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≈ Caitlin ≈
I'm 18 in two hours and I am 110% not excited
I've had far too much gin
I feel that people like Caitlin shouldn't be allowed near other human beings
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Inflicting my pesto flavoured crisps upon Amy
"CAITLIN THIS IS CONCEPTION!!! Oh no wait it's just a lava lamp up close"
@JoisveryCo can you not talk about Caitlin like this please
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Wow will my mum ever stop treating me like I'm 14????
"I didn't know animals had genitalia" @tessawilks
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"Do you like the sim I made earlier" wow Jem
I'm 18 in 5 days and I can't go into the hairdressers alone
Your obsession with rocks and brown and fucking the whole town's a reflection on your mental health
I've put aspirin on my face in the hope it removes these disgusting spots
Like was there a point in you communicating with me
My least favourite thing is when people text me saying hello, I reply with hello back and then they don't reply???
I don't think anyone understands exactly how much I hate Skyler (Breaking Bad)
"I hate u but I'll like all ur insta photos anyway"
Leaving sixth form has made me realise how many people I don't actually like all that much
Dunno why people think it's fun to try and belittle people ur not funny :/
"She looks too much like a woman" actual words from Ross Llewellyn
MGMT fully killed it at glasto
The youth is starting to change Are you starting to change?
Heard some 12 year old girl in work say today "James McAvoy's hot for a Scottish bloke"
And now I can't stop eating it help
Literally made myself the pengest dinner
"My neck is as long as my forearm" @mike_sux
Someone give me something to do today
Just drove Amy back to mine without knowing how to turn my headlights or windscreen wipers on
Me and Amy walked to Tesco to get 53p nuts
I have to be up at 9 (AM????) tomorrow and I am not impressed
Don't attempt to talk on the phone and pluck your eyebrows you'll end up with a chunk missing like me 🙋
“Sometimes people don't understand the promises they're making when they make them.”
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I'd probably be enjoying today more if I wasn't spending it tidying my disgustingly dirty room
There's a spider in my bathroom so now I can't pee so I can't sleep :'(
Me: "My cut looks weird" Mum: "You might get blood poisoning and die!"
Great my hand is infected hahaha
I don't think I was emotionally ready for The Fault in Our Stars Jesus Christ
One of my least favourite things to do is to read over messages I drunk text people with