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Duba B.
Damn man this pepsi got me feeling MOIST
So cold 😠
You can't call me lazy if you knew how good my bed feels
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Barca 4 life 💯t
Season 1 & 2 in a day like whaaat
Mountain dew #DoTheDew 💯😍
That feeling u get after drinking so much soda 😷
Lol did u know that the center of a donut is a 100% free
I had to buy 3 xbox's this week already.
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Tank just rolled up in the streets
Getting caught in a really big lie got me feeling like 😅
Tea 😍 good shit
Earth is probably the best planet i ever lived on.
Neymar jr damn he can take a hit
Saaay whaaat ... 2-0 to brazil 😁
Argentina vs Brazil 😍💯
Hey bro u left your twitter open but dont worry i logged out @_Eltashani 😂m
Fuck ... Im craving a hamburger from McDonalds ...
Feeling good while doing something bad 😇
Played a total 18 matches yesterday woke up cant feel a thing 😅
Damn hungry wont even get up .. 😶
Good morning i dont feel well 😔😞
I hit rock bottom Listening to JB and enjoying it 😒
Pumping music 1am in the morn ...
Ive decided too leave the past behind me, so if i owe you money ... I'm sorry... But i've moved on 😝
Don't see your self as an ugly person but as a pretty monkey
Don't worry about Ebola spreading in Dallas. The cowboys have shown us that people in Dallas can't catch anything.
Lol left this coin in the same spot for 6 months and when i came back it was still the same ... Saaaay whaaat
Marley & Me is like the only movie that gets to me something with dogs dying
I don't believe in sleep schedules.
Im single by choice. Not my choice but still a choice ...
Ahhh good morning 😁
Dont you hate how MTV is so shit now come one what happened #dissapointing
Damn man Di maria is going to paris saint german there building a. Strong team
3 am in the morning still not tired 😑
Soccer all day damn im tired 😲
Finally got back on twitter :D
School this year is going to be the end of me :(
getting back in twitter :)
My best friend is mad at me... Advice?
Nothing hotter than a girl that plays Fifa
woke up at 5 in the afternoon so good afternoon?

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