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I'm 18 in two hours and I am 110% not excited
I've had far too much gin
I feel that people like Caitlin shouldn't be allowed near other human beings
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Inflicting my pesto flavoured crisps upon Amy
"CAITLIN THIS IS CONCEPTION!!! Oh no wait it's just a lava lamp up close"
@JoisveryCo can you not talk about Caitlin like this please
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Wow will my mum ever stop treating me like I'm 14????
"I didn't know animals had genitalia" @tessawilks
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"Do you like the sim I made earlier" wow Jem
I'm 18 in 5 days and I can't go into the hairdressers alone
Your obsession with rocks and brown and fucking the whole town's a reflection on your mental health
I've put aspirin on my face in the hope it removes these disgusting spots
Like was there a point in you communicating with me
My least favourite thing is when people text me saying hello, I reply with hello back and then they don't reply???
I don't think anyone understands exactly how much I hate Skyler (Breaking Bad)
"I hate u but I'll like all ur insta photos anyway"
Leaving sixth form has made me realise how many people I don't actually like all that much
Dunno why people think it's fun to try and belittle people ur not funny :/