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07-22-2015 Popper & Dropper Set-Ups For Tomorrow
$AAPL down 6, $CAT $MSFT $IBM down $2+ and dow is barely red? If this dont have shorts throw in towel lol
global gasoline mktFLOODED and prices tanking YET in Cali we paying higher prices than when oil is $100…
still a penny flipper mkt, high cash select plays, I like to reduce trading in a mkt like this but some will post 50 stocks a day in any mkt
how the mega rich can file for bk so many times and still get richer
$XOMA stock at $1 and Wedbush maintaining $13 target - comical
XOMA $13 target Wedbush defending shares says "PLEASE BUY, OUR CLIENTS ARE TRAPPED AND NEED OUT!"
$CLTX 180k float new website live - very nice pipeline - will see over $1+…
$RGSE over $1.60 busts a move
$RGSE ceo buy 6/25/15 Purchase 910,000 $3.29 $2,993,900
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$SLTD peer up 29% today, 5 times the market cap and 1/2 the rev of $RGSE - $RGSE should be $3+ based on peers action
$SLTD rocking, keeping eye on sym $RGSE
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$RGSE twice the revs of $VSLR that was bought for $2.2b, $RGSE mkt cap $18, takeover target big time
SunEdison paid $2.2b for solar installer $VSLR with $30m in revs. $RGSE did $67m last yr and mkt cap is $18m only
$RGSE finally getting picked up on $VSLR 2.2b buyout
tops aint made when their is record short interest, happens when the shorts are all long and no one is crying top in doom etc
is this when the record shorts in the mkt finally throw in the towel? Greece, china, $APPL and mkt wont tank
07-21-2015 Popper & Dropper Set-Ups For Tomorrow
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$NBG could pop on SP credit upgrade of Greece just out
TThe apolitical S&P approves of the Greek vote: GREECE OUTLOOK TO STABLE FROM NEGATIVE BY S&P
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$CBLI abandon all common sense in this mkt - up $1+ on news that was out already
Dow transports best looking chart all year, this breaks out this mkt see new highs in August$TRA…
07-20-2015 Popper & Dropper Set-Ups For Tomorrow
$PYPL rocking, sweet add friday!
07-19-2015 Popper & Dropper Set-Ups For Monday
$RPD interesting IPO in hot sector - can see this going to $40+ in coming weeks
$LOOK filled small they are now a shipper "LookSmart To Spin Off Ops, Get Acquired By Greek Shipper"…
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$LOOK also spnning off its $VLTC peer to shareholders in the merger
shippers all vertical last couple days and $LOOK low floater shipper now, 70c break could see $1's quickly
Traders may have forgotten $LOOK merging with greek oil tanker shipping stock, sector on fire and tanker rates just hit a 5 yr hi today
$LOOK is merging with a Greek shipping company Pyxis Tankers in a deal announced in April
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$etrm looks ready for a move back to 50c area plus co may put out PR on study data released last nite
$CLTX and Volution Immuno Pharma merger. Focus on Complement C5 Inhibition. New name Akari Therapeutics…
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$CLTX seems like the only affordable low float sub $1 stock that has value and more upside in coming sessions. $1 written all over it..
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***New Trade** Long $CLTX .61 stop at .50 - Its a great setup here like @buysellshort said. They got .72 in cash..…
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$CLTX traders missed today's very big merger news - this is another $RGDO/$TBRA doubler or more play
$CLTX here is the chart, 180k bio float big news today and great chart set up…
$CLTX 180k float merger with $ALXN peer and trades under cash - should be trading in the $1-2 area…
50 cent will now be called no cents ...50 Cent files for bankruptcy on day of financial testimony in sex tape suit
07-12-2015 Stock to Watch for Next Week
07-11-2015 Popper & Dropper Set-Ups For Monday
BREAKING: Yellen maintains outlook for first interest-rate rise in 2015
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07-09-2015 Popper & Dropper Set-Ups For Tomorrow
to save their mkt tonight China will decree anyone not buying stocks will be shot

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