🙉🙈🙊 #ThreeMonkeys
Really missing Bali 😩 #TakeMeBack #Travels #Bali #BaliBlues
So we're back #Travels #BackToReality
Singapore #MarinaBay
Bye bye Bali #kutabeach #Sunset
Thanks to @ThePuntersPage for another winning tip! They've been on fire lately! Amazing work.
That view though #Bali 👌
Perfect waves 🏄
It's just dawned on me that I'm actually 21 now... Fok!
Sunrise from Mt. Batur 🌄
Bali baby! @ericamconnolly #21 #IrishGally #Bintang #EpicSummer #thebalibible #poogun #shitsprayer
White Girl: Do these uggs make my Starbucks look big? Me: What? White Girl: *You're
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Haha fair play @BBCNews "Breaking News no nudity in latest Game of Thrones"
Looks like beer garden weather to me then watch the opening game tonight #WorldCup2014
Shit I forgot to follow the trend and use every social media possible to talk about how sick parklife was and how much it "went off"
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First day of work placement and I just wanna chill in bed
Cadbury creme egg... How do you eat yours?
Every time you hear this ringtone, you will imagine this... you're welcome!
I don't think I'll ever look at Katy Perry in the same way ever again 😩
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Got a first for my dissertation, Get in!
What is it with all these chavs, the slightest bit of sun and their shirts are off and their trackies tucked into their socks! #StrongLook
wish i was a clever asian 😪
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Such a nice day, perfect weather to be stuck on a coach for 3 hours
I've got to the point in my essay where I'm writing about how drugs should be legalised in the UK I think I may have gone off topic a little
Fok sake apparently it's real... This is so inconvenient
There's an alarm going off in the library and no one is moving, is this just a drill or just a massive game of chicken
@LadHumour: Celebration of the season...” This guy though
It's 9am and I'm already in the library what is my life!
Mango rubicon please
Today has been so unproductive
I reckon I'd be such a good student if it was always sunny
I actually wanted to into uni today what the fok is it raining for!!
The new snapchat is confusing as fok!!
Whenever I try & be productive & do work in the library I always spend the first half hour sending pointless snapchats! Can't concerntrate