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proud to be british
found a carrier bag with an England rugby shirt in it on the road can't believe it's been thrown away. Those bags are worth 5p now!
why Theresa May has been in her job for 5 years.........She’s pale and stale, but not male
Be fair to Theresa ! She has only had 5 years as Home Secretary to deal with immigration!!!!
Western military prowess has gone. in elite units there is still a residual capability but in general the armies R feminised & politicised
oi #BBC Of course #Britain is racist, 1400+ abused white girls in #Rotherham is testimony to it.
The #BBC has too many tentacles, too many fingers in too many pies. Too many people on the payroll. Impartiality is virtually impossible.
Britain wasted £4.2million on processing 'absurd' asylum claims
How long before my #culture is eroded completely and the do-gooders and liberals welcome sharia law in the name of inclusivity and tolerance
#Islam wants to destroy Western civilization. That is why the demented Left see it as one of its allies
often heard “Islamophobia” is a made up term . I disagree. I fear Islam. I fear what it can do to me, my family and my continent
When Muslims do something bad in the name of his “religion,” the shameless liberal quickly reframes the debate to make Christians feel bad
justin Welby and the rest of the Left are fools. They see #Muslims as the shock troops to destroy #British society
BBC is completely in thrall to cultural marxism. It is what guides and informs all it’s actions. It is not in any way representative of us!!
Archbishop of Canterbury Urges More Interfaith Dialogue to Ease Fears of Muslim Community…
every reason to be concerned and fearful about the #Islamification of the #UK and #Europe. #Islam is definitely not a religion of peace
#Islam is opposed to #Christianity and it uses the beloved inter-faith dialogue merely as a trojan horse to further its own aims
Imam tells Muslim migrants to 'breed children' with Europeans to 'conquer their countries'…
#Islam is not a race, it’s an ideology just like #Fascism and Communism, a lot like Fascism and #Communism
Yet more evidence that Britain needs sovereignty over its borders Love Europe Leave the EU #Brexit #LeaveEU
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I’m going to sit down with a calculator and work out just how much of our money the #BBC spend on proving how #racist we are!!
Carson leads chorus of Christians declaring faith after shooting
How can our country (and other non-islamic countries), peacefully and humanely, rid the land of Islam? we cant!! wars coming!
BBC News - Failed asylum seeker raped woman at Glasgow party…
the immigrant army invading the EU, Anyone with an eye to see can see what is going on, only the ignorant and wilfully blind cannot.
The Saudis have now expressed ‘concern’ about the Russian airstrikes, and right on cue their puppets in the West have squeaked outrage!!
Trump started off in politics as a billionaire, whereas the likes of Clinton and Blair made millions out of milking their political careers
"One of the BBC’s great sins is to pretend it is impartial when it is clearly part of the left wing agenda."
Muslim Rape 'Misunderstandings' Come to Europe | Frontpage Mag…
What grinds my gears - people who haven't woken up to how evil and Orwellian the EU is. Inspired by the quote below.…
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Everyone who approves of the #EU is either a dope or a #traitor, many are both
The #BBC is guilty of anti-British hatred and #treason.will no one stop them????
will we ever see the MSM publicly muse upon the fact that #Islam is supremacist, warlike, violent, hateful, misogynistic etc
Corbyn is far-Left. He supports an ideology which killed over 100 mill people in the 20th century. But will never be denounced by the #BBC
Nazis from a non-Aryan background. Infantile, dangerous, treacherous, immoral, dishonest and disgusting pretty much sums up the #BBC
Muslims must be glad to be brown. If they had the misfortune to be white the BBC would have a field day in denouncing them as evil
Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard because they were not praying to Allah…
I no longer recognise the Britain I grew up in via @MailOnline
Migration is now a major fear for over half of Britons
I was just wondering how do disabled people coming into #Britain qualify for disability benefits from British #taxpayers
Libyan soldiers who sexually assaulted women are 'seeking asylum'
Islamic extremism is the biggest threat 2 world peace since WW2; and BBC is the biggest threat to British traditions. Both must b dismantled
Concerned German woman asks Merkel how she is going to protect Europe from Islamisation via @YouTube
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Cameron .. You will have blood on your hands, when it kicks off in Britain. Close our borders & deport immigrants...
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Is THIS what we fought Battle of Britain for? RICHARD LITTLEJOHN asks
Family of four kept two women as sex slaves earning £1,000 a week
Tales of Medieval #England seem to have been cast in #Eritrea and scripted by the Young #Socialists Writing Workshop of South Islington
I told my #psychiatrist that I've been hearing voices. He told me that I don't have a psychiatrist.
Anyone remember the torture and murder of the young boy Kriss Donald?

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