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I fucking love jack daniels
Time to get absolutely slaughtered 👌
Jusy had a zute with randomers from Bristol hahaha
College would be so much more appealing if you got paid to go
This weekend will be jokeees! So glad to be away for a bit baap baap
The pain one little bastard mouth ulcer can cause is a pisstakeee!
Had to take the day off im gunna get such a bollocking on monday ohhhh my days
Bell said the food was delicious thars why the strips hot like maritius 🔥
Going clubbin next week in stourbridge and my cousin said I can bring whoever the fuck I want back to hers #sweeeet
I fucking hate the majority of muslims #ISIScunts
Chip and parsons having it out with eachother last night is the funniest thing I've ever witnessed 😂
Need to buy an EA7 hoodie when I get paid 😍
Two of my best mates are sat in a coffee shop in Amsterdam smoking O.G Kush 👌 whilst im on my way to work#luckybastardss 👎 👎
My boss kept me behind to ask if he could have a pack of risla hahaha
Heavy night with joe n chip stayed up all night blazing and watching top boy 👌
Had to flirt with the girl in this shop and ' promise ' her I was 18 to get served hahahaha
Too many pakis in these ends lmaooo
So my parents have fucked off for a week to france and I have the house to myself for a week and have to get the train to work and back 😂
You're actin different and its proper changed my opinion of you
worst day of work so far fuck this job
Why do people get so annoyed if you don't reply jeees it doesn't mean anything
Mad ting that someone I know has just been sent down for dealing class As and Bs
Work have just told after 8 months that I don't get paid sick pay you cunts..
I went upto bed at ten and promised myself I would sleep yet here I am lmaooo
Don't get ahead of yourself
people are rah two faced, if you don't like someone then don't treat them like a friend to their face but an enemy behind their backs 👎 🐍
When girls try and make you jealous but they don't realise you actually don't give a fuck 😂 😂 😂
dumbledore won't be happy harry 😂 �
Semi automatic blap blap blap
Some things are just more hassle than it's worth. 👎
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Every race has a pengting and a clapped ting
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He ain't a crook son, he just a shook one
Why do I find foreign girls so peng 😂
Everyday I think about the money
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Don’t leave a loyal girl for a temporary hoe. 💯
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Stop being so negative, that shit is annoying.
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@VLostGeneration: ⚪️ single ⚪️ taken 🔘 bruh idk wtf going on”@Wendaaayy our current status 👏😂
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"@etaks2evil: How I feel riding w/ weed in the car😌"@keely_mayxx the whip everytime hahaha