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10-26-2014 Stocks to Watch Tomorrow
10-26-2014 Popper & Dropper Set-Ups For Tomorrow
$VRNG Vringo says Netherlands court denies ZTE request -
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10-23-2014 Popper & Dropper Set-Ups For Tomorrow
Market indices up quite a bit, but small/microcaps still require much caution. #Patience
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yesterdays mkt loss recovered in 10 seconds today #yoyo
$IGC nice start to the day
10-22-2014 Popper & Dropper Set-Ups For Tomorrow
$IGC pot news from July traders may have 4gotten about..…
with otc pot stocks on fire dont 4get low float listed play $IGC
more shots fired in Canada attack
$NSSC building lockdown/intrusion prevention used by schools and govt buildings for shootings
$NSSC low float INTRUSION prevention security co that sells globally to gov and commercial customers including
$NSSC - SharpCharts Workbench - canada shooting stock…
$PED beaten down with mkt last week, texas AND colorado oil $1.26 1st target on chart
watch $SOQ, another cheapo oil play 14c
$HUSA very nice from bottom alert yesterday, under $1 stocks finally getting attention last few days
RT @NerdElert: great spot on $HUSA from @buysellshort ... hats off thanks
small oils still strong today, $HUSA close to downtrend break
$BGMD hit 55-60 target range, not bad for a couple days from 40c alert
10-21-2014 Stocks To Watch For Tomorrow
10-21-2014 Popper & Dropper Set-Ups For Tomorrow
RT @badwolf3: @buysellshort best day ive had since the market beat down lol nice job
small caps the most beaten down sector this yr, sooo many washed out small caps startin to turn and coil for runs
$ZAZA texas oil news today, couple others in texas are $LEI and $HUSA
some serious heat in small cap oils today $ZAZA big move, actualyl they been hot alast few days $DEJ big move $LEI wakin, $HDY now
$ZAZA what a move for this texas small cap oil
$LIQT -chart with notes - such a nice set up here with a BIG theme…
Prop 1 is leading at the polls. The $7.5b bond will set aside $725 m for water recycling &desalination projects, considered top priorities
getting long some $LIQT ... massive part of the cali bond is precicesly their business...transformative
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largest deslaination plant in US being built in San Diego, another $750m for more $LIQT filtration membranes for it
$750m for water filtration and desalination projects - BIG for $LIQT and for san diego
$LIQT - calif water desalination bond play…
$FSI rippin now dont forget $LIQT - california desalination
Proposition 1 in California is leading at the polls.The $7.5b bond will set aside $725 million for water recycling and desalination projects
San Diego City Council Approves Mandatory Water Restrictions Source:…
$DCIX $ESEA couple on the bottom lookin nice
if $FREE is moving 20% u KNOW the shipper sector is ready for a rally
$DCIX shipper breakout $2.14
Paralysed man walks again after cell transplant… $STEM ph 2 Spinal Cord trial…
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shipper prices ripping higher, sector move underway
$DCIX - SharpCharts Workbench - shipper, pays a div downtrend break out here $2.14…
shippers looking strong today, sector on watch, lot of beaten down plays there
10-20-2014 Popper & Dropper Set-Ups For Tomorrow
$GENE - SharpCharts Workbench - another bottomed out bio setting up for a large bou…