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Calvin Klein
ESCAPE from the 90's. From the Archive: A 1995 Calvin Klein fragrance ad campaign featuring Joel West and @millajovovich. Photographed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino. #tbt
It's a wrap. A shot of @rumineely by @hannelim at last week's Spring 2015 Calvin Klein Collection show. #nyfw
Dare to #REVEALMORE. 22 barely safe-for-work GIFs inspired by our newest fragrance: @BuzzFeed
Knit for the season. Rooney Mara in a Fall 2014 Calvin Klein Collection dress, photographed by @hannelim. #nyfw
Modern beauty. @harleyvnewton captured by @hannelim at last week's Spring 2015 Calvin Klein Collection runway show. #nyfw
How will you #REVEALMORE? Discover the newest fragrance from Calvin Klein [US Only]:
CK: And cut. Thanks both for joining but that's all we've got time for! Until the next time. #REVEALMORE
CK: Is it better to unzip or to be unzipped? #REVEALMORE
CK: What’s your sexiest weapon? #REVEALMORE
CK: What’s the first thing you notice about a man? #REVEALMORE
CK: Which of your five senses could you not live without? #REVEALMORE
CK: Do you prefer salty or sweet? #REVEALMORE
#CharlieHunnam: Usually my girlfriend looking at me to see if I'm looking at a pretty woman. #REVEALMORE
CK: What first catches your attention in a woman? #REVEALMORE
CK: How big is your imagination? #REVEALMORE
CK: Great answers. Charlie, you're turn now we don't want you feeling left out, are you ready for some quick-fire questions?
.@Doutzen: NO ONE! NO ONE! I emerged from the womb a master kisser ;-) #REVEALMORE
CK: Who taught you how to kiss? #REVEALMORE
.@Doutzen: The more buttons the better and a sexy fragrance. #REVEALMORE
CK: Is there anything in particular you wear when you anticipate a seductive evening? #REVEALMORE
.@Doutzen: Three words, but not the three words you’re thinking. :-) #REVEALMORE
CK: What’s the best thing you have ever heard in bed? #REVEALMORE
CK: Moving on before anyone gets in trouble. @Doutzen In the #REVEALMORE spot you win round 1, so we have some questions just for you.
.@Doutzen: His personality and sense of humor #REVEALMORE
CK: @Doutzen What’s the sexiest thing about Charlie? #REVEALMORE
.@Doutzen: That he is such a gentle and genuine gentleman. #REVEALMORE
CK: and @Doutzen What surprised you most about working intimately with Charlie? #REVEALMORE
#CharlieHunnam: How bad I am at modeling. She's incredible at what she does. #REVEALMORE
CK: You guys shared some passion for the #REVEALMORE spot - Charlie what surprised you most about working with @Doutzen?
CK: Have either of you ever left the window open during a passionate encounter? #REVEALMORE
CK: @Doutzen What kind of contact gets your pulse racing? #REVEALMORE
#CharlieHunnam: Be observant and turn those observations into surprises. People love to be noticed. #REVEALMORE
CK: Charlie, what’s the sexiest way to show someone you love them? #REVEALMORE
#CharlieHunnam: I try to exercise patience in all things. I rarely succeed. #REVEALMORE
CK: Charlie would you agree? Are you patient when opening gifts, or do you tear off the wrapping to get what’s inside? #REVEALMORE