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ღ✯✯_Lil Shorty_✯✯ღ
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Men that smoke.. Not interested 😒
Pregnancy is never a bad thing, it's just the timing. 💯
don't worry about me, worry about your eyebrows
You knows its love when the simple things feel so special.
i'm 99% sure you don't like me, but i'm 100% sure I DON'T GIVE A FUCK
Holding your girl's hand in public is another way of showing that you're proud to have her 😉❤
No girl wants to be kept a secret my nigga 😍❤💦
Remember that one person you thought you couldn't live without ? Well look at you , all living & shit. 😉❤
Faithful girls Phone forever stay dry ‼‼‼ 😏😏
Everybody to busy looking for the right person, nobody is trying to be the right person..💯
Hittin ur pinky toe on the bed frame gotta be the top two pains in da world
"together forever" "best boyfriend ever" "luckiest girl in the world" "so in love"
When you find someone that makes you skip a beat, stop the search and take the risk.❤
Bruh.... I waited all this time for a VIDEO of the concert! 😑
August Alsina went from being homeless to winning 2 awards well deserved! 💯
people who smile at you when you make eye contact with them are my favorite kind of people
The B.E.T awards is the Only Place where you Can be in the Club & church at the same time .. 😂😂😂😂😂
Trey: "Oh Na Na" Rih: "oh Na Na, whats my name?" Bey: "I want you, Na Na" Who is this Na Na bitch? 😂😂😂
them old school songs be the shit 😂💃👏
Like Chris, Trey, and August all together on the same stage
Why they ain't got my nigga ice jj fish at the bet awards
They saying Beyoncé & Jay Z performing ... I'm like 👀
My nigga, August Alsina finna really kill some shit
Tyrese is one fine sexual chocolate man 😍😍😍 God took his time making that man
(This Nigga Said ) - Why Chris Rock Sounds Like the Nigga Who be Talking in Everybody Hates Chris!!!! 😒
God gives you signs but it's your job to spot them
Those nights when you just wanna cuddle.
I Want Years 💕💍 Not Weeks🚶✌I Want Real 💯 Not Fake✋I Want Arguments 👿💭 Not Secrets 🙊 I Wanna Be Held Down 🔐 Not Let Down 👊
your thoughts get deeper at night
You ever looked through old photos at yourself and got mad as fuck at your mama.... Like why tf would you put me in that.... Frfr. 😓😭✋
If we’re together 👫•♥️•🔐 you got your freedom✊🔓you’re not my prisoner🙅. Just stay loyal & be honest with me, that’s all i ask for 💯
Don't lie to me. Cause if I find out you're lying you've pretty much lost my trust and my respect for you.
'All Boys Eat Pussy You Just Gotta Get It Out Of Them 💪🔥💧❤
I will N 🙅 E 😝 V 👐 E 😏 R give up on sumn I wanna keep going 👫👋💍💯
Kermit got jumped. But that's none of my business.
You'll be surprised who don't speak to you.. but speaks of you 💯
I wish Twitter told you who visits your page
i peep shit ; i don't even mention it . i just start to act different 😂😂 . . .
I still care, i'm just done showing it.😔