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$GENE today's rookie short equalizer!
$NETE 14c +60% for us today already - $DRWI next
scalded monkey run on $CPST coming, chasers will be paying $2.25-40 today
$CPST 2 c scalpers out now let the real move start - $2.70 target chart with notes…
$CPST 20 day EMA is $2.70 always bounces to this ma fwiw
with $PLUG ripping today $CPST should bounce big 1-20 split last weke down 50% should see $2's easy
$DRWI 13c then 15-17c on penny momo
$NETE 13c now $DRWI last one down here
$DRWI looks like next one to romp to 15c
$NETE 24% owner filing last nite - converts over like $GBSN and $AEZS - could be nice move here
$CRDC our new play being found - simply great chart, under cash, good activist news other day-25c then 40c on chart…
Bill Ackman a PERFECT lesson for new traders-he does what every trader will do a few times but must learn to avoid-falling in love w/a stock
and of course they will all drop but callin a POS short at $5 as it runs to $10-15 and covering $4.50 - rookie strategy
I WARNED shorts on $7 when they piled in on the drop from $8+ sayin to look for $10 and they laughed - AH it hit $9.90
$VLTC was 99% it would romp ah after shorting websites called POS hour b4 close
the biggest movers are USUALLY pos stocks cause they beaten down no one believes and ANY good news kaboom
ABC is a pos and up so SHORT - totally ignoring charts, momentum etc
why did $VLTC run 200%+ or $KBIO from 20c to $40+? Cause there are so many traders conditioned by shorting biased websites to short green
have a great nite all - got some sweet set-ups for tomorrow too - #smallcapsBACK
not a subscriber churning website,not posting we made a billion $$ on ABC stock to suck in newbies-15 yrs chat room/newsletter in EVERY MKT
were small, close knit family of traders no bs, old school, many of my subscribers with me 15 yrs - speaks volumes
check a lot of the big winners then see who posted the Chart, a target, a reason - most times started with us
Reason we entering our 15th year of finding winners left n right in every market-if yur chat said they called $VLTC u in the WRONG ROOM!
but if u find my current price too high for constant winners feel free to chase my plays 25-50% higher from "free" chat and new chat rooms
Usually after monster days like today with $VLTC up $6.40 from my $3.50 absolute bottom alert with chart yesterday I would run a special
rookie shorts gettin blown up and small/microcaps rocking like they haven't in months SWEEEEEEEEET $$$$
fundamentals matter ZERO on these stocks - charts + ROOKIE shorts = KABOOOM!
when u saw that more short websites were alerting on$VLTC last hour lock for romp - $13 next like $AEZS?
$VLTC $9.27 A from $3.50 chart buy call yesterday !!!!!!!!!!! KABOOOOOOOOOOOOM! out half here ride rest
$RPRX marching ever higher, 20% gainer from adds yesterday
if u want a penny bio with GREAT chart and loaded w/ cash $APPY 71c cash per share breaking out 4 month downtrend…
$VLTX +1 from rookie shorts loading earlier on way to new highs?
$RPRX more new highs - $2's by next week
$VLTC silly silly rookie shorts
u will start to see an emphasis now on CHARTS as a reason to buy small caps as spec money builds
shorts all loaded in $VLTC again so time for new highs?
actually $APPY has 71c cash per share - they sold their office building for $4m cash they get next week $22m cash
$MTSL tic tic tic about to go kaboom
watch them chase $MTSL when its $1.20 soon
gave u all $VLTC on tax seller bounce yesterday at $3.50 now $8+, moving $VLTC gains into $MTSL now, lower float
$MTSL DIRECT peer of $VLTC could see 50-100% move on float and reve compared to $VLTC
$MTSL offers big data analysis for the mobile advertising market.
also got beaten up with tax sellers in the last 2 weeks EXACTLY like $VLTC
anyone want the direct peer of $VLTC with a lower flaot and bigger revenue? I found $VLTC yesterday afterall
the great thing about twitter is u can see who called $VLTC and who chased! $3.50 - $8 now ONE DAY from alert!
now the dow goes green after big red - #shorting not a good strategy in this mkt right now!
$VLTC next stop $10-13?
soo many rookie traders chasing stocks when they shouldnt and shorting when they shouldnt - beaten up charts turnin up the place to be now

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