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≈ Caitlin ≈
But we just always seem to just fallout
'I thought Parma ham was cheese? No wait... That's Parmesan' wow Harry
0 friends caitlin 👍🏻
Why are we listening to the ballad of anal Dave????
Sam is rubbish at Spyro :/
For every retweet this gets, Pedigree will donate one bowl of dog food to dogs in need! 😊
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"You had to be there" - Translation: This anecdote has not gone well
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I am literally so angry
Making up shit to try and cause drama is pathetic unless you're fucking 13 years old
Hev got a kiss of disco Dave
@caitlinsmells_ @hevabradbury tut tut you shouldn't have your phone switched on in the cinema #rebels
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@caitlinsmells_ we're already screaming at the horror trailers lol....
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Braless trio embark on a trip to Centerparcs 👅
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Beyond excited for my 2 baes to come stay 💙💚
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Who needs a degree anyway #byebyefuture 👋🏻
You know you're exam is not going to go well when you try and spell chain as chane
Some people are so inconsiderate
There's a difference between bitching and being two faced ✋🏻
Domino's garlic and herb dip is the cure to everything bad in life
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GDFR is just such a terrible song in so many ways
So xcited 2 go and buy staples 2nite
The 30th cannot come quickly enough
Exams make me want to do things I wouldn't normally want to do, like exercise, just so I don't have revise 😢
I've made friends with the uni postman and he comes in the flat to say hello every morning 🌚
Oh wonderful my iPhone charger has broken
So I've just found out that apparently I sleep talk with a Mexican accent 😅👍🏻
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it is half 11 on a tuesday morning and I am crying at undercover boss
Why are so many people on Come Dine With Me called Gareth?
Amy has not replied to me 😭😭😭😭

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