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Shannon Marie.
🍸🍹🍻Fuuuuuuuuuuuck! & it's ONLY Tuesday? Must be cuz it's my #BIRTHDAY🎉🎀🎶🍰🍻 week biiiiiiishes. #TeamLeos! ♌ Hollaaaaaa!
I love getting my run🏃🏃🏃🏃💨 in, in the evenings when it's cooled down & I get this for my beautiful🌅 scenery! 😍
Good times last night for @7_los_7 birthday! All sorts of 90's legends up in that biiiiiiish! #TeamLeos♌🎉 #90sParty
#ThugLife👐 Me & Pita💕❤ last night for @7_los_7 90's birthday bash!🎉
Happy Fresher than Fresh Prince Friday! I have the day off & Monday too!Hello 4 day weekend!😍🙌 Hollaaaaaa! What to do? I think I'll go shopping💰💸👜👠👗🎀💃 for my Cabo🌴🍹🌺🐚 trip that's in 3 weeks! Life is GOOD!😜
DOUBLE TAP👋 IF YOU AGREE!  This cannot be stressed enough... 👉“You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with... " - Jim Rohn And with good reason…’s true! When it comes to relationships,  we are greatest influenced by those closest to us. If you surround yourself with ot
😂 LOL! #Dead💯 I mean I might as well, #Raider fans are going to stay mad all season! 😁😬 I'm ready for some FOOTBALL! 💃🏈🎉 #NinerGang
Now, that's a #STEAK!😍🍹#GetInMyBelly —
#Basically. Like my girl 👑D always says... #TheLastLaughIsMine #GotYourFoolsMixedUp✌😏
Hollllllaaaaaaaa! 🙌 #SelfMade💯
My beautiful view🌅 on my drive home last night. #SacToTheBay -
Couldn't leave #ChiTown🏢 without trying the world famous😍 #Giordanos #deepdish stuffed crust #pizza. 🍕 It was aiight. Not worth my #cheatmeal😐 though. Veggie style with chicken sausage & jalapeños. Scratch that off the #bucketlist! ✔
Happy Sunday Funday!😘 Last day in Chicago... HOLLAAAA! Extravaganza has been amazing! Lots of learning & self development! #ButFirstLetMeTakeASelfie!😜 -
My babies... 👼💔👼 Happy 5th Birthday.🎉 #RIPAngelinoAndJayden #032909 -
Last night at the #Herbalife🍃 GenX Toga Party 🎉 in Chicago! 💃🎶💃❤🍃 -
Just landed✈ in #Chicago💃👌🎉
Without action, it remains a dream. #HustleHard 👌
#LatePost, my gorgeous view🌅 on the way to the gym yesterday morning! _
It's #official🙌 me & @dnyell_b just applied for our passports for #Cabo🌴🌞🌊👙🍸🍻 in a month and a half! You ready @xtinaa_p?
Please keep two of my very good friend's fam in your thoughts & 🙏prayers. My boy Cardo has been in the hospital since 4th of July after a very tragic accident while swimming with his fam. 💔 He suffered a huge spinal cord injury which will require a lengthy hospital stay, extensive medical treatme
❤💕 Me & my ain't nothin' but a G Thang!👐 @raiderchic73
Apparently that shits too expensive SMH.😏 #CutFromADifferentCloth✌️
#BowDown, 🙌 my birthday is a month from today. Where all my #loyal Leo's♌️ at? #TeamLeos🐯 We INNNNN this! Shoutout to my fellow Leo folks! #LoyaltyAtItsFinest👌💯🙌