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Buddy Łemen
I made it home safe for those of you who know why
Your breath smells like shit
I think today is parent piss off Buddy day
I dont like saying this but if it is going to be like this it wont last much longer
The amount of patience I have with you is getting slimmer everytime you do this. It is hurting everyone around you. Please stop. please
You just assumed, and didnt even think about asking. Then you lie when I know the truth
Why am I the only one that cares about this
Id rather play the floppers from River City than the team we played today
I paid for 2 days shipping, why are you not here!!! #UPS
Netflix all night for the 3rd night in a row. Im starting to see a pattern here in my social life
Greek names are the best
What is your reason for judging other people for what they like
Irrelevant to everything because I dont care.
Why does it bother you if it has nothing to do with you. The more you think about the more it will worry you
You made me sad today UPS. You did not show up on my doorstep when I needed you most.
Hurry up UPS truck.
Why am I still watching netflix
Hard times at WH , not just on the pitch. Word starting to go around that they could face -10 points for a offence not yet known #whu #whufc
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The only choice you have is to not make a choice at all
"@TSBible: Not for the squeamish: Anderson Silva snaps leg in loss to Chris Weidman"
"@MensHumor: Consider yourself warned, but here is the gnarly Anderson Silva leg break"
Anderson Silva doing his best Kevin Ware impression. #Thanks4TheMemories
Anderson Silva's leg...
If we could get some varsity players to come help tomorrow at 8 and 10 that would be nice. Let me know so we know how many ate going.