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Brandon Zingale
Add me on shotclock one tap broadcaster. My username is: brandon Get the app here:
If you played Crash Bandicoot you know shit got hype when you got the mask & the African music startin bumpin
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Add me on shotclock. Username: Brandon It's the third result in the AppStore when you search sh...
THANKS FOR 300K!! I appreciate all of you! To my new followers, welcome to the weirdness... via @vineapp
Damn R.I.P. Robin Williams. So many marvelous movies. Big part of my childhood.
Dorothy Mantooth is a saint!
When you find out your crush is in a relationship on Facebook.
When you check your bank account and the money hasn't transferred yet.
Only reason my dad said "no ball in the house" was cause I kept taking his ass yard in the living room.
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That one friend who takes jokes too seriously. #imnotapussycraig
Go get your tickets come see @Itsyaboytalon @N3FFKIDD @wegvcci @BrandonZingale @Nick_p19 @ dem_twins @itsjeffreymusic and more on the 20th!
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Stay tuned to see how you can get tix to the @SocialStarTour in Ohio to see me and some other Viners. For now visit
Best Vine comment I've ever received. 🙌�
If you're out playing catch with your kids make sure you whip it as hard as you can at em. World dont need any more pussies.
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S/O to @boomf for the marshmallows! Check em out!
Hey creators of the Kotex commercials, I don't think women are really that excited to be on their periods.
What kind of man throws eggs at a pregnant woman? @truTVjokers
S/O to @woodwatches_com for the sweet wrist candy. #Jordwatch
Positive Vine comment of the day comes from my all time boy @BasksKidney hope you can take me to my first party bro.
Coffee poops hitting me this morning like Solange Knowles.
@BrandonZingale You are easily the best person on vine I have ever seen
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When your friend tells your mom a story about you that you never wanted her to hear.
When my music is on shuffle, the song I want to hear always comes on. My phone and I are tight.
Per @pincessmia: Charmin met with Lebron this morning. Pitch to Lebron: 4 big rolls do in fact equal 8 regular rolls. Stay tuned.
@BrandonZingale sources now say the king my switch to charmin this afternoon. Stay tuned.
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Per fucking source: Lebron took morning poo @ 8:43 AM EST. Angel Soft confirmed as toilet paper brand. Angel Soft. Comfort Where You Want It
Per source i'm hearing Lebron is out of bed, and is currently brushing teeth. Confirmed he is in fact using Colgate. Stay tuned.
No officer, I wasn't texting, I was refreshing my Twitter. Haha fuckin newb.