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Abdull 0.o
School this year is going to be the end of me :(
getting back in twitter :)
My best friend is mad at me... Advice?
Nothing hotter than a girl that plays Fifa
woke up at 5 in the afternoon so good afternoon?
I'm using Viber to make free phone calls and send free messages on my Android phone
Can't believe my 5 year old sister beat me at Word Search
i am officially gonna try to stop smoking
O noo I just realized that school starts in 15 Days!!!!! No what am I going to do :(
good night ZZZZZzzzzzZZZzzz
CoD 4 tournament today hope my team wins
Time to use my time productively. peace.
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just got my tattoo it hurts but looks cool
leaving in 10 mints to the tattoo parlor
OurLastNight is such a good band
Ahhh I hate it when hair is growing back on my face cuz it itches sooo much
finally gonna get my tattoo today been waiting for a while
woke up at 4 am im so messed up
32 mint talk with me dad always great!
Did any one notice today was the day that 9/11 happened a couple years back #feelingsad
What do you guys think about the iPhone 5S?
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Who is jelly that Cody Simpson follows me??? He's pretty cool better than JB
So many little kids in the house surprise I made it this far with out locking em up in the closet
O how I love playing Fifa online cuz I always win
People say I have anger problems I dont
Why does it keep putting me in Spanish lobbies on black ops
Okay this kid violated my bed I can't control these feelings of hate towards him
aright this dude just asked if he could sleep in my fucking bed fucking piss off i hate assholes like this
he doesn't have facebook OMG
this kid that im with is the most boring person i might know god help me!
i hate shaving my face :(
Woke up at 6 am I'm so proud of my self like you dont even know :D
have to wake up at 7 tomorrow 1:08 in the morning right now ... shit
UGHHH i hate who ever created the Halo games like WTF man !
good morning its 3 am at night i think im doing it wrong
the amount of soda that i drink is amazing
okay it has been 2 weeks my neighbor is waking me up at 8 with his fucking drill im having dreams of killing him :/
i like how people think im racist but i speak the truth
the purge interesting movie :/
i never hated some one this much my neighbor has been using his fucking drill from 9 to 6 non stop ughhh
Making people who speak a different language rage on cod is my new favourite thing ever
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