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$PGN rolling rolling rolling - $PED next on 30c break
$PED off the radar oil that INCREASED production 48%, revs UP despite oil tank - next oil doubler imo
oiler $PED being found
$WRES same buy list as $AREX
$AREX oiler from our buy list sent last nite romping
$WRES oiler 62c breakout
$MEET another play given that goes boom
10-06-2015 Popper & Droppers For Tomorrow
$PACB exploding, presnetation going well?
didnt take them long to rig fantast sports did it?
The fantasy-sports scandal is more like front running than insider trading
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@buysellshort Stock trades, awesome, gotta analyze them well in a global economy
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coal stock still surgin - $SYMX will get found and Paulson loves it
watch $SYMX clean coal stock owned by Paulson on $BTU and $ACI price spikes
here is $RADA chart with notes - see u at $1+…
Official: Abbas won’t condemn terror because Israel will say it’s not enough
Palestine is starting to blow up again - gonna start seein it all over the news SOON
$RADA qtr end window dressing drop nothing but good news - Israle issues now, chart breakout 82c - see u in the $1's…
$RADA Tactical Radars Procured by Israeli Ministry of Defense for Protection of Communities on the Southern Border - news from last month
Israel's leading newspaper called the recent violence the "Third Intifada,"referring to Palestinian uprisings in the 980s and the early 2000
Spike in Palestinian attacks raise fears of another Intifada
traders were doubling and tripling up $SGNL at $1.50 all way down, sold the bottom so it should rip nicely higher now near term
$GBSN we been patiently waitin for this - watch the chasers rush back in once it clears 10c
$SGNL 20 day ema is $1.19 1st bounce target on chart for this DNA stock
$SGNL down from $1.40 a few days ago into qtr end could see a wicked bounce from here
$WGBS going for $2 - $SGNL and $CBMX the other 2 DNA stocks
$WGBS ripping - $CBMX and $SGNL the other 2 DNA testers
DNA conference another big mover in $WGBS - $CBMX will be next to get the momo
10-05-2015 Popper & Droppers for Tomorrow
@buysellshort CBMX looks like $2 in flash with some volume, traders have forgotten this one
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also presenting Fridaya dn double bottom chart $CBMX
DNA conference stats tomorrow - $CBMX offers DNA-based testing for the detection of genetic abnormalities.
$MEET mobile chat with a ncie breakout chart given sector buyouts…
Google bought out JIBE last week - messaging/chat sector
messaging chat applications mkt heating up again guys - some buyouts could be coming - Goog has snagged 2 in recent days
Google has taken a stake in messaging startup Symphony Communications in a fundraising round that values it at $650M - Dow Jones
slowing economy and higher oil prices send $UPS and $FDX shares up 2% #DRINK
$PACB up 75% into the DNA testing conf, likely will be others next couple days
major genetic conference starts tomorrow…
$NNVC has exclusive licenses in perpetuity for the treatment of the Hepatitis B Virus (HBV)
$CTRV up 170% on preclincal Hep b - should mean $NNVC deeply undervaluied on its Hep B
flag breakout on hep b bio $NNVC at $1.30 - $1.50+ chart target…
$NNVC has exclusive licenses in perpetuity for the treatment of the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV), Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) - $CTRV doubled
bio charts rebouncing big - $ATHX chart set up for large bounce with news and conference…
$ATHX presents at a stem cell conference this week and could announce news of its $7m milestone pymt rom Chugai announced in March due now
10-03-2015 Popper & Droppers For Monday

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