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And on this day in 1776, America screamed "WHATEVER, ENGLAND, YOU'RE NOT MY REAL MOM" and slammed its bedroom door.
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👌 hashtag usage RT@AndrejSustrr: I'm really excited to be a part of the@TBLightningg for another year!#IsItOctoberYett#BeTheThunderr
That or they just REALLY hate each other and by now waiting for death is easier than divorce. I like to think the former.
I love seeing a sweet older couple who you know have been together so long they can communicate without saying a word. #hopelessromantic
Cliff Lee is set to start for the Clearwater @Threshers on Sunday and holy smokes do I want to go:…
We're becoming regulars at Coopers Hawk winery in Tampa. Such a great spot.
. @CVClyde's been here 20 minutes & she's already cleaning/sighing heavily. "YOUR KITCHEN COULD GIVE SOMEONE MRSA." #DomesticallyChallenged
Kristers Gudlevskis signs autographs for fans @ #tblightning development camp. Cheers as he went back to locker room!
Ha! Caught in the act RT “@JeffMcAdamTV: Caity getn her social media on @TBLightning practice #tblightning”
I don't even wanna know how many hours I spend RT @cschweitz Millennials spend 14.5 hours per week on smartphones
. @CVClyde is on her way to visit me & I hope she isn't horrified that my fridge only consists of bottle water and questionable lunch meat.
Here's the story from the Times: and his media availability yesterday:
Drouin says he's a "better player" after another season in juniors - scary considering he passed Lemieux in career QMJHL playoff pts (102)
Please vote for Tampa's @6DFarmer for an @espy! He's the only hockey player in his category ->
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Happy birthday to my hometown friend, #DunkCity/@FGCU_Baseball alum and as of yesterday (!!) @Royals pitcher @CColeman1727!
Meanwhile, I'm somehow watching my first Red Sox game of the season and it's July already.
"i DELETED HIM. Doesn't he get it? Guys are so dense." Amazing.
Bartender freaking out over a boy: "So, like, duh I deleted him off of Snapchat and he texted me the next day like NOTHING HAPPENED."
#tblightning has hired former GM Jay Feaster as it's executive director of community hockey development
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When you look at how TB executed its plan this offseason, you kinda get that Yzerman-playing-chess-everyone-else-playing-checkers kinda feel
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Days away from an ENTIRE WEEK'S vacation. That's 10 years in social media world. I will be doing approximately this: