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Caleb Hamilton
@CalebH92 it's not about what you see. It's about how you feel.
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LIVE on #Periscope: Should be asleep but I'm not tired…
#INerdOutOver (and it's "geek out" when you get a chance...)
Top bantz on the next episode of Cut To: Podcast. @ConnorFilm and I review #BoJackHorseman and #MissionImpossibleRogueNation
Fox Yanks 'Knock Knock Live’ After Two Episodes
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I'm not usually a fan of music videos, but this one is great. Love it. // The 1975 - Girls
Me reading my timeline right now.
.@CalebH92 visualization of MOS supporters/detractors debating
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@CalebH92 its literally just people back and forth fighting no matter what they're opinion is. I thought we were past this
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I can discuss politics with my Republican relatives more politely than some of you discuss comic book movies. You're better than this.
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@FlexLuthor_ Ronda rousey more like Ronda RAILROAD ME!
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My Snapchat story today is me reading a hilarious and unfortunate recounting of a horrible Tinder date.
Can we defund Joni Ernst's haircut?
My brother and his girlfriend just walked in the house arguing if whether dragonflies sting or not.
RT for Ike Perlmutter Fav for Kevin Feige #FeigeGate
I spelled 'CHYRON' wrong. Dammit.
In a delete scene from AOU, a similar exchange. Cap and Thor fight and after Cap asks Thor if he was napping. What's up with that? (2/2)
In THE AVENGERS, you get Cap and Thor fighting together. Thor: "Ready for another bout? Cap: "What, you getting sleepy?" (1/2)
Literally who takes this shit seriously I do t even understand
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Tfw you make jokes about Kevin Feige favoriting one porn tweet and then you come back 20 minutes later and #FeigeGate is a thing
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Let's leave Kevin Feige alone. Everyone looks at porn. He just made a mistake by favoriting it. Obviously he doesn't use Twitter a lot.
"Well, you know what you rat bastards can stroke?" LMFAO #BoJackHorseman
On to the season 2 finale... #BoJackHorseman
My god, BoJack just gets darker and darker
Some guy came into my Periscope and asked if I vaped. I told him off and booted him.
Fuck off. "Do you vape?" Do I look like a tard to you?…
@CalebH92 EXCELLENT ARTICLE IDEA! I can see the headline now, "Batman and Superman posters found in car, could this confirm braniac?"
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@CalebH92 This chat of yours is SOOOO sassy. He's shitting on Fan 4 and it's hilarious.
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I just read "Go the F*ck to Sleep" on my Periscope. You guys missed it. @FlexLuthor_ said it was "lit"
Doing a Periscope in a few minutes. I'll take requests to read stuff and thangs. Maybe my mystery woman will show up again...
@CalebH92 Well you know what I have to say to them...
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Remember how my campaign to get to 1,000 followers failed miserably? Haha. I actually lost followers.
After a few slaps on the hand. Off the hook. Thanks GCDP.
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"Fifty dollars, Andre?" "It's a start." He's now a (almost) billionaire. #StraightOuttaCompton
I hate most commercials, but none fill me with rage as much as that Honda Pilot ad where they sing the song about Buddy Holly.
One of the producers of Mr. Robot is Chad Hamilton. I went to middle school with a Chad Hamilton. Just a random observation. Thanks.
Literally what is Mr. Robot right now??
@CalebH92 this is both the weirdest yet funniest thing I've read in a while
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