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$WAVX here they come
$VII +90c now from alert kabooom
WHEN the vol starts to come into $WAVX it will likely go big, $HD breach looks very big and $WAVX doubled on target breach
$VII another new hi +75c from alert now
reason NSA is making govt pc all use TPM chips starting in Jan $WAVX
$WAVX partnered with Micron in April to fight attacks like $HD…
celebrity nude photo hack now $HD credit card breach - $WAVX should blast off on these
DJ Home Depot Confirms Looking Into Unusual Activity
$WAVX doubled after Target credit card breach
Home depot credit card breach = $WAVX
$VII hung around for a while b4 it started to romp
like $VII I suspect $ITI will out of the blue blast off to the $2's
$VII about to hit my $4's target mentioned earlier - $ITI should see $2+
$ISNS ripping, $VII blasting off now - $ITI likely next one to get a spike
$VII lookin great =+50c now from alert
$ISNS romping keep a close eye on $MVIS
Paris has world’s second largest concentration of low-energy geothermal installations:
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Microvision and Ford to Collaborate on Novel 'Heads-Up' Display For Automobiles $FORD makes cop cars…
Could a ‘Heads-Up Display’ in squad cars save lives?…
$VII KABOOOOM book 3/4 +40c
watch $MVIS - heads up display for cop cops - MVIS partnered with FORD who makes cop cars on sector
$VII red to green should explode based on $ISNS
$VII was $4.50 last week, all peers making new highs
$VII here they come
$ISNS up 90c now with $VII red by 26c, $VII should rip to green at minimum
$VII should see $4's on sector momo and chart off $ISNS and 4DGLY
$VII completed its merger with VIDEO SURVEILLANCE co
Dow transports the index to watch - strenght after open was clue dow would go green from -48
$DIS $91 breakout should give 95-100, next large cap to head over the $100 mark med term
our lt play $INUV wants the $2's
dow trannies strong today, dow should bounce
$WAVX cloud security is their specialty..…
09-01-2014 Popper & Dropper Set-Ups For Tomorrow
added some $NLST, lookin for gap fill back to $1.40 on chart
$NLST vol has doubled in last 5 mins - chart to watch, retraced big run from last week could be ready again
$IVAN yet another stock with vol and for that reason it gets chased, chart be damned
$RSH Food for thought for silly chasers >> no weekend deal? down she goes. weekend deal occurs? Nasty bend over terms and down she goes.
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$OPTT ya boyzz $1.45 from adds $1.30 in chat
with $IVAN romp on ecudaor news $BPZ should see a nice rebound, dropped with IVAN should rally with IVAN on same news
$AEZS $1.48, nice 18c move in 2 days from the breakout
$APP look like diff app co dang