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you know me, but like I obviously don't know you, so its like hard to talk to you
im still full from that chipotle binge
. @JoeyStuhr and @KidSuperhero' Snapchat story is fucking gold holy shit hahahaha.
Today was almost shitty until I got my daily dosage of @JoeyStuhr eating applesauce and slapping his ass with a flyswatter.
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That Chipotle hit the spot
Craving Chipotle
Can you just stop talking please
today marks the first day i have done homework since the beginning of senior year
Hannah has Jason Chen's number and still hasn't saved it. See how lazy this Nigga is. Got a famous persons number and didn't give a shit
This rain can stop now please
Push me off a cliff so I know its real
Can't explain how happy I am to be at pho right now
After homecoming breakup season. Let's the single girls rise
Ah fuck my body hurts
Y'all aren't ready for my date doe
Fuck Italian food Texas roadhouse is where its at
Honestly if you don't respect your SRO and Admins and talk shit about them its your fault you hate them because your actions caused the hate
Hannah's stupid
I should've told her not to do shit before she did shit haha
Chap, legend& all these other high schools saying they "run" CO, but nobody is on Grandview's level. #RUeatintho?
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To the Legend kid that threw a rock at my car on main and parker, you missed. Like your quarterback throwing incompletes all night.
To the legend kids I met at village inn last night. Y'all are chill in my book, at least you guys aren't some shitty crazies.
Gotchey and Johnson are the cooliest
Let's have a count on how many shoe chants legend does because that's the only chant they know
Senior BARBEQUE is right now at Stonegate park!
todays gonna be suweeeeeeeet
huh, who is irrelevant hoe #2 on my phone? i totally forgot when I put that there and now i dont know who it is
hey legend kids. remember, you guys are AWAY. so park in the AWAY lot. cause we want you AWAY from us
lets tailgate bruh
the snapchat @EJ_Holley sent me of him and @calvin_serrano πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
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Solid Night with the bro @EJ_Holley and the rest of the crew at Northfield
Johnson pulled the breathalyzer on us. Eh. Things could be worse
I've been waiting for this moment for four years, and now its finally here. #seniors
chap is literally the best school in co