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been workin time to get on it
Buzzin for new years in southampton gunna go off 👌👌@ItsBassettett
Wish phones didnt exist sometimes everyone is too dependant on them and they ruin social skills 👎
Constantly feel tired as fuck nowadays can anyone else relate?
Brothers in canada lucky bastard
Last night went in hard!
Work 5-11 later ah fuck my life 👎
Getting onnit tonight 👌
Don't understand some people dunno if i ever will!
Your running fast bolt on the track we dont chase pussy fuck that 🎧
buds of amnesia and the little blue cheese, my product was the finest it bought in the feens 🎧
Lost respect for a lot of people this month..... Fuck a year.
Retweeted by Deadpresidents†
Good night with my girl ✊
Need a pair of all black tims #sodank
Cant believe it hope your okay 😕
I need fucking money :(
No genre comes close to old skool american hip hop
Snapchat - callum1912 need more ppl
Why did a agree to working tomorrow :(
Goin college friday dressed as iron man 😂😂😂
'I'm the weatherman, I take that coco leaf and make that snow'
Hanging like a motherfuckin bat
When someone completely fucks their life up and it has effects on you what theee fuck!
What is it with people from alcester and shit cars 😂😂😂
Why the fuck am i always so energetic at these times ahaha
If phi life cypher arent at next boombap im gunna cry
Fucking love my mates, know they'd have my back and vice-versa!
Smoked barely any buds recently and its sending me mad ahaha!
Back once again for the renegade master d4 damageer
Dieng for a fat spliff
Spent £130 in two days ffs
Shouldn't of drank a big bottle of jd
Parents have fucked off away for a week and I can barely cook ahaha
When I worked my spliffs were the size of rockets now im at college and have no job their the size of tooth picks #weedistoomuch 😂 😂
Girls with hairy arms NAAAAAAAH
Spending the day handing out cvs #fun
Nauses me out when people screw at you for not replying but they never reply..
It spins me out how much some people have changed sinced high school wtffff