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Cakka Nuraga
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She's a good girl, she told me to always praying & trust in God. She's very kind to me. Please, don't hurt her :))
Too much happiness and sweet moments in this picture.
I am the lucky one to have her, God bless us πŸ˜˜πŸ™πŸ’ž
Edisi traktiran, makan enak, murah meriah tp gak juga kalau yg makan banyak, hahahaha kidding! Thank you for all; family, cousin, my girlfriend/partner, friends.
Yes, she's the romantic, she's the passionate, she's the beautiful, she's the special, but the important thing is She's The One For Me.
To: Ketzia Laurent Thank you in so many ways dear, i appreciate you and i love you. You've been by my side for 2 years and helped me to be Somebody. You're the reason why i'm changing, your <3 make me realizes that i'm with the right woman in this life, you gave me such a positive energy flows i
Dear all foresters, terimakasih banyak untuk doa-doa dan semangatnya yg sangat luar biasa, terimakasih untuk selalu ada buat saya sampai saat ini, you know i love you so much guys! Dengan segala rasa bersyukur dan senang hati, saya juga doakan yg terbaik untuk kalian semua, i'm proud of you guys! Go
Ini kejutan apalagiii.. Thank you so much for the trending topic, hahahaha. Proud of you guys! #CAKKASIXTEEN @infocakka @theFinestTree ;D
Thank you soooooo much! All the best, all the good :D God bless you all.. Amiiiin
Dengan segala rasa bersyukur saya juga turut mendoakan yg terbaik buat kalian semua, keluarga, saudara, ketzia, temen2.... Dan forester!!!!!
Terimakasih banyak untuk ucapan, doa-doa, dan semangaatnya! Saya gatau mau bilang apa lagi, cuma bisa bersyukur kpd Tuhan dg apa yg ada.. ;D
And finally we are back to home @thefinesttree
Happy Birthday my lil' brother Pin2!!! @Kevinadnyzio i wish all the best for you, i love you so much dude ;))
Here We Go! God Bless Us @thefinesttree @universal_indo
Nemenin ibuk satu ini jalan-jalan πŸ˜˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜šπŸ‘© love you mom.
Owyeaaa.... Cool! ;D β€œ@Universal_Indo: Welcome to Universal Music Family @theFinestTree cc: @elangnuraga @cakkaNRG”
Daddy miss you so bad hahahahaha lol 😘
Thank you in so many ways, Ketzia Laurentyna. U know, i'll be miss u so bad.. I promise, i'll be back soon! πŸ’‘
"Kesimpulanku, orang-orang masih sulit membedakan 3 hal: yg mana Fakta, yg mana Fantasi dan yg mana Fitnah."
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So here we are! Presenting #MuseEntertainmentIndonesia OFFICIAL video! Watch, share and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! 🍺…h
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Mari kita perjuangkan keadilan & ham dengan membuka link ini;… (Baca kronologinya & you'll know what you have to do.)
Believe in that! God's gift will realize you to keep alive.
Good day mates! The 2nd video is coming! Please check and subscribe, let's get started. #MuseEntertainmentIndonesia
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