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You know its a good day when @TyLawson3 replies to your comment on @NBA_Reddit
honestly look dead
protip: dont get too close to anyone
idgaf your boyfriend annoys me to no extent
Haven't eaten panda in like a year and after eating it tonight, I remember why I stopped eating it 😷😷😷
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The "i deserve this after a long day" starter pack
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Smash for WiiU comes out on Friday. So does Mockingjay. So excited for the damn weekend pls
Shit that Online Physics homework was too easy haha #ThankYouYahooAnswers #YouTaughtMeMoreThanKuhnDid
whos the dumbass who decided not to plow the roads
College changed you.
The only thing I got out of working at Panda was how to make wontons, and a few hot girls' numbers
im so bad with money
Chap has a ripoff Chipotle now?
Crushin' on a Canadian-Filipina. A girl I met 12 years ago in the Philippines turned out to be super hot and lives in Alberta now.
played one game of fucking halo and i got kicked and i was having fun too wtf
Al Roker looks tired haha #rokerthon
Kyle Sjobakken is the type of guy to take his wife's last name.
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*doesn't check grades* *doesn't check bank account* *pretends everything is ok*
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I was the main nigga even before she got famous #tbt @HandsOnHannahhh
Who wants to go to pho for lunch today
Coach is seriously the best for telling me about how our superintendent thinks shes a president, and that she looks like Dora the Explorer
i dont believe it @EJ_Holley i really dont
Christmas Music finally.
The only reason I don't really mind camping out at Best Buy this year is because I can still go home and have thanksgiving dinner after.
White girl wednesday day loved by niggas everywhere 😂😂
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Teachers didn't tell me the stress that would be Senior Year.
thank you based zarn for letting us turn in homework for the unit that we didnt do and get full credit
Everyone's talking about graduating and I'm here thinking about how much shit I'm going to get for my freshmen picture
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As much as I love the Halo Orchestra music, it really sucks I haven't been able to play a real game in 24 hours
Who wants to camp out at Best Buy with me for a $200 TV?
VERY EXCITED TO DRIVE IN THE SNOW TOMORROW !! Not excited for the slow FWD people
dammit halo, ive been trying to play for the past few hours and i still cant pls fix now
Nothing like listening to some Piano music once in a while
If women can carry a baby they can carry their own bags.
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Hot Cocoa and Pho 😍😍😍