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Calan Breckon
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That was the longest freaking flight of my life 😑 no comment.
Yesterday was THE best day ever with @JetsetExtra and @RTWgirl_ in LA!
Awkward selfie with rtwgirl_ and the creepy old superman... @ TCL Chinese Theatres
About to hit WeHo with @RTWgirl_! We're gunna have fuuuuuun!
About to head off to @Disneyland with @JetsetExtra and I'm SO EXCITED! #disneyland #bigkids
I've been awake 42 hours and 15 mins...but I've met my salvation ❤️ #kingsize #sleep #flightattendantlife
Oh hello OC sunset from my balcony. So excited to be here! Can't wait for DISNEYLAND tomorrow! @…
Here I come #LAX, see you in 18 hours....I'm gunna need a nap....@JetsetExtra @postpat @RTWgirl_
Going to @SClub7 May 13th with @rexyedventures in Liverpool! SO FREAKING EXCITED!! #thereaintnopartylikeansclubparty #SClub7Reunion
This is actually amazing! #PassionPlanner: The One Place for All Your Thoughts
been to 15 of the 50 Cities You Should See In Your Lifetime, and end of the month will be 16! #ttot #rtw
Having a quiet night in with movies and hot chocolate from @TimHortons sounds pretty perfect to me :)
Just went on a mental cleaning spree in my room and kitchen. Wow. I feel SO MUCH better!
Sometimes it's all you need ❤️�
Christmas tree in Frankfurt! I hope I'm in a cold place or close to home next month *fingers crossed*…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the amazing @travelsofadam!
The Germans really know how to do a beer...a beer SO BIG it didn't even fit in my I'm…
Having fun in Frankfurt! I can be a bit of a nerd some times 😝 @ Frankfurt,
I just voted for Hungry For Happiness and the AMAZING @samanthaskelly! YOU GO GIRL! #sbbcawards
Off to #Frankfurt, Germany, tomorrow morning! Time to sleeeeeeep Zzz
Went to the best restaurant in Dubai today with claricecolleen! Maple Leaf for the win! And you get to…
I just slept for 16 hours :| this is what working a DFW-DXB flight does to a person #ttot
Hanging out with @the_HoliDaze in Dubai! Just reminds me how much I miss talking travel with other bloggers. #tbex #travel #instatravel
Tired as all hell from my 14h Dallas flight today but super excited to hang out with @the_HoliDaze!
HBO Releases First Teaser For Looking Season 2
Well Dallas, it's been a slice! Time to head home after a very awesome layover! #flightattendant #rtw #ttot
Dallas Days with these crazy kids @ Dallas Texas U.S.A
Just spent my whole allowance and then some at @WholeFoods but it was so worth it! #flightattendant #cabincrew #ttot
At @Starbucks in the USA. I've missed you old friend ❤️
15 hour flight to Dallas, and all I wanted to do was eat and sleep. So excited about a FULL DAY…
And 15 hours later I'm in Dallas. Hello old friend, I've missed you North America <3
Just found out my FAV Chapstick is sold in Dubai!! SO EXCITED to get me some @HurrawBalm back on my FACE! #relief #moist #ewIsaidMoist
See you tomorrow #Dallas! Its been a while, I'm excited to see you again #DFW #ttot #rtw
I'm actually able to sit outside now in Dubai without sweat dripping from everywhere! HAZA!
Black tie event tonight with @marisa_joy! Private, invite only kids 😉
My before and after since I started working as #flightattendant! I went from seeing 7% of the world to…
Look who I'm hanging out with in Dubai! None other than @victorlegay! He's a long way away from his…
That time I drank way too much in Seoul with amandafridolf!
I'm absolutely in LOVE with Seoul! South Korea, YOU'RE AMAZING! #GangmanStyle
Rocking it out #Gangnam Style in Seoul, South Korea! 🇰🇷 @ Gangnam-gu,
Such good food in Seoul! @ Seoul, Korea
Coffee #2! Let's do this Seoul, South Korea! BOOM!
Just got back from #Rome this morning and I'm already off to #Seoul in 7 hours. #MyLife #ttot #travel #tbex