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Jen Yates
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The National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Someone will always answer.
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And for the rest of you: here, have a lighthouse cake: ["seamen" joke optional]
Ok #Supernatural fans, my Crowley tutorial is up! Includes files to print the box, too!
Trying to make a nice, elegant display for John's Death Eater mask, & he goes and does this:
OMG. @cakewrecks makes me laugh so hard! A Failure To Communicate, Vol. 67: via @feedly
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Tonight! Orlando Nerd Fest. Steam Powered Giraffe. And MUCH. REJOICING.
I don't need business cards for Cake Wrecks, of course, but if I did they'd be illegible & covered in sprinkles.
After 4 yrs of being asked for them at conventions, I finally ordered Epbot business cards. #prefessional
Leaky Con goodness! Come read all about my Harry Potter-ific day:…
9 Bakers Who Have Never Seen A Guitar In Their Entire Lives via @cakewrecks
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Ever had a cute idea that went horribly, hilariously wrong?
Aaand now our work is on @NerdistDotCom?! o.0 Thanks, @amy_geek! Best sick day ever!
Guess who the fan was! :D “@Mark_Sheppard: Fan made!
I'll say this is definitely one of my most favorite @cakewrecks posts w/i the last few months… love the exasperation
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Three days & 3 conventions later, it's time to make a big octopus mug of tea & hope I didn't catch the con crud.
Red wine, a relaxing sunday afternoon, & @cakewrecks are entirely to blame for the fact I acquired this today:…
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For our 3rd convention in 3 days, John & I are off to @conjureflorida! Psyched to see Supernatural's @Mark_Sheppard this AM.
My friends Christie & her sister Robyn! “@mikemaihack: Hipster Anna & Elsa. #FrozenB4FrozenWasCool #TBCC2014
My fan girl moment; too shy/star struck to say how big a fan I am, that's me trying to keep the squeal inside.
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Got to meet & hang with so many fab readers today, then had a mutual fangirl moment w/ the amazing Karen Hallion. Good stuff.
Gearing up for 3 conventions in the next 3 days! I'll be @LeakyCon Friday, @TampaComicCon Sat, & @conjureflorida Sunday. Woot!
Finally finished work for the day, so I'm rewarding myself w/ @testedcom 's #SDCC cosplay pics. All 784 of them. Awww yeeeeah.
To everyone googling "Cabbage Patch Cake" & finding the face-in-the-hoo-haw one: YOU'RE WELCOME.
I was unprepared for the creepiness that is Cabbage Patch Kids cakes. Wow.
John is cleaning out my inbox & answering e-mails for me. Keep your roses, gents; THAT'S TRUE LOVE.
Researching Sweets for a doll-themed post, & so far I have nothing but Lalaloopsy cakes. Because OMIGOSH SO CUTE.
My favorite #SDCC tweets & photos, in case you're still catching up from the weekend:
These 6 bakers don't need a hammer. They already NAILED IT.
Goodbye productivity, helloooooo, #SDCC coverage!
At the eye doctor. I ask why, if my vision is 20-20, I need to buy drugstore reading glasses? Awkward silence. Then: "Because you're old."
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@cakewrecks my girlfriend made a ringtail lemur cake. Did not turn out as planned.
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I appreciate the under-the-couch outrage, but John's walls are covered with my paintings, so he gets a pass. ;)
More dusty discoveries in John's man cave: one of my old Tigger paintings.
Found this under the couch in John's man cave. Yes, it's a cross-stitched wizard. Yes, I made it. WHAT.
Everyone can relax! I found your next shower cake: