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I hate texting people first🙈
I'm such a moody person😂
No college, hot day... Crush it, lick it, split it, light it, blaze up🔥😚💨
Try starting on me on your own when I have 15 man next to me😂 then say you don't want a fight when I offer you out right then and there!😂😂👏
New Twitter is trippy!😳😛
Favourite for a DM👏 BORED💯
I wish I could get away with murder.
@HitsBIunt: *hits blunt* If you're waiting for the waiter aren't you the waiter
Just unsubscribed to so many emails, fed up of having junk all the time!
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I can't 😂😂 too funny😂
I need more sleep than this 😴
I have to stop putting people first who obviously don't put me first
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I'm normally quite good at eating but as soon as I put a white t-shirt on, all hell breaks loose in the 'missed your mouth' department
I whitied! Such a good night😂
Phyclone😍✌️ We're gonna have a good night, legal bud🔥 let's start smoking!😚💨
Spliff had an Afro!😂
I just found out I'm my uncle!😳😭 I think I've smoked too much😷
Only stoners know what stoners look like😚💨
Twitter is so dead
£900 for an iPhone 6! Flight mode better take me to Magaluf!
These lot👊💯😚💨 @chris_shearerxo @georgia3592
@Nathanesson better not be peak this time
@Nathanesson aw no I can't go January 😫
@Nathanesson @finsmxllmxn enit miss you too aswell😂😩 I'm going Butlins in October!😂🙌
@Nathanesson don't like him anymore he's shit😂
Hate being 18 and looking 16😫😠
I'm in an annoying mood tonight
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So nice to be in my own bed👌♥️
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I over think everything 😩
@itsjxde_: If you can hold a conversation I'll probably like you, and buy you food” Well I have a new friend👊
forget about Beyonce for a second, it's Mr. Moseby's birthday
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I will never understand why you're acting like nothing ever happened, tbh it just shows what kind of person you really are.
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Fav if you would wear // Get this Tribal Skull Crewneck on for SALE today!
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@sadplanets: Satan's getting jealous of the wolves, demons say they preferring us” books on not giving a fuck but they referring us👊👌
Fucking love vines😂