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#Nightcrawler is a fantastically twisted & raw commentary on freelance & exploitative journalism. #Gyllenhaal gives a chilling performance.
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Photoset: I miss this show.
#Nightcrawler is one film that will stick with me for a long time
#Nightcrawler was absolutely crazy. Jake Gyllenhaal just disappears into the role of Lou Bloom. Total commentary on exploitative journalism
Btw yall #NightcrawlerMovie was insane. Jake Gyllenhaal made me uncomfortable as fuck the entire film.
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Going to see NIGHTCRAWLER tomorrow morning. I don't know what to expect from that.
Went to see JOHN WICK tonight. I really loved it! Clean, clear action. Silly premise. Awesome cars. Keanu fucking Reeves!
A destruct system was used to blow up the Antares rocket, Orbital Sciences Corp. said.
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Nice to know that it's everyone's mission to make my life hell.
"Now this...that is one motherfucking, fine-ass pussy mobile, motherfucka'!" #Drive
The 1975's "Medicine" replaces College's "A Real Hero" as the love theme. It works perfectly. #R1Drive
CHVRCHES over the opening credits takes some getting used to. The music doesn't have that sexy, L.A. noir feel of "Nightcall". #R1Drive
#LT it also overpowers the other sounds like the police scanner, the radio, the roar of the Impala's engine, etc. #R1Drive
First mistake #R1Drive makes: replacing Chromatics' "Tick Of The Clock" in the opening with some electro pop bullshit that ruins the tension
I love the steel drum in #Medicine #The1975
Frasier is such a whiny little bitch.
'Wonder Woman' Trilogy Planned as Gal Gadot Passes on 'Ben-Hur'
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After 9 seasons of Frasier, I'm actually getting sick of the Frasier character.
Batman on Metro. @wmata is Gotham City on the Blue Line?! Happy Halloween!
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So now I have to go through the house, open up the phone jacks and do some shit to make them work.
So the fucktards who built my new house didn't run coax properly. Now I discover they didn't run the phone lines properly either.
Photo: megakricketune: twinkslayer2007: pikachu honey whats wrong you havent touched your food "Free me"
Radio 1’s Zane Lowe re-scores #Drive: A brave gamble, but did it pay off?
Medicine’ by The 1975 from BBC Radio 1's rescore of DRIVE…
'Star Wars: Episode VII' Has Just One Action Sequence Shot on IMAX
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"Interstellar" Exhibit Makes World-Wide Debut at National Air & Space Museum #MovieViral
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Photoset: iriswests: Upcoming Marvel and DC Movies x
Shooting a documentary pilot tomorrow night! #Exciting
@CalebH92 I don’t normally waste energy on your kind, but I will make an exception. GET OUT OF THE US.
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Nobody takes you seriously “@carsonbonner: RT CalebH92: gladly! This country is a shit hole This is who we are fighting everyone. #VoteGOP
I can’t wait to see people like you in 10 years craw out of the cracks un-successful. #ByeFelicia #GOPforever @CalebH92
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I'm glad superheroreport's been suspended, click bait and troll feed.
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#UnsuspendSuperheroReport this is so unfair ! Where am I gonna get my superhero news and insights now ?! 😞 @SuperheroReportt
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If you want to stop SuperHero report for good, you'll have to make the Twitter handle before he comes back.
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Zack Snyder Calls Radio Station to Say Goodbye to Detroit
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Judging from these we expect the next 'Terminator: Genisys'-related news will be its direct-to-DVD announcement.
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Aside from the cover line, the @EW cover with Emilia Clarke and Jai Courtney doesn't scream "New 'Terminator' movie" at all.
What an awful first way to present the new #Terminator. Looks like a fashion shoot with forced modeling.
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So why isn't @arnold featured on EITHER of the two #Terminator @EW covers? #dafuq
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The second TERMINATOR: GENISYS cover looks like a fan DOCTOR WHO image where they want Daleks to be Terminators.
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@CalebH92 @ConnorBehrens and by troops do you mean that troll Michelle Obama? WHAT. A. JOKE.
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@CalebH92 @IamGarol #GOPLovesObesity? Excuse me? We're tryin to combat obesity at this very moment. We've added diet coke to school menus.
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