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10-14-2014 Popper & Dropper Set-Ups For Tomorrow
10-14-2014 Stocks To Watch For Tomorrow
for the last 2 yrs retraces in the dow have been 900-1200 points on avg and then fat bounces, we hit 1k down yesterday
$RUT was barely down yesterday, leading all indices today, small caps about as washed out as they come, looking for rally excuse
explains the romp in $FSI here eco-friendly product is used in green germ killing products such as Ecover, Method Home
Ebola is readily killed by soap and water, bleach or hospital disinfectants that are labeled as being effective against nonenveloped viruses
the government agency is also in talks with Texas-based Caliber Biotherapeutics about producing more ZMapp…
+100 already not bad! ·15 hours ago usually fat finger dumps/forced sells like that on eminis result in a nice mkt bounce within a day or 2
u usually dont see shorts getting ANNIHILATED in a mkt tank but the ebola sector momo has trapped many rookie shorts
usually fat finger dumps/forced sells like that on eminis result in a nice mkt bounce within a day or 2
This Is What Happens When Someone Is Desperate To Sell $750 Million Of Stocks…
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@buysellshort A definite success, up 103%. Told myself if I did well I'd get your subscription, I made more than enough to get a year sub!
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10-13-2014 Popper & Dropper Set-Ups For Tomorrow
Health officials want a dedicated Ebola hospital in all 50 states:
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$RUT only down 4 points today in mkt bloodbath, small caps are sooooo oversold
feed and greed index is at ZERO, dont think it was ever that low, not even int he 2008 crash…
Open $1,300 speculative Etrade account last Thursday. Portfolio at $4,444.44 at close today, cash. Thx 73 cent $IBIO shares! @buysellshort
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$APT $10, dead shorters everywhere
just noticed mkt down 160, what a day, speculative money is flowin everywhere in a bad tape! $$$
CIDRAP: "We Believe There Is Scientific Evidence Ebola Has The Potential To Be Airborne"…
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chatter ebola has gone airborne
How to Read $IBIO SEC filing lesson from last week, made it free, maybe rookie shorts will learn something…
have to feel sorry for all these rookie shorts gettin raped daily on stocks like $APT $LAKE $IBIO
the amount of fake info being put out by underwater $IBIO shorters is amazing
YESTERDAY $PLX president said they could produce ebola if asked…
BASIC dd skills lacking in many of these rookie newsletter sites that have popped up last couple years
$NSPH thats 140% gainer from alert last week on ebola testing
$LAKE and $APT continue to annailate rookie shorts - thing of beauty
sanitation/decontam seems to be the next hot ebola sector
ebola germ can live on surface for 3 days, dont that make hazmat suits ineffective without decontamination
CNBC guest just verified that Ebola can live on surfaces for DAYS ... everything must be #DISINFECTED ... they will wake up on $RTGN imo
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guy on cnbc just said virus can live for days on surface of inanimate objects
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traders bashing the $NSPH call last week at 51c and now up 90%
$RTGN $5.60 breakout gives $7's on chart, that means $OCLS to $3+?
watch $OCLS here on $RTGN nice big move, owns almost half of $RTGN
RT @badwolf3: Sanitation theme next big one imo only have to agree
BREAKING: Pair of possible Ebola patients quarantined at New York City’s Bellevue Hospital, according to sources.
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When a stock is Gapping in the premarket, the open often brings selling. Generally stocks bounce from that open selling. #RiskTolerance.
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CDC Explains Why 3-Out-Of-4 US Nurses Feel Unprepared For Ebola - Live Feed…
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lots of bios started ebola research last decade, shelved them cause no commercial mkt - there's a market NOW, programs restarted
all these basher "experts" saying these bios have no ebola programs - READ THE SEC FILINGS, info is all there
$ABIO monster, another one the bashers were wrong on
signed a license agreement with Integrated BioTherapeutics for the use of QS-21 in the preclinical development of a vaccine against Ebola
$AGEN ebola drug trial started in 2011
$IBIO negative articles will continue as rookie shorts continue to get their asses handed to them