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The Diary of Calvie
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Your current drive to restore a sense of balance to your life ... More for Scorpio
I'm going to have to take care of my mom..and I'm looking for a new job #TheDiaryOfCalvieJ
My mom is getting laid off after 40 years..I can understand her angry..
It's too early for the #ShmoneyDance lol 830 in the morning
You're ready for a bit of fun today, but work obligations may ... More for Scorpio
When there is smoke there is fire @teresaA_RHONJ tell your mom to keep her legs closed &tell your hubby to keep his dick in his pants #RHONJ
I'm not ready nor prepared for any type of snow .. #GoOnHeadNow
I'm not ready not prepared for any type of snow #GoOnHeadNow
Why do I have fight with you to make me breakfast YOUR MY MOM !!! And since I was a kid you always made bre...
Anyone else like feel when #change is gonna happening? Like a chapter is ending in a book? Or am I just crazy
Will white people ever stop? Find out nxt time on, White Ppl Ruin Everything “@CauseWereGuys: R.I.P. Schmoney dance
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A #Scorpio shine brightest when they are creative, truthful, tender, and resourceful.
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#Scorpios will only change for themselves -- you won't succeed in trying to force them to.
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I used to tweet hardcore back in the golden days; Twitter '09.
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If you piss off a #Scorpio, their sting can be lethal. Their words will definitely hurt you.
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Learn to trust the journey, even when you do not understand it.
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Dude I'm so serious keep that snow shit where ever you live ! Don't bring that shit over here
I just want my mom to cook me breakfast wtf lol
Like good morning yall 😘😘😘�
Reconsidering your spiritual goals makes sense now while metap... More for Scorpio
I didn't want to get in any trouble
When I see a vine with a underlying tone of mom told me to never react just cut off them off and...
Wait, once again I've asked you not to talk/film w/ my man & yet @KenyaMoore continues..Idc about your #Redemption ugh. @PhaedraParks #RHOA
How I really feel about sex #RHOA #NeneLeaks #Freaks #SexTalk yes I'm a true freak lol True freaks don't ta...
Yes, I'm your friend but I'm not gonna be your "cover or an excuse" so you can go get dick..#DontDragMeInYo...
#ShmoneyDance in the's like the new fried chicken for black ppl #PostYourDrafts
Literally all of my fucks are wasting away
I get you in another way 😘😘