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Jen Yates
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"Let It Goat" - exactly what you think it is, but still freaking hilarious.…
Here's a hard one for you: How many penis jokes CAN you make the week before Easter? #AndYesIJustMadeOne
Speaking of "common since" - are there really Passover Cake Wrecks? Yes, YES THERE ARE:
Commenter today brokenly ranting about bakers with no "common since." Ahh, I love the smell of irony in the morning.
It was awesome.
While discussing how many layers this box needs to ship John & I reenacted that entire scene from Emperor's New Groove.
11 Eggs-cellent Easter Cakes: (Who wants to make one of these next wknd? And then share?)
My levels of drunk: 1. I love you guys 2. British accent 3. Dry humping shrubbery 4. Shhhh, I'm singing! 5. Aaaaaand Send
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Just chopped 6 or 7 inches off my hair, and AAAH, so much better. This stuff is heavy!
You should be changing a bunch of passwords right now because of the Heartbleed bug. Here's a list of which ones:
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I've had a Yahoo e-mail acct for over 15 yrs, & it was hacked for the 1st time ever today. Guess I have Heartbleed to thank? o.0
Oh. MIGOSH. “@mashable: Baby Judo Sparring Match Will Kill You With Cuteness [VIDEO]
Goodies from reader friends in the UK! Love it all, but I reserve judgement on this pickle stuff. 0.o
"Gimmie an H!" "No, really, that's all I want!"
@cakewrecks So I got a TARDIS door plaque a couple of months ago. I felt this needed to happen...
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Biggest sign you're a psychopath: sewing a suit out of human skin or turning every noun in a tweet into a hashtag?
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"...the amount of talent a baker has when making a placenta has an inverse reaction to how much I want to eat said placenta." --@cakewrecks
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Love. “@neatorama: This My Little Pony Tattoo Neatly Summarizes the Brony Mentality
I cannot believe how long it has taken me to find @cakewrecks and the infamous UK cupcake cake:…. I can die happy now.
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First Look: “Figment” comic pages from @Marvel & Disney Kingdoms with artist Felipe Andrade…
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