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Shkreli $CYCC research on live stream - could be nice on monday
these other chat rooms dont even try to modify our dd - they post it word for work lol
$VLTC $RPRX $NETE $CYCC - huge moveers b4 the crowds, always #first
what a week for members of - 100% gainers left n right!
this is where silly shorts move into a stock like $CYCC = GREAT - fuel for the move to $2 next week! chat room members long $CYCC from 52c and added to positions 69c today - where did your chat room chase it at?
we went long $1.52 on $RPRX monday for this move - $2.67 today, I could go on - where most other chat rooms get their plays from! Whay chase our plays higher in other rooms?
this is our kind of mkt - 16 years our newsletter going strong - get big winners from the horses mouth $CYCC
$CYCC 5m vol in one hour on half day of trading - should be big up move next week
Nice trading @buysellshort Great calls this week. $CYCC killer
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$CYCC $RPRX $ABIO $GBSN $NETE just a few of the monsters posted to members in chat this week
$CYCC related: Pharma partner Presage acquires rights to voruciclib,oral #CDK inhibitor from India Piramal Enterpr.…
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Shkreli showed how undervalued many cancer bios are -sector in strong play now
with its Ph 3 Leukemia pipeline and cash it should be trading at $2+ $CYCC
$CYCC traders connecting the dots finally on $KBIO 75c 200 dma breakout
$RPRX $2.67 from $1.52 alert on Monday - join the chat room OTHER rooms get their plays from!
$RPRX look back on twitter to see who really lit up $RPRX on monday - if your room is claiming be careful with them
$RPRX pusing almost 50% gain for members in 3 days!!!!!! $1.52 to $2.20 from alert with chart/reasons monday
$RPRPX theres my $2's gave alert rock bottom monday at $1.52,,,30% gain thus far
$ATOS vol alert - looks to be gearing up for a romp
$ATOS next small cap bio to have an epic bounce
why no one talkin about the 12 m international subscriber increase for EPSN today? $DIS only the old news from August
how about the narrative on $DIS reads EPSN subscribers UP big in last decade, if using old as news to attack why not!
HUGE $GIGM insider buying last 2 weeks 1m+ shares like $EFUT $HPJ…
$DIS shorts sucked in an weak hands out yet? This OLD news wont even matter next week on the march back over $120
$GIGM 70c it will get "found" as it romps over $1
$GIGM chart here is the breakout for the run over $1…
$NCTY vertical up 100% this week - $GIGM exact same china peer trading with $1.35 cash per share at 62c should doulbe too
$GIGM time on peer $NCTY huge run - GIGM trading $1.35 cash 50% discount - NCTY same rev same sector
added some $DIS $120 calls on thge half day trading short attack on 3 yr old news
Have a safe Thanksgiving everyone!
$AEZS and $ABIO hod breaks on deck!
$ABIO gets chased over $6 turkey play
$ABIO seems very logical here into Friday on $AEZS romp - $$6.50-7+ or more
$CLRB when this one is allowed to pop should be epic
$PBMD spiking look again
love seeing all these "experts' callin top in $DIS, sayin to sell it - means waaaaay more upside
so does Doug Kass cover his $DIS short at $130 or wait for $140?
every day this week we had at least one 100% gainer - give us a try -enterin sweet spot for small caps…
Goldman Sachs on $SPRT now - we see this right b4 big moves, happend on $RPRX at $1.52 Monday
$SPRT huge insider BUYING, not grants, in the last 3 weeks 1m+ shares and trades under cash
$SPRT Black Friday stock ready for a pop - loaded with cash - customer support stock for heavy online sales this weekend
$DSCO tax selling over 35c then 50c gap fill coming on this chart…
mentioned monday that low flaots would lite up pennies and voila, now we will see everything in smallcap land with nice charts move

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