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History is so boring pls
321,000 jobs + gas prices down + #Orion launch ------------------------ = 'Merica
Retweeted by CALVIN
The internet is a vast place full of everything
It has perks being my friend. You can jump for free if you with me at Sky Zone
you a irrelevant thottie now
Sky Zone is basically Legend 2.0
French Fries originated in Belgium. What.
my brain cant handle playing 10 people at once on Trivia Crack
Asking a girl for a picture is a great way to get escorted by security to the friend zone.
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CHAP VS CT TOMORROW. More like White People vs. Black People
My parents STILL don't get the concept of late starts 😑😭😭😭
So good at Trivia Crack, so bad at school
Happy Birthday panget lol love ya bro @im_chardo
looked through the family tree tonight. I have a shit ton of cousins I don't even know lol
Private schools can suck my ass (except you Lutheran, y'all pretty chill in my book)
I wonder how many times Peyton Manning has driven by Chaparral since we go to school like a mile away from Dove Valley
"fuck yo Christmas lights hello kitty is where its at"
This guy on the CBS halftime show needs hair
My mom is part of a pyramid scheme 😐😐
Sky Zone is pretty chill. Grand Opening is on Dec. 13. Come thru if you cool. Let's jump.
I look so out of place as an Asian dude at a Murdoch's lol
Go Creek! Fuck Valor.
I mean Black Friday was a success.
but damn. my tv looks goooooooood
I really do hate black friday
The Ford Taurus is one sexy cop car not gonna lie
hate the lip syncing at macys thanksgiving day parade
want Japanese fried rice rn
Everyday is rest day
idc 9k goes out to the main nigga @HandsOnHannahhh for like talking to me and such lol. happy thanksgiving fam