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Y'all stole my style I shit on you like bowels And take all your princesses bitch I am Bowser Fuck super powers I got this weed Gun on my hip now that’s all that I need👌 #new
The beast is awaken pick up your shotty My bitch is a murderer she got a body She got that brain summa cum laude My city the jungle don’t take that safari🔫
whats ur username on chatоus? — Wtf is that bro?
What was the worst age you’ve had so far? — 72
Hate getting too close to people.
Shit photo💩 other night 💯
This girl here is my world🌍 I love her so much!😍😫 can't wait till Friday, then I can finally see my girl😫😍 miss you so fucking much ffs😫 come back from Birmingham!😫 iMessage won't deliver to you dickhead😘 hurry up and get home!😭😫 love you Chlo!😍💕💕💕💕
Funerals are shit... 🙌
Yes or no? 💁 #new #like4follow #l4f #fashion
My girl😍 @fatchloo Miss you so much😫💕💕💕💕
Feeling blazed Adam?😂😂
Get triply with a star, it will get you far, turn up outside the club TMZ outside my car🍁😚💨💨
Sometimes the people whom we've known for only a short amount of time have a bigger impact on us than those we've know forever
A man who treats his woman like a princess is proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of a queen
Take a look at your future baby put down the cigarette, come hop on this Kush jet, and take flight🎵🍁😚💨
Wonder how many people have said "in a minute" and actually have been "one minute"
Last night👌 My mans🔥💯
Aw Owen and Kiza came to my caravan at half 4 I'm the morning to say bye, was a good party💯👌
NFC Crew🔥 top lads, glad I met them, such a good night💯
When you like someone but they don't like you back, urhhh fuck sake
Fuck sake I miss you so fucking much urhh😫
NFC Crew💯 Butlins high, Lakeside ends👊 @finsmxllmxn @topballer7
Follow @xkatbarr she's fit, ass bruh😂
Follow @Nathanesson sound as,famous at football,follow him👊
If life had a reset button, I would press it.
First full day in Butlins, ready to commit suicide.
@Connarrr some kid in the caravan next to me started chatting to me, me and his sister walked and had a fag and I fingered her😂already fam!😂
@Connarrr Yo I'm in my caravan now! Some guy started talking to e, already fingered his sister!😂😂😂😂😂🐴
I'm going Butlins today! Peak times... 😫
I was wasted and they threw me in the pool💦 #new #huf
Really want a tattoo...
@Connarrr yo wanna come mine tomorrow? Parents having a party till like midnight - 1 ish? All drink provided fam😂
Tweeting and noticing 20 mins later that you misspelled it all 😐
When you’ll be 90 years old, what will matter most to you? — Food
Someone pop up😴😴
Anish whitied again! Part 2 fam!😂😂😂
@ChrisShearerxD: Need tattoos D:” You'll look like a dickhead
When you wake up and you have no texts from Bae 😔�
If I had a dollar for evertime someone ordered a fucking cheesbuger without cheese... #McDonaldsProbs
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