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proud to be british
When I see lovers' names carved into a tree, I don't think it's cute; I just think it's strange how many people take knives on a date.
#Leftie liberalism is a kind of #socialism with a dose of #insanity caused by separation from reality brought about by excess wealth
Yo Obama,keep your big nose out of British affairs, we hate the EU!!
if you ever needed a perfect example of #socialism in action, then look to #Rotherham.
Who votes Labour? Those on Benefits, Public Sector workers, Non Whites. The non-productive, the barely productive and the counter-productive
Am I the only person who thinks #beards are horrible and ugly?
Britain's youngest terrorist, 15, encouraged murder of police
Senior #Westminster figures named in government child abuse files
Judge finds 'limbs in the loch' killer William Beggs' human rights breached by prison staff |
smell like Nicki Minaj Pink Friday
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A “typical American kid” who turned out to be as American as Allahu Akbar pie. Sounds like someone hurt his feelings.…
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@britishbullybee PC is used by cultural Marxists to suppress the masses. Sadly they've contaminated all influential parts of society.
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@britishbullybee Cultural Marxism demands a black president and a female president. They have just the people needed and use guilt to get em
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PCcorrectness and the dogooders aided by traitors are destroying the west!!.thats why islam is being allowed to conquer and colonise us!!
#america how did you vote in a muslim to the white house and allow him to start destroying your great country from within??
the #EU! we pay 50 million a day for people we never voted for or want,and cant remove!! complete #madness
#democracy! were every 5 years we vote in a bunch of puppets on false promises,who then proceed to give us the finger and do what they want!
#islam calls us #christians apes and pigs! lol no wonder they are so angry when us #apes and pigs are so superior to their backward #cult!
#students being condition by the progressive #education system are as #liberal as stalin if you have a different point of view from them!!
this man should be the next prime minister,he speaks so much sense.#google pat cowdell and see what i mean
they say great minds think alike! thats also true of tiny minds and especially closed ones.#progressives are our enemy within,the #bbc
you never hear #feminists have a go at #islam were women are 2nd class citizens!!.its because most of them are middle class progressives!!
progressives!!!never trust anyone who says they are "progressive".bunch of loony liberal goons!!
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Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid Eau De Parfum for Women 100 ml: Beauty
this man got an award for courage!!!for putting on a womans dress and calling himself caitlyn!! worlds a mad place!
@britishbullybee Everything the left does is orchestrated and controlled and ultimately false.
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Luvvies' letter defending the #BBC 'organised by top corporation bosses
if you believe everything the #media tells you,then you my friend are a fool!!
#Saturn's ring is the second largest in the solar system. The largest is, of course, #BBC's paedophile ring.
Katherine Jenkins,i never realised how pretty she was
#Greece . Setting a world record for the most Bank Holidays.
Bangladeshi and Pakistani ethnicities in UK have birth rate treble that of White British. Why should we fund demographic conquest?
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Showing Your Style: How To Enter The Fashion World With A Bang…
Showing Your Style: How To Enter The Fashion World With A Bang Showing Your Style: How To Enter The Fashion World……
#Labour candidate sparks fury after attacking the Tunisia repatriation |
Tapton Secondary School removes student's artwork in case it offends Muslims

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