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Calan Breckon
Waffles anyone? Maybe some mulled wine? @ Amsterdam Christmas Market
Chillin in Amsterdam with 2 of the old batch mates! choylitpong and Ieva! Damn I love these two! And…
Oh hey there Amsterdam, how you doin 😏 @ Amsterdam,
I'm in #Amsterdam! The Netherlands is the 30th country I've been too! And here's to another 30! Happy travels! #travel #tt #rtw
Let's go to Amsterdam today, shall we? 😄#Amsterdamm#travell
That time misskatieparks and I found a random baby doll stuck in a palm tree 😳
Being positive in a negative situation is not naive. It's leadership.
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Zen temple becomes Japan's first to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies
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This bathroom had the most amazing lighting for selfies 🙊🙈 @ The Castro
San Fran Rainbows 🌈 �#cabincrewlifefe @ Castro District San
Well hello San Fran, how are you? #travel #sanfran
Off to San Fran!
I love @Uber_LA! Sign up using my promo code and get $30 off your first ride:
Trailer video of things to come! My Travel Vlog Discovering Your Truth Video Series! #TravelTuesday #tt #ttot
San Fran, I'm not happy looking at you're weather predictions for the next few days and my layover there :( #tt #TravelTuesday
A3: artichoke or broccoli...but I don't find them strange cause I like veggies 😄#ttott#ttt#TravelTuesdayy@holidaybirdscomm
Q2: anything spicy 😑 I'm not a fan@holidaybirdscomm#ttott#ttt#TravelTuesdayy
A1: def cow tongue in Bulgaria! It was a who bunch of us just trying the whole menu, also had rabbit @holidaybirdscom
If it looks like wisdom but is unkind, it's not wisdom. If it feels like love but it's not wise, it's not love. ~ Lama Surya Das
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That time I went Go Karting and it was AWESOME! @ Emirates Kart Zone at Al Wasl Sports Club
Canadian Olympic figure skater Eric Radford has come out as gay. Find out more here:…
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This whole going to bed at 5am and getting up at 5pm has got to stop... #flightattendantproblems
We go back 7 years and have some CRAZY stories we could tell. I absolutely love @lovemylexy! So happy…
I'm home ❤️ @ TGI Fridays
Go Karts at sunset in Dubai, what a great day! @ Emirates Kart Zone at Al Wasl Sports Club
Let's do this! Go karting for the win! @ Emirates Kart Zone at Al Wasl Sports Club
Live in LA and work in #travel? Come to our @travelmassive event next week. Details here: #travelmassiveLA
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Sleep? Who's sleeps any more these days...I know I don't... #insomnia
That time I was in Rome, Italy. Such a great layover! #ttot #tt #rtw
Lost on the streets on Bangkok! @ Bangkok, Thailand
Thai massage and mani/pedi were a solid idea. Fell asleep so many times I kept scaring the mani/pedi girls haha
Back in Bangkok and NOT sick this time! Let's do this!
So here are my December flights, just 5, but longs ones! San Fransisco (never been!), Dallas (again),…
FINALLY! A healthy option opened up down the street from my house with @LemonadeArabia! SO HAPPY!…
I couldn't wait until December, I'm already listening to @kelly_clarkson's #WrappedInRed
Bangkok, you're an interesting character...I like that. @ Bangkok, Thailand
I'm going Coconuts over Bangkok 🙈🙊 @ Bangkok,
In Bangkok! Can't wait for massages all day tomorrow ❤️
Rushing off to Bangkok this morning! Literally...I set my alarm clock wrong!
Missing Disneyland, LA, and this lovely lady from @JetsetExtra ❤️ @ Disneyland
29th country tomorrow! #Thailand here I come! #ttot #rtw
Hey @AntikHotelist! @RTWgirl_ and I are thinking Istanbul for our combined birthday trip Jan 31-Feb 4, thoughts about where we should stay 😉
Dear insomnia, I feel like we're beginning to get a little too close and I think we should end things. I never want to see you again ❤️
That was the longest freaking flight of my life 😑 no comment.
Yesterday was THE best day ever with @JetsetExtra and @RTWgirl_ in LA!