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08-18-2014 Popper & Dropper Set-Ups For Tomorrow
08-18-2014 Stocks On The Move Tomorrow
$SYN next stock to get chased?- up 22c now usually where chasers start to come in
continues to be a chaser mkt, handful of stocks suck up all the vol so thats where traders hang till music ends, should start to spread out
$AAPL $100 break gives $115-20 almost all the time on fresh breaks
$FSI all targets hit, maybe keep a small piece but all out - not bad from $1.28 breakout call yesterday
$CCCL getting found tic tic tic
$1.10 ask break we see $1.20's fast on $CCCL
$1.40 target on $1.10 break for $CCCL, low float off $HGSH romp
$CCCL lower float than $HGSH too
@buysellshort if CCCL were supplying tiles to HGSH shanty project, that would be nice
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revenue up 20% last qtr, profit up 9% $CCCL with $HGSH romp could be very nice
watch $CCCL china real estate play on big move in $HGSH, low float too
$DRWI was $2.50 last month b4 selloff, financing done at $1.80, looks great here $1.45 under for nice bounce
$APT blasting off again, $HOV up 17c, $BZH tearing higher - leaves $CHCI as last one to rip
$APT another home builder related stock up 30% in last few days too, sector is HOT and few players to trade - $CHCI
$FSI hit 2nd target $1.58 from $1.28 call yesterday, expecting same for $CHCI here
$BZH and $HOV ripping again today, sector hot and low floater and peer $CHCI coiled at bottom
Average backlog price increased to $517,000 from $438,000 in the same period last year. - very nice for $CHCI not reflected in price
$CHCI 1st target $1.42 then it mvoes to $1.75, low floater too which is in vogue and homebuilder sector liting it up
$CHCI gave excellent guidance in e report last week, should be trading close to $2 based on sector a…
$XHB homebuilders ETF soaring last few days, homebuilders stocks ripping
08-18-2014 Popper & Dropper Set-Ups For Tomorrow