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ღ✯✯_Lil Shorty_✯✯ღ
You got me 😏👌 I got you 👫🔐 .... Simple 💍
Is this the new trend or something? Cause this has to be stopped ASAP 😪😭😭😂
Once I've made up my mind to not have anything to do with you, it doesn't matter to me what you think or how you feel. 👌
im Bipolar Af ...ill Be Like "Stfu Talking To Me" , 30 minutes later "bae why you not talking to me?"
I get jealous over anything.... A hug, 💏 A hi, ✋😃 Bye, 👏 Glance, 👀 Text, 📱 Phone call, 📞 ALL THAT SHIT!
School Supplies List 1. Cellphone 2. Charger 🔋🔌 3. Headphones 🎧 4. Gum 🍬 5. Money 💵 teacher will get you pen and paper so chill lol 😎
Am i the only one who didn't watch the Lunar eclipse ? -.-
I really don't be stressing shit no more , I be on some " it is what it is " type shit 💯
late night conversations with quick replies 😘❤☺
You can fake a smile, but you can't fake your feelings.
Never let anyone make you think that you're less than you are.
See my days are cold w/out yu , but I'm hurting while im w yu , and though my heart can't take no more , I can't keep running back to yu 🎧
McDonald's Workers Act Like Sauce Come Out They Check.
If you can keep it real with me , i'll respect you way more.
Retweet if God saved you from a bad situation 👋🙇