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I feel you today, Dad..
@theweeks: @butchwalker @JasonIsbell his pattern game was very strong.” ✔️
@JasonIsbell: @butchwalker There's gonna be a crazy play at the very end, and sadly, Auburn will pull it out. Trust me.” Like last year.
Can't. Sleep. Brain. Stop. Thinking.
Photo: Some people master records after they’re recorded. This guy is THE master of records after they’re...
Some people master records after they're recorded. This guy is THE master of records after they're recorded. I've loved doin business with @howiethemaster for years and this latest endeavor was no exception. The drive home with a freshly mastered and finished album while listening to it is something
Nothing says U2 like "I know you've all been waiting for our new record so here it is in your iTunes automatically. You're welcome, world."
I love eventful Fridays! Lots to talk about next week... Have a good wknd.
The last day of doing a record is like your songs moving out of the house after graduation.
Told him how he changed my life as a guitar player. I'm pretty sure it's something he's never heard before today.
Just met Eddie Van Halen. Eddie. Van. Halen.
@geniejoo: Oh @butchwalker... your hair was like a unicorn's mane back in the day.” Shit had it's own zip code.
Butch Walker has covered Eye of the Tiger. My life is pretty much wrapped up now.…
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Okay. One last "Rawk" song from me... I'm not afraid of ghosts. - I woke up from a dream that Sylvester...
@markstepro: @butchwalker Working on getting a new kit configured for the next tour.” Hmm.. Still missing something
Twitter's best reactions to the Apple Watch & iPhone 6 announcements:
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#TDSBreakingNews McDonald's sales worst in a decade. Grimace resigns, plans to spend more time finding out what he is.
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I want the Apple iPhone 666 model so that next year when it becomes obsolete it just catches on fire and burns in hell for eternity.
Stoked to go on tour again. Missing the smell of bus cabbage and frebreze. And making music with my friends.
In light of today's likely iPhone 6 announcement, The Onion presents Apple Through The Years
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Things I need to learn how to do: let go of stuff beyond my control, stop arguing w/ internet ding dongs, do my hair like Ariana Grande.
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'God' unveils pro-LGBT billboard in conservative Kansas:
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RT @butchwalker: I love how people assume when I work with an artist that the actual ARTIST has nothing to do ...
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Not to compare anyone to the "ever-sacred" Beatles 😜
-said no one. Ever.
Could to imagine if the Internet was around every time the Beatles out out a new record? "Oh man.. George Martin ruined my favorite band.."
And god forbid they make another goddamn pop-punk 90s record that they (or myself) could give any fucks about doing. #beentheredonethat
Good on Panic and FOB for wanting to evolve and change. Most bands in their scene can't sell out a club and these 2 sell out arenas...
..When most people have no clue what they are talking about or how it works. Sometimes, God Forbid, the ARTIST comes in with their vision.
I love my day job, but these kind of shallow assumptions take some fun out of it. I've seen em say the producer "ruined their favorite band"
I love how people assume when I work with an artist that the actual ARTIST has nothing to do with deciding how it will sound 👎
@The_MoodSwinger: @butchwalker any chance you'll ever ROCK again?” No. Go back to high school.
Watch Bob Mould (@bobmouldmusic)'s sweaty van-life video for "The War"
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20 minutes until the tour kick off live stream from @TLAPhilly! Watch it here via @YahooMusic:
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@LjHamlin: @butchwalker can I get a virtual hug?” 👋💋👋