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at my 2nd family house ✌
haven't lost a friend i want back 👋
God bless a man who can hold it down 🙌🙌🙌
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Boys are so oblivious to how their actions truly effect a girl
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@vmberz made my morning with my birthday dollar lol 😭
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"@LaEric07:when u having a girls night &u cookin for ya bitches 😂😂😂
such as missing/loving someone so much . or just cause they're hurt .
i don't see anything wrong with boys that cry over some stuff .
im so salty lowkeeey .
Having someone be protective over you is the best😩
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when someone is afraid of losing you >>
yeah ... my life is sweet like cinnamon .
watch. you will 😏
same music taste means alotttt .
I've been in the best of moods lately 😌
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it's time to just go with the flow .
if " your " nigga got naked pics of other girls in his phone that's not your nigga 💁 just saying 👋
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He's 21, I'm 19. And we're happily married. It's possible I swear.
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When you hear someone chatting shit under their breath
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I wish somebody was crazy about me 😏🙌
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"that's my girl" might be the cutest thing a boy could say
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Love when someone gives me all their attention.
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i want to be the first thing you touch in the morning & the last thing you taste at night 😍😝💦💋
me trying to express my feelings : "idk like.. it's like .. maaan.. whatever, it's whatever. im fine. ill be good."
that's not reeeal 😳😳
not ready to grow up 😿
omg i hate not being double texted 😂😂