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our options guru in chat hits another mega home run on $TLM, 400% in 3 days
$TLM SWEEEEEEEEET! Jan $5 calls for 59c on Friday printing $2.55, nice 400% gain in 3 days on buyout!
12-15-2014 Popper & Dropper Set-Ups For Tomorrow
RT @badwolf3: Oil wow the knife catchers must have severed limbs by now.. same ones called gold bottom for last $500 drop
CNBC BREAKING news alert on the $72m kid - LOL that pretty much proves how stupid cnbc is
do these cheap oil is bad clowns believe the crap they spew?
Citi Research, a division of Citigroup Global Markets, warns that cheap oil and surpluses could lessen the demand for U.S. exports ..LMAO!
Oil is wagging the dog, when will the start indices unhindging themsevles?
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our $SPY calls call in chat on the close friday fat open win today, trend worked again in our favor
12-13-2014 Popper & Dropper Set-Ups For Monday
another school shooting -At least 2 shot at Portland, Ore., high school
body cam stocks up on a HOUSE DEMOCRATS bill, last time i checked the GOP couldnt give a rat ass about anything a dem says in the house
$FRO OIL tanker stock up 75% in 2 days, u need to be seriously drunk to try and understand this mkt lately!
RT @NerdElert: nice call on $ACST 40c area to 55c now from @buysellshort thanks
what would they have done to the mkt if there was no budget deal late last nite?
12-11-2014 Popper & Dropper Set-Ups For Tomorrow
12-11-2014 Stocks To Watch Video for Tomorrow
RT @SheffStation: "The entrepreneur (trader) always searches for change, responds to it,and exploits it as an opportunity." Peter F. Drucker
so much neg BS out on social media about $COOL over past the company and speak to management...this filing displays confidence
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that's about $1.70 in cash per share flat out on $COOL .... so again, 90c first line with $1.20 on spike possible imo... very long
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$COOL ..they figuring it out here...almost 500k insider incentive plan at 69c...this is so oversold imo... $4m mkt cap $11m cash w/ no debt
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$COOL incentive plan of almost 500k shares at 69c ... i like that ... moxey!…
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$ACST 49c, up 20%, penny bios are aliveeeeeee
penny bios wakin up with vol - $BGMD was 49c last week, should see a fat bounce on 31c break
$IMRS target is .40 if we get the volume bounce. Support is clear so know your levels.
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$NSPH popped then dipped and then romped to new high, lookin for same from $BGMD here 30c
@buysellshort agree! Think IMRS going to bounce massive too off the tax selling capitulation.
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RT @zerosum24: @buysellshort :) You like IMRS here? added some $IMRS with u 24c under
grabbed some $BGMD 30c
$NSPH 43c now from 36c adds in chat after open!
$NSPH nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!
$BGMD down on tax selling from 50c last week, classic bounce candidate here back to 40c's
$DLIA float should be gone now, readying to start its bk romp, unlike most bk stocks these guys showing 2x assets over liabilities
time for the mkt to bounce, 12-20 min selloffs about as long as they last lately!
12-08-2014 Popper & Dropper Set-Ups For Tomorrow
almost time for the daily miraculous mkt recovery where nothing moves
$DLIA 72m in assets, $32m in liabilities, should be some nice value for shareholders once process is done
Strategy For Trading High Volume Small Caps
12-06-2014 Popper & Dropper Set-Ups For Monday
RT @NerdElert: $ISNS 2.25 to 3.67 ... check my math but, i believe that's 63% INCORRECT its 63.111111111%
$CBLI another bottomed out bio set up for a nice move into January at 38c
when oil and gas were at all time highs shut downs every few weeks to jack prices, refineries cant afford "maintenance" shutdowns now?
no one find it amazing there have been no gas refinery shutdowns on the West Coast since oil & gas prices began their plunge? #rigged