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Hey Cuties, I'm taking calls for another few minutes. All wound up and nobody to cum for ;( #niteflirt #horny #sex
Just turned my phone on and I'm ready for some playtime. Wanna get dirty with meee? :3
I’m not the kind of girl who says her ex had a small dick at the end of a relationship. He had it the whole time.
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Don't tease me unless you are willing to please me.
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Always forget how sore it is getting back into regular workouts. I need a post-run rubdown, please. #running #sendhotdudeswithbighandsplz
Gave in to the FB pressure! Feel free to add me or like my fan page - still pretty bare bones at the moment! #fb
If you were gonna download audio clips of dirty girls being dirty, what would you most like to hear? #naughty #flirty #phonesex
@xtremegate Heeeeey :) Thanks for the follow & the compliment <3
I have a new home page here - check me out!
I'm pretty sure I need another shower after that call. Way to push my dirty little buttons, mister. #niteflirt
More of my worn cotton #panties are available for $25 via PP, shipping incl. Email/chat me at ;)
Today is full of hard decisions. Like choosing which dirty panties I want to send to the pervy boy on tumblr. SIGH.
Pretty sure my spirit animal is a slut.
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I'm watching X-Men 3: The Last Stand @getglue #XMen3
Shouldn't have resisted watching this for so long. Bad title syndrome? Good flick! @getglue #HarryBrown
I need a personal ass massager/glass of milk fetcher. That's a legit job title, right? #nowhiring
Sometimes I just don't understand men, espescially when I tie them up & drug them.
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I need someone to read me a bedtime story, this chronic insomnia is killing me ;(
Story of my life! ;) RT @Lyla_Lush: Just got cum up my fuckin' nose. Be careful with facials.
Watching...Thor? Pretty eye candy but kind of bored/disappointed with the acting/quality. Good movie to fall asleep to at least :/ #thor
PSO Perks: Having a slightly jealous boyfriend around to give you a fat pearl necklace after a particularly noisy call. #phonesex #cuckold
I hate a ridiculous amount of people.
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So far my new job is learning how to use a Mac so I can gain back my nerd street cred. Phone sex is so much easier than this :p #labrat
Last night I got tied up and ravaged for reals. Is a sex hangover a thing? Because I think that's what I've got. #bdsm #kink #sorebutt
That was the best movie I've seen in years. I am feeling all the feels! #korean #film #SympathyForMrVengeance
Today I find out about a job I applied for. I have never wanted anything so badly in my life. Not even cum! (and that's saying a lot)
"I try to keep summer textbooks small and affordable" he says. Which is code for 10lbs of loose leafs notes for $140. #summerschool #history