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proud to be british
New image of shocking beating lecturer was given by gang of #immigrant burglars
New horror details emerge from 1972 Munich Olympic massacre
Turkey 'is holding #EU to ransom' over immigration crisis
This mad deal on #migrants is a real #TURKEY, writes RICHARD LITTLEJOHN
Could somebody remind me what qualifies Prince Charles to talk at the climate change talks? Shouldn’t he stick to his talking 2 his plants??
If #Muslims are asked about Sharia, they answer that Sharia is only for Muslim nations. But Once they are a majority Sharia is inevitable
why do all these widows and kids have beards???
Enoch Powell . How many innocent lives would have been saved throughout #Britain and the rest of #Europe had his warning been heeded?
Invasion of #Europe, yet the elites still want more #immigration, they are mad. Who knows how it will end. Why did they not listen to Enoch
Why? How much did the Saudis pay her to destroy her country? I hope she held out for more than thirty pieces of silver.#traitor
Merkel, did more damage to #Germany than any politician since Adolf Hitler. Worse in fact. Germany survived Hitler, it won’t survive Merkel
The disconcerting aspect of criticising #Islam is that one will be on the receiving end of thousands of death threats. #fuckem
Caitlyn Jenner has just been awarded "Woman of the Year" How can you be "Woman of the Year" if you haven't even been a woman for a year?
Relief as Sinead O'Connor is found safe, she had been missing for 7hrs and 15 days.
all day long #BBC #World #news…… And the lead story , again and again, is this #climatechange shite.
Climate and Human Civilization over the last 18,000 years | Watts Up With That?…
How many people really believe the major cause of #climatechange is man-made?
Humiliation for #Corbyn as he's forced to offer free vote on #Syria
KATIE HOPKINS: Why fiddle with #climate change with #ISIS on rampage?
#Sexism row after men and women are segregated at #Labour rally
#British mother hints she will become #ISIS' first female suicide bomber
Did serial killer who raped and murdered across Europe kill in the UK?
#corbynmustgo cornered over #Syria strikes: Senior figures move to oust him
Classic UK TV Theme ~ Blue Peter (Original 1950's version)…
original Tv Theme - The Adventures Of Black Beauty…
Tv Theme Skippy original theme,who rembers this…
these are my favourite tv themes mostly from my childhood…
i love this (Fashion Items That Changed The World)…
Corbyn's Maoist Britain: A brilliantly witty vision of our future
Incredible moment left-wing MP Diane Abbott praised Mao
‘INSHALLAH’: Turkey Reveals EU Fast Track Membership Bid Starts In Weeks…
How a #secretive elite created the #EU to build a world government -…
Corbyn’s reluctance 2 bomb Isis will secure Labour victory in Oldham. The imported Labour voters don’t want their comrades in Syria bombed
LABOUR- This sort of lefty, pacifist, apologist ideals is fine for the #BBC, #Guardian, colleges etc but it has no place in modern poloitics
#QuestionTime is yet another #BBC product that is now so rotten I can no longer watch it.
Anonymous hackers’ list of ‘pro-ISIS’ Twitter accounts included BBC News, Barack Obama Hillary Clinton isnt that a surprise? all traitors!
• Britain is home to 8 million foreign-born for first time • Romanians registering in Britain triple in just one year traitors allowed this!
1 unpleasant announcement , by Mr Osborne; he’s giving the traitors at the bbc more of our money for the World Service to spout more treason
#BBC is very concerned about the rise of ‘Far Right’ on the march again…the BBC is however quite unconcerned about the Far left maniacs
Outrage as Red Ken says the 7/7 bombers 'gave their lives' for cause
How 50,000 migrants came to UK from Romania and Bulgaria in one year
#Dickhead Obama compares Syrian refugees to Pilgrims on the Mayflower

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