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Going to #Taipei in a few hours! This will mark country 44! So excited! #travel
Day 11: That time at the miracle gardens and this happened 😂 I love that@marisa_joyy had no idea and…
Day 10: just booked the hotel for my Tokyo trip next week and I couldn't be more excited to be going…
Day 9: Catching up with old friends in London that I haven't seen in 6 years! Crazy how times flys?…
Day 8: cookies and movie night with chinarose777 - it's important to remember who the good people in…
Let's go play in #London tonight 💁🏼✈#travelel
Day 7: Octobers travel adventures is looking mighty fine! So incredibly blessed to be able to…
This months travel plans: #London | #Taipei | #Dublin | #Tokyo | #HongKong | #Hamburg | #LA - gunna be a busy boy! #travel
Day 6: relaxation days with good people is always needed to help keep us sane! Today I had an…
Day 5: hanging with all these crazy kids! Such an awesome night out with good friends and much needed!
Day 4: getting sent this photo by @RTWgirl_ and reminded about that amazing trip to LA and how much…
My life is a 90's pop song 😎💅🏻
We love and support all identities, #LGBTQ youth. If you need support, call 866-488-7386. #SuicidePreventionMonth
Retweeted by #CatchCal
Day 3: #100happydays goes out to this lovely lady @AstridGenvieve ❤️ I don't think I would have been…
Day 2: #100happydays today I was pulled out for a less than desirable turnaround flight which made me…
Day 1: Waking up in Bangkok! #100happydays @ Bangkok, Thailand
Back to #Bangkok, round 2 this month!
I've just signed up for the #100HappyDays challenge, AGAIN! Can you be happy for 100 days in a row? #catchCal
Nothing but beach, sun and smiles ☺️ @ Madinat Jumeirah
This looks AWESOME! Watch "Oscar'sHotel for Fantastical Creatures" on Vimeo On Demand… #YouTubers
If you havent already watched this, U need to - 6 Things You Can Do To Get Your Ass Back On Track #YouTuber #funny
Reppin the hometown city! @canadankim - Pop Danthology 2013 - Mashup of 68 songs! SO GOOD! #VanCity
I liked a @YouTube video from @Calan_B 6 Things You Can Do To Get Your Ass Back On Track
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Room service breakfast ordered last night to end this #Bangkok trip. Perfect. Thank GOD cause it needed to end well 🙌🏻
IM NOT ADULTING ANYMORE! I'm DONE! Wake me up when it's next month 😡#OverItt
90 min full body Thai massage for $12 Canadian. I almost feel bad... #travel #youtuber
This month has been pretty delightful. #NYC, #London, #Paris and not #Bangkok! The life of a traveling ginger 💁�#youtuberer
Perfect little reading nook in a hanging egg chair basket...thing? Loving this amandapalmer…
Cafe, Coffee, France. Bliss. Just hanging with amandapalmer and #TheArtOfAsking. Life doesn't get any…
Sipping coffee in a little cafe in #France w/ @amandapalmer. God I love life. Now to read and be a #geek 😋 #youtuberrS
Have you seen this yet!? 6 Things You Can Do To Get Your Ass Back On Track. SO FUNNY! #youtuber #gymproblems
That time you go out dancing and drinking with beaniec_d for once in Dubai and end up at…
Just got pulled out for #Paris! Haven't been there in ages! So excited! #travel #crewlife
Taking a me day after a night out last night. Time to curl up with a coffee and this AMAZING woman @amandapalmer
Gifts my roommates leave outside my door 😂😂#penissoapo#penisn#strawberryr#soaponaropeoyj3
The struggle is real 😭 I never "feel" like going to the gym but I sure feel good after!#KickYourAssTodayy and DO IT!r
#LMAO! 6 Things You Can Do To Get Your Ass Back On Track - WARNING - do not drink milk while watching 😂
I voted for #TylerOakley for the #Streamys! Vote for your favorite nominee here: #youtuber
Sticking around #Seattle is always a solid choice 👍🏻 @ Pike Place
I'm lost in a @YouTube k-hole and it's the best thing that's ever happened! Fallen in love with @mametown @harto & @gracehelbig today ❤️
Check out this weeks #YouTube video! Just don't drink anything at the same time or it might end up…
No one is going to accomplish your dreams for you and you're never going to "feel" like doing it. You just have to suck it up and DO IT!
*NEW VIDEO* 6 Things You Can Do To Get Your Ass Back On Track #YouTuber #video #funny
Editing my next @YouTube video and I'm laughing SO HARD 😂#youtuberr#LaughinggH
Back to DXB. Been on back to back flights I haven't been able to edit this weeks #TravelTuesday video! Sorry kids! I'll have it up ASAP

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