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BREAKING: Jamaican officials say unresponsive US plane has crashed on the island.
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RT @Ethane28: $KERX - traders slam the stock after FDA approval. Seen many times. Glad I was out at 18. speculation becomes reality
$LUNA low float peer of $RADA to watch
Current common stockholders would receive approximately 5 percent of the new common stock $USU - 95% dilution
would be watching small biotech sector as a confirmation of this view
low float mania and momentum moves we seeing lately usually a sign small cap mkt is readying for power moves higher
when the $SPY is green into August like this yr Sept is actually one of the more bullish months of the year
bears unable to beat this mkt down so far this month - i think we see a VERY strong 2nd half of Sept like last yr
$AAPL mobile payment launch next week will put a lot of eyes on this stock $MTSL
$MTSL coiling for round 2, very strong action
we are ON FIRE in chat this week
$RITT KABOOM from chat room adds $1.30 under
RT @cnote_1: @buysellshort Great work on the DD here. thanks for the compliment!
$RADA 5m float latest to double - $MTSL 2m float with iphone angle can so same
$MTSL - mobile payment Iphone sympathy play with 2m float trading at cash vlaue…
stopped out $DARA $1.18
$RADA another example of all that matters in this mkt right now is the size of the float and shorts getting squeezed
$ATV should squeeze hard in the next 1-2 days into alibaba, pattern of these low float rompers right now
Alibaba IPO next week, these co's with ALi and deals should do very well into the IPO
$ATV actually sells stuff on and Alibaba unlike $SGOC, SGOC yet to start, short squeeze time here off SGOC run
$DARA runs with $PRAN, peer
watch $ATV on $SGOC romp
$SGOC fat gapper for us from yesterday -ripping hard now +50c
09-04-2014 Popper & Dropper Set_Ups For Tomorrow
09-04-2014 Stocks To Watch For Tomorrow
“Do I take pleasure in that they paid $150 million more than they planned?" “Absolutely.”
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this is one BRUTAL mkt selloff here, dow is down 32 points now YIKES
U.S. Mail Cutting Rates to Win E-Commerce Business FedEx, UPS Howl as USPS Lowers Certain Prices as Much as 58%
$GV… divsion of Power Corp of America bought by GV notice tesla power stations
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doubt shorts know new GV division does tesla recharging lol $GV
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Ukrainian president says he'll call a cease-fire tomorrow as Russia's tanks advance:
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$ATV has the vol, the story (alibaba) and shorts, all the ingredients to do what other low floats have done lately
RT @badwolf3: @buysellshort thx still relatively unknown imo totally agree regarding $MOC
$MOC had to do a 10 year chart to get targets, multiyear breakout $2.60 gives $3.50-4 area…
that news plays into what $MOC does - airline security…
why homeland security stocks are gettin chased - Missing Libyan Jetliners Raise Fears of Suicide Airliner Attacks on 9/11
RT @badwolf3: @buysellshort MOC new security division no-one sees this yet… excellent find
look what $RADA did today
$LUNA 200 day breakout $1.42, tiny float and air defense/homeland security play
$LUNA defense and low float with ripe chart for large move
$LUNA watch this low float defense peer of $RADA thats doubled today…
$ARTX kabooom, the other popper scan play - buy trigger $3.95 now printing $4.25!