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Calan Breckon
Lesson was learnt today. Thank you universe for that enlightening moment in my life. Now may it never happen again 😄
This puppy is sleepy 😔 my bed is def today's#100happydayss#day800#dytgii @ Grosvenor
Bedtime at 7:41pm local Dubai time so I can get up for my 4:20am alarm... #crewlife #doitforlove #DoingItDifferent
Sometimes you just need a little RnR! Enjoyed a nice hour by the pool today as a reward after I…
Today's alarms. FML. And yes, that's AM cause I'm on 24h clock. It's should be illegal to be up before the sun.
Hanging out in a Mosque in Dubai with nassrinee And christinealaine. No big deal.
I only wanna die alive, never by the hands of a broken heart. This is, the part when I break free, cause I can't resist it no more 🎶#jamss
Sheesha fun times in Dubai! Really starting to feel a sense of family and friendships with people,…
Photobomb! Another early day for training. I don't think I've slept since I got to Dubai.... @ Dubai…
Uggghhhh 5:30am I'm getting really tired of seeing you, literally.
Yup, lesson came in loud and clear today universe.
Clearly people being punctual today is NOB on the list of things to do. So it's time to just let go and say "fuck it."
#1 pet peeve. Making plans then getting blown off without even a warning or text then waiting around with not enough time to make new plans
Training college! Such an amazing group of people! #100happydays #day65 #dytgi @ Emirates Aviation…
Hello my beautiful #Dubai sunset from my balcony ❤️ @ Grosvenor Building
emirates Aviation College! First day here at this location!! Still so crazy to think I actually made…
So life is pretty freaking magical hey? Spread those good vibes #tweeps! #rtw #travel #love
Loving my life right now even more than before. I didn't think it was possible but it is! What gets better, gets better, gets better!