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CalfacéJr ™
Me walking into work and ready for the bullshit 💯�
You might believe that your interpersonal communication skills... More for Scorpio
You're walking close to an emotional edge today, but it's wise... More for Scorpio
A burst of enthusiasm sets you into motion today, even if you ... More for Scorpio
You're feeling picky about your social activities today becaus... More for Scorpio
Trying to be quite in a house of full of ppl late at night 😩💯
ME during the holidays this year 💯 �#FamilyMattersers �
FreedomOfSpeech (BPWC) OMG 😩😂 Do you remember this from last year
My fallow Friday's! ❤️ Boston Beauty❤️, @Lindseygirl24, @CalfaceJr,Haylie Mae<3*{ArmyW... (Vine by Armywife21)
When Your Justin Bieber's Roommate and don't have half of the rent #BOSSASSLessons101
You grow weary today when the cosmos just keeps handing you th... More for Scorpio
😩💯💯💯 S#BOSSASSLessons101s101 👑 It is fun to be bad ..just
Everyone has a story, don't judge a book by its cover 💯#BOSSASSLessons1011 �
You wish you could fast-forward reality to get through this ro... More for Scorpio
🙏When your trying to change your life around & someone tries you 😩�
ALWAYS REMEMBER #BOSSASSLessons101 💋👑 Started With Me
When shit gets Real with your inner circle of friends 💯
Undeniable opportunities relentlessly lure you forward, but fo... More for Scorpio
I guess you dont need two legs to twerk 👀 �
You might want to disconnect from your emotional roots today b... More for Scorpio
📝 Dear Basic Bitches, I see you riding my coattails 👀😩😂�
I've worked to hard in this life time to let anyone take me down or have power over me 💯
This is some shit I would say to someone 😩😂
"I'm the one y'all love to hate..." #BOSSASSLessons101 IM BOSSY !!!!!💯�
That one thirsty ass person that wants to be your friend really bad #BOSSASSLessons101
I been sick since I woke up at 7 am this morning ...I've been in my bed all day 😔
Two very different issues may require your attention now. On o... More for Scorpio
When your best friend is dumb as hell and they try to sound smart 😩�
You are standing at the threshold of a dream now, but you can'... More for Scorpio
When someone ask you a randomly & equally fucked up question #BOSSASSLessons101

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