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Caity Kauffman
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Parenting tip: If your kid spills food, feed its next meal an hour late so it gets so hungry it eats the mess. (Idk works on my cats)
Weird ending. Fun game. Rays gonna Ray. #RaysUp
If you saw guy on the phone who nonchalantly caught that foul ball on the phone, his suite is next to ours& it was even better live #Rays
THERE WAS SURPRISE PIE DELIVERY. @KNashSports #raysup @ Tropicana Field
Longoria bobble head acquired. Kind of amazing.
IKEA. Toddler blabbering to herself: "I would like to eat. I would like to eat my DADDY." Dad: "Silence, you kindergarten cannibal."
Stoked to see Drew Smyly start today for the Rays. Also: I hear there is an Evan Longoria 80s hair band bobblehead happening
Update: $8 Canadian. I'm going to go angrily hurl my inevitably moldy clothes in the street now
EVEN MORE PERPLEXING RT “@MikeManganello: The Franc is likely Swiss. France uses Euros.”
Put laundry in. Realized I'm out of quarters. Turning apt upside down and discover $7 CDN, 70 cents AUS and a Franc
Sheriffs department holding an outdoor press conference in POURING rain. Sooo, I mean, umbrellas anyone?
Hey @TBLightning fans, view inside Amalie Arena today. Boards and glass first, then build ice surface. Then Camp! YES
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I don't know how I'd get through the day if I didn't have a working knowledge of Photoshop. Aspiring social marketers: Learn. This. Tool.
Congrats to @SPJFla for winning SPJ Chapter of the Year! Proud to have served on the board that year during my time in South Florida.
Anybody see the sweet #TBLightning billboards spanning across 275? Whatcha think?
Hahaha thx! RT @BDrake987 1 year is the paper anniv., so here is my best attempt at sincerity. Here's to many more!
My favorite outtake: Anders Lindbaquiri cc: @CerdaAlex
Shout out to the Photoshop wizardry of @BrittanyLarkin, as well as the wacky mind of @EmBWilliams who freelanced in marketing for this!
OBSESSED RT @TBLightning Since it's always 5 o'clock somewhere… An Alabama Stammer, anyone?
Today's my one year anniversary at the @TBLightning! What a fantastic year. AND IT'S ALSO BEYONCÉ'S BIRTHDAY SO THAT MUST MEAN SOMETHING… RT @caitykauffman Starbucks, how many shots of espresso can you put in my latte before I'm required to sign a waiver?
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Hi Starbucks, how many shots of espresso can you put in my latte before I'm required to sign a waiver?
Watching the same movie at the same time with @CVClyde but in different states. This is long distance bestfriendship at its finest.
With the Lightning's arena getting a new name, here's a pie chart of all 30 NHL arenas and what they're named after:
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Very serious selfies with Steve. (He's my date tonight.) �
. @tweeterjain is a saint in helping with all the crazy changeover for the new venue name. AND she sent me a Grumpy cat. <3
FYI: is NOT the legitimate Twitter account for the venue. Changeover in progress.
AM-a-lee RT @BoltProspects How do you pronounce it?
Ooh Amalie Arena is trending in the United States! Eeeeeee #HappySocialMediaManager
Quick results: Yes, a period = harshness - 12; No - 5; Maybe - 2. As always, Twitter, thank you for your participation
SETTLE A DEBATE between me and @AndrewRDeWitt: periods at the end of text messages can make the message appear to be harsher than without
Excited to welcome the new #TBLightning beat writer to the team - @BBurnsNHL! Give him a follow.
Thanks again to @peterstringer for inviting me on @MediaMastersPod! Listen why I'm obsessed with social advertising:
FINALLY @thespillcanvas added One Fell Swoop to their albums on @Spotify. Please tell me I'm not the only one obsessed with these randos
If Michael Sam becomes a Cowboy and Wendy Davis gets elected, there may be hope for Texas yet.
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Stralman ranked #7 RT @TheHockeyNews Which NHL players made our list of the 10 best off-season free-agent signings?
Thoughts and prayers to the family of #StevenSotloff. In remembrance of him, here are links to his past work.
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LRT: I love Vasilevskiy's new mask. He managed to make palm trees look kinda fierce.
How I know hockey season is almost upon us: it's taken me two hours to get through my breakfast.
GREAT NEWS, GUYS. Single game tickets go on sale this Friday at 10 a.m. Details:
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Everyone stop what you're doing and admire these beautiful socks @michellegingras got me
Thanks! RT “@seancallanan: Really enjoyed Caity's chat on @peterstringer's Media Masters, I'm all in on FB ads