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09-30-2014 Stocks To Watch Tomorrow
09-30-2014 Popper & Dropper Set-Ups For Tomorrow
$RGSE strategy to focus on its core residential solar engineering, #BINGO
$CBDE, $RGSE and $ASTI fat day! more to come tomorrow
$CBDE oh ya we nailed another one - this has monster upside potential on chart and momo
$VSLR $10m rev for last 6 months $2b+ mkt cap - $CBDE $64m in rev in 2013, $12m mkt cap $$$$$
$VSLR maybe be #2 in US for now but $CBDE is bigger globally AND its a low flaoter
Westinghouse Solar completed more than 17,000 residential installations globally now entered US mkt,
Westinghouse solar is $CBDE US subsidiary that just opened in June and is already booking large orders per recent press releases
$RGSE rolling now $1.68 clear skies, $CBDE $3.10 then $4 target on IPO
$RGSE and $CBDE into VSLR IPO $CBDE 3m float could romp into the $VSLR ipo
$300k in Installations garnered within three weeks following soft launch in single U.S. market $CBDE
here is $CBDE, sales blowin up during soft launch
traders finding $CBDE - recent residential solar IPO with mega low float
FCC strikes down 40-year-old blackout rule enforcing television blackouts of NFL games when stadiums don’t sell out:
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$RGSE hod break $1.80 then $2's on deck with this chart into $VSLR hot ipo
$VSLR ipo pricing $2b, $RGSE mkt cap $80m now hmmmmmmmmmm
$VSLR $10m rev last 6 months, $RGSE $70m
$RGSE is THE play on $VLSR ipo imo, does exact same thing residential solar installation and puny $77m mkt cap, $VSLR could be $3b on ipo
SOLAR IPO: Vivint expected to price 2nite, trade Wed. Filed to sell 20.6m million sh betw $16-18. Multiple times oversubscribed $SCTY $SUNE
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$VSLR tomorrows hot ipo, multiple times oversubscribed
SOLAR IPO: Vivint expected to price 2nite, trade Wed. Filed to sell 20.6m million sh betw $16-18. Multiple times oversubscribed
$RGSE makes sense with the $VSLR ipo coming
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low floater $ASTI on watch into $VSLR solar IPO this week, looks like it will be this weeks big IPO
$RADA next push takes it over $4
09-29-2014 Popper & Dropper Set-Ups For Tomorrow
IF $RADA clears over 3.60, could make a decent #Gapper.
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this is when the robots usually squeeze the shorts in plays like $rada
Massive iOS 8 flaw suggests parts of your password in autocomplete
$BABA ceo last nite on 60 minutes - shareholders come last, not what u want to hear for a cayman island based stock
watch $MEET for $2 break, traders now realizing how big $FB news today is for sector
$FB new platform big for $MEET as well
rolled some FAT $LOOK gains into $VLTC, $2 target
watch $VLTC, low float and does same thing as $LOOK on facebook ad platform
$LOOK can we say kaboom $1.80-90 printing $2.68 now
$LOOK big move off new facebook ad platform i think, $VLTC should go as well, imo.
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$LOOK very nice $2.63 hid
Syncapse Analytics Suite allows brand managers to measure,understand, optimize campaigns and social presences on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.
New $LOOK division launched last week BITCOIN no one has seen yet…
Circle Debuts Bitcoin Accounts for Mainstream Users…
here is dd - $LOOK big winner on $FB news today