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I'm getting despatched today and it should be the happiest day but Isaac can't come home yet. Absolutely breaks my heart to leave him behind. I can't wait till you come home with us and we start life as a family...
I'm getting discharged from hospital today!! ^_^ I'll upload a bubzbeauty video tonight! Sorry about the absence guys.
The morning after the op, I made myself feel better with a hydrating sheet mask. Who says you can't pamper yourself in hospital?
How time flies ☺️
Missing my furry monsters! Hopefully see them soon. They got groomed today. All poofy and clean!
Awesome thing about hospitals. Doctors and nurses are mega excited and happy for you when you tell them you can fart!
Because I only go on 9gag when I need to... Lol never mind!
No Guys! You didn't get my pun!! Lol
9gag is always there for me. Especially when I'm feeling "poopy".
Mother next to me is on the phone complaining her baby isn't pretty enough. I wanna drop kick her in the face.
Finally got to hold him today! He's out of the incubator and getting stronger by the day ^.^ nurses say he's a good boy too! Barely cries. It's true what they say. When you see your own baby, you know there is nothing more in this world you could ever love more..
I'm sad I haven't had a chance to hold him yet after 2 days but at least I'm regaining energy n strength. Then I can be 100% for him ^.^
Don't worry guys! Isaac is ok. He had a bit of prob breathing & came out with a fever like me. He's a fighter & gettin stronger by the day!
I miss my baby. Jealous of mummies that have their babies next to them while Isaac is all by himself in another floor in his incubator :(
Hey friends! Thank you so much for your love. Isaac and I are fine ^.^ We both have a fever so just both been resting. Will update you soon!
Oh my!! They are gonna try to induce me now instead of tomorrow!!!!
Will be staying here for the day! Nice and cosy here. Miss my @bubzhubz though...
Today’s Vlog: Just what I need to hear, Tim does ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Shopping for clothes...
New Vlog is LIVE! "ARE YOU READY?"
Last meal out with @bubzhubz with just the two of us. Heading to hospital tomorrow morning and I'll be induced the day after. Excited to bring home peanut ^.^
NEW VIDEO: The Ultimate Guide to Back to School Nails!!! 💅📚🎒✏️ Eeee I'm so excited for this!!! Watch
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Sowee for the lack of updates lately guys. Been busy prepping up for little Ng. Oh, I edited 5 videos yesterday. That has to be my record!
Happy birthday to my better half @bubzhubz
Thank you so much guys for the prayers and wishes!!! ='D