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Jen Yates
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Anyone braving the weather for WDW's #dapperday today? I'll be taking pics at the 6pm meetup in DHS, if it's not pouring!
I am so utterly pleased that @cakewrecks and husband are Borderlands fans :)…
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If you are ever feeling down just remember that you are 50% mermaid.
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My proper title, btw, is "Oh Cakey Goddess of most High Snark & Random Sprinkles." I announced it yrs ago, but shockingly few ppl remember.
Rough anxiety day, so John brought me PO Box mail. This young fan used my proper title AND drew me a ham head.
. @kristenmgruber I just scream-laughed. Thank you. I think.
New horror movie idea: cats who sleep with their eyes open.
From creepy to cute in 3 seconds.
These 9 Bizarre Cakes Must Mean Fall Is Here: ("Unicycling Femme Bots." 'Nuff said.)
Needed a small purchase to bump my Amazon order up to $25. I think I chose... Wisely. #DizGeek
KFC Workers Attacked By Cake-Wielding Maniac
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For my fellow geeks: my 3rd batch of @DragonCon cosplay pics is up!
Trying to figure out what to do with your life? Here's what I do: lay down on the floor. It doesn't help but that's what I do.
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Had a BLAST at @FanboyExpo today - this is why I love small cons! If you're local here in FL, go this wknd. And tell the artists I said hi.
@cakewrecks never have I been so glad to click on a thing. Cake wrexxx made me bust out laughing.
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Today also marks the first time I've had to censor a one-year-old's birthday cake. Which makes it one of my favorites. :D
Today's Cake Wreck is one of those where I have to post the FB update & NEVER LOOK BACK. #controversy #bewbs #DontReadTheComments
Amazing what people can do with cake! @cakewrecks - Home - Sunday Sweets for Book Lovers
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My first batch of @DragonCon cosplay is up!… So much geeky goodness, you guys. SO MUCH.
I love my job, but writing on the internet for a living can be tough. The support on Epbot today? Amazing. Thank you.
.@larajf Ha! The comment discussions today will be confusing google for ages. Love it.
@cakewrecks @SirPatStew @DragonCon That is my daughter and the smile says it all. He was amazing to her and spoke to her over 15 min.
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"Cycloptic Smiley Clover Of Despair" wants YOU... to quote Princess Bride. #inconceivable
Re: that last tweet, I don't think the photographer is on Twitter, but here's his website:
This is @SirPatStew meeting Make-A-Wish kid Dawn at @DragonCon last weekend. LOVE.
Soot Sprite Cookie Pops - for fans of Spirited Away & Totoro. SO CUTE.
This sign is supposed to show you which things are forbidden. But it actually creates the coolest dog ever.
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Dragon Con was awesome, all the readers we met were even awesomer. We should totally do this again next year, guys.
Goooood moooorning, #DragonCon tweeps!! Last chance to find me & John: look for us at the art around 12. And I still have pins!
Bellatrix & John the Death Eater boogie down at the Yule Ball. #dragoncon
Kid Bilbo fights off kid Gollum. AMAZING. #dragoncon
Headed to the Hyatt for some art shopping! Later tonight John & I will be spooking it up as Death Eaters. Watch for the green glowing wands!
Having a great #DragonCon. Found @cakewrecks twice, once in her full Lady Vadore glory (with a great audio upgrade)!
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.@druidsfire My Vadore mask is heavy, & most of the weight is on the bridge of my nose. I'm usually bruised, tho, not blistered!
Out of costume at last after an awesome night, and holy StayPuft, I have 2 giant blisters... ON MY FACE. 0.O #DragonCon
I may not have seen Picard, but I MET @cakewrecks !!!!! My #DragonCon has officially been MADE!!!
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About to gear up as Lady Vadore; look for me later in the Marriott! #DragonCon
Having a blast meeting so many readers at DC! We'll be shopping in the vendor area after noon today, if you're on the Jen hunt. #DragonCon
Con made!!!! Found @cakewrecks band Dreamfinder, and recreated a pic from a childhood trip to Disney 26 years ago!! Thanks John and Jen!!
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Dreamfinder and I are headed to the Marriott for a panel, then Artist's Alley after that. If you see us, be sure to say hi! #DragonCon
I actually do know where I am, promise. #oops