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fuck dude its 1am on july 6th and you are still lighting up fireworks? Im trying to sleep in my hellish house with the window open geez
I realized since Hannah is gone I can spend time with her grandma who is equally as popular as her #knowsthewholedamnfilipinocommunity 😂😂
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Actually I'm salty as fuck
I'm lightly salted
My favorite emoji has recently just been 😑
the concord foams are ugly. every foams are ugly. just look at the bloody tampon ones for crying out loud
I got to use my first selfie stick today. It was awkward haha
Every time I look outside and see fireworks all I think is "damn, you coulda spent your $50 elsewhere but you blew it up instead"
I didn't get caught tho cause I went all GTA V and hid around a parking lot in the next turn
Went 80 on a 30 in a place there was usually no cops. Why the hell does there have to be a cop there today
rt if your mom has tried to do this before
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Finding a random 20 in pants you barely wear anymore >>>
@calvin_serrano: Is Pepsi Okay? No, no its not.” I can't snort Pepsi...
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Is Pepsi Okay? No, no its not.
If you ever want to experience food heaven. Chicken Bake from Costco + Chick-Fil-A Sauce = Heaven
Did the whole parker decide they wanted chik fil a today
I seriously can't wait till FIBA World Cup. Philippines National Basketball Team actually qualified
Trying to get pasalubong (souvenirs) for my fam and friends at the airport but you can get all this stuff at Seafood City
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I know but like Are you into Asian guys tho
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When you #dateanAsiandude we will take care of you because our mothers are straight G
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