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10-01-2015 Popper & Droppers For Tomorrow
$MYOS there is the 50% form the alert a couple weeks ago with chart
09-30-2015 Popper & Droppers for Tomorrow
Valeant detailed price increase table
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MAJOR reason healthcare costs thru the roof, maybe we have reached a tipping point finally…
end of the world is here - $MSTX is up - if this pos is moving mkt is indeed topped especially if $HEB joins hahaha
$GBSN the real move begins on the 13c break - lookin for 100% or more here
$PIRS was $2.35 yesterday, good news out, bios bouncing, sit back and wait for the squeeze over $2
$PIRS poisitive data out, traders missed, was trading $2.94 last week b4 bio rout - fat bounce startin on data
09-29-2015 Popper & Droppers For Tomorrow
big buying volume last 2 days on $PBMD ahead of tomorrow's presentation, news coming?
09-28-2015 Popper & Droppers For Tomorrow
$AEZS more positive cancer ph2 results announced
09-26-2015 Popper & Droppers For Monday
Fed - no rate hike - mkt pops then tanks, fed rate hike, mkt pops then tanks, robot nonsense
this is why on 200 point gap up dead mkts u handsit
$PBMD very nbcie from the dd a couple days ago and chart
200 point gap opens are so fun - not,,,, zzzzville out there
$VVUS super thick = tight stops
dd dont matter in this mkt right now it seems, bigger the pos or closer to bk the bigger the runs if chart is right
$XGTI has the same cashless warrants that Annihilated $AEZS and $GBSN fwiw - when does the short attack begin?
$BLPH surging again - $VVUS ichan bio SAME INDICATION, what does Ichan know?
$VVUS is currently planning a Phase 2 proof-of-concept study in Pulmonary arterial hypertension for the same indication same as $BLPH
09-24-2015 Popper & Droppers for Tomorrow
Facebook is back up. Wall Street strategists revise their US productivity outlooks lower
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$FB down for 10 mins may prompt Fed to increase interest rates as productivity numbers explode higher
Productivity across the world just went up
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$ACI highest gaining stock right now and they're going bankrupt
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gartman went long the mkt this week didnt he?
$CANF over $5.50 shorts get squeezed again
Know the risk going into the next wk possible Gov shutdown I think they play the game again but this will create havoc in the markets $SPX
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$BTU new highs, they will find and chase $SYMX over $1
BMW's share price takes a hit after latest report on emissions tests
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with the coalers ripping $SYMX clean coal is in play - also topic of China President in US this week
$SYMX 1 month range from 90c to $1 setting up for nice pop - coal momentum the trigger…
$SYMX clean coal stock that Paulson owns a chunk of on the big move in $ACI and $BTU
$AEZS 10c break on deck
$CDTI shorts ahead of high odds of news last nite rather silly
09-23-2015 Popper & Droppers For Tomorrow
@buysellshort ...just now Bloomberg out with, "With government shutdown looming, will Ted Cruz be the Grinch that stole the weekend again?"
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when a 4m float stock like $SGNL does 14m in vol and sells off all day long u have to wonder
so does the GOP shut down govt next week? I wonder when stocks start lookin towards that

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