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John Crawford died for no reason and all the justice system can do is shrug and offer condolences. You understand why people are angry.
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In other news! Back on my grizzly! Working on new stuff! Shout out to @RazorBeatMan
Like how do you explain shit to your children! Even when you're not doing wrong you could be in the wrong. John Crawford died for what?
So, Ronald Ritchie is sitting in the comfort of his own not facing any indictment causing the loss of an innocent life? #JohnCrawford
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Dear fellow white people, Please do not call the police on black men just because you Feel Scared. #JohnCrawford
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#Ohio grand jury: police justified in shooting #JohnCrawford dead for picking up toy gun. Meanwhile in white America:
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Just like with Mike Brown.. All the evidence in the world can't penetrate the psyche of folks that just don't wanna hear it #JohnCrawford
The John Crawford ordeal solidifies what folks have been saying for years "Laws (open carry) look much different when we do it"
The results of the John Crawford shooting investigation is just another case of American hypocrisy.... Folks been telling y'all to Wake Up.
Interesting how the right is anti-gvt until it comes to shooting unarmed black ppl. Suddenly they rally to support the gvt agency. #Ferguson
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VIDEO #JohnCrawford shot by police in Walmart for walking around with a pellet gun…
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Shout out to all the homies blessing me with fire production! Thanks for believing in me.
"@ShaunKing: Please share this. Make it viral. ALL of the tweets & facts we exposed in one PLACE here ->…" #Ferguson
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People criticizing Lebron's new hairline need to check out the before and after pictures of Jalen Rose's teeth.
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important af. share this. corruption in dealing with Mike Brown's case and Darren Wilson's testimony.…
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Insanity. From the moment Darren Wilson saw Mike Brown until he was dead was 3 minutes. Yet they need 5 months to decide on charges? Nah.
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Whose justice is this? 38 days, Mike Brown dead. Darren Wilson free. Now, January. Tell me. Whose justice? #Ferguson
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Maidana a fool ahahah! "He had his glove in my mouth, I didn't bite him"
Dude went ham with him flute so Monica had to go hard on the anthem..
Waiting for folks to get mad about the national anthem... Here we go!
De LA Rosa almost bust his ass... Bruh! Lmao
Pro tools back up and running!! Man, I was over here looking stupid not being able to get my shit right..
I'm not mad at @MikeTyson one bit! Only sukkas make sly comments when you're coming in peace and being respectful. Much love to Mike!
Folks need to quit with the lip service and be about it... Stop Standing idle! Make something happen for yourself.
Up writing music.. Feeling free!
ALL evidence continues to point to Ferguson cop Darren Wilson executing Michael Brown. There is ZERO evidence...
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New Michael Brown shooting witnesses describe scene. #ferguson
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Peaceful protesters have spent more time in jail than Darren Wilson, who remains on paid vacation. Nation of laws or nah? #Ferguson
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The Cowboys defensive coordinator yesterday...😅�
Hawks owner Bruce Levenson gonna tell on himself for what? He saw them exit doors ($$$) and said "Yesss! I have sinned brothers.. Purge me"
Hawks owner Bruce Levenson's email wasn't racist in my opinion! I just think he's looking for a return on his investment!! Leave & get paid
USC!! Fight on Baby..
Newly released wiretap transcripts uncover the secret behind #ChuckCJohnson's hard-hitting journalism.… @ShaunKing
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Love life and live it to the fullest!
I hope the feds put the rubber gloves and boots on and go knee deep into Ferguson PD.. Tear them corrupt jokers a new one!
I don't even watch DWTS but I'm for sure tuning in to support @alfonso_ribeiro.. Don't tell the homies.. 😅#RIPtoMyStreetCredd
Lmao @ChuckCJohnson!! He thought he cracked the Da Vinci code or found Atlantis. He was on his soapbox like a boss! MAYBE next time slugger.
This cat @ShaunKing doing all of us a favor! Got my brain smoking over here! Droppin some real information..
The FBI is investigating Jennifer Lawrence's leaked nudes? A day after? That fast? Meanwhile in #Ferguson....
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Nice sunny day in CA! Just washed the whip but ain't going nowhere. Just wanted to come chill in the sun..
My own little tribute to Stack Bundles > ‘Weatherman’ #SoundCloud…
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About to work on music! Free time..