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Tfw my only match on Tinder is a person pretending to be a cartoon character...
>its -- possessive >it's -- a contraction of it is
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@Lumetian @CalebH92 What the FUCK?!? I keep getting BTFO today.
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@_NerdyGeek_ @CalebH92 you have to have a penis to understand mike
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#ThorTheDarkWorld is like edging too long - you take your time thinking it's going to be good, but then you lose the erection and orgasm
#Partners? More like Tyler Perry's Partners - terribly written, and actors were like cardboard. Both Grammar and Lawrence have been better.
#ManofSteel is like the 5-star restaurant your friend has been raving about for months, but when you finally try it, it's good but overrated
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People always ask me why I do certain things, like certain stuff because they didn't expect me to - it's because I enjoy my individuality
'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Extended Cut Coming in 2015
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Same with that Sam Smith song. It's nothing special, just trying to emulate Adele. "Happy" was Hollywood commissioned trash.
I said "I can't stand either song." My mom said "I liked 'Happy'. It was upbeat and positive." Me: "Yea, but it was garbage."
I had this convo with my mom last night. There was a teaser for a morning show where the host said he liked "Stay With Me" but not "Happy"
My problem with pull quotes, and really a lot of stuff today is that it's all cookie-cutter bullshit. Nothing is original anymore.
@CalebH92 You forgot: "It's The Best Superhero movie ever!"
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Inevitable pull quotes used in Avengers 3: Rise of Thanos critic TV spots: "Star Wars for a new generation!", "EPIC!!", "AWESOME!", "Dooope"
Gunn also confirms that IS Adam Warlock's cocoon
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