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Sesh with lamont, ellie n josh
Anyone wanna buy an ipad 1st gen? 50 quid
Got an interview for a job that is between 24k to 28k a year and that's just the starting salary! #buzzing
Dank jay with my boys
The only exercise I get is walking but I do a fuck load of it lmaooo
Getting better at cooking :P
Actually love this blackberry yanoo
Anyone wanna buy an ipad 1st gen 100?
When I finish this course ill have more experiance and qualifications on my cv then most people my age buzzing :
Forgot how boring twitter is fuck all this social media
People that think their ballin cause they've quit everything to work.. Your gunna have the same paid job for the rest of your life lmaoo
Need to book my boombap ticket this is gettin seriooous
Need to book my boombap ticket this is gettin serious
Cnt wait to start work need to get onnit with ppl I havnt had the time or funds to see
Finally got rid of this nokia brick and have a blackberry till I get my iphone this month yees boi
You can see how fucked this generation is by looking at chart music :')
So many good people from my highschool are now drugheads how times change :o so glad drugs give me no interest!
You get to that age where acting cool just makes you look like a tool..
can't wait to finish this college course and have a full time job again wanna save up for a dank holiday, car ect!
Chill day then driving lesson :p
Nice little smoke wiv my girl lamont n ellie :P
Been offered a job that's 9.50 an hour for barclays too bad I'm in college and can't quit ahhh!
Sister said she was gunna put a spliff in my bday card but was scared id open it infront of my mom haahah
Jokes night in leam apart from getting the wrong train back and being stranded in brum at 12 😂😂😂
I thought it was wednesday asif im 18 tomorrow!
Hands up if you backed @MicRighteous since crack a smile ✋
Sick night with lamont and ellie got sooo battered
Gettin liquored then another night with my bby👍
Moms bringin me back a battered mars bar from the chippy buzzin to try one lmaoo
Gettin onnit tonight then work all day tomorrow then a party tomorrow night gunna be dead 😂
Fucks me off that some people are set for life because there parents are loaded #DIY
Gunna be so dead in the morning.
Parents are loud as fuck in the mornings and always wake me up with no hesitation but at night when there asleep im quiet as fuck 😂😂😂
May have to order these when i get paid so fucking peng 👌Z
been workin time to get on it
Buzzin for new years in southampton gunna go off 👌👌@ItsBassettett
Wish phones didnt exist sometimes everyone is too dependant on them and they ruin social skills 👎
Constantly feel tired as fuck nowadays can anyone else relate?
Brothers in canada lucky bastard
Last night went in hard!

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