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≈ Caitlin ≈
I am not feeling sleep tonight fml
when nobody answers you in the group chat
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I feel like I'd like American Dad more if I didn't hate Steve so much
@caitlinsmells_ that's what they all say 😎😎😎😎😎😎
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Just told Heather we were in 2014 hahaha time flies when ur old :'(
O yeah ofc u see ur boyfriend who lives 45mins away less than I see mine who lives 3 and half hours away u fukin tit
But also made contact with lots of gr8 people (@hevabradbury @AbiWellsDay 😏)
Basically lost contact with so many people since uni #ohwell
Eng undergrad + bio undergrad + drop out = morons
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Moral of the story: buy your own Bacardi
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Gonna miss not cuddling with gibbon and brad tonight 😢
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"My toothpaste is so spicy"
Y r people so concerned with things that don't concern them/are of no importance anyway
Caitlin just said I have fat hair???
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Why do I have such a large head
"It's up to you" - Translation: Keep suggesting things until you say the thing I'd like to do
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I have to be up at 6 why am I awake lol
@AbiWellsDay @caitlinsmells_ hahaha I'll have to remember to go out in my underwear next time to make it even more realistic
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Not tired and I'm being woken at 8 😢#sayaprayerformee
I want 2 go on holiday 😢
Just learnt saveloy used to be made from pork brain ew ew ew
Saw a daddy long legs in my room like 10 mins ago and now I can't see it where has it gone 😢😢😢
Just cleaned my car and it's still filthy 😢😢😢😢
😔😔 missing Sam already
Watching Rude Tube: 200% Cats 🐆🐅🐈🐱
I have become addicted to GTA at Sam's house help me
Gonna go on a friend making quest next year at uni #pleasebemyfriendwarwickunistudent
Brit 1: "What do you want to eat?" Brit 2: "Oh, anything, I don't mind" Brit 1: "This?" Brit 2: "No"
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Fully dunno why people are cool being friends with people who have ignored them for like a year for their boyfriend/girlfriend???
I have had my first Chinese 👍🏻
Attempting to escape a room with Samuel tomorrow, have a suspicion he'll escape and leave me in there 😢
This time next week can't come quickly enough 🙏🏻
Why am I rewatching The Theory of Everything 😢
Sometimes I forget I'm a person and not a Sim

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