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Bryan Arion
Don't normally do this, but I was recently asked by a close friend of mine, to give a talk at a "help…
@jnallen7 haha, well this one is a different breed. But the same goes for you
You ever want to text someone so bad but can't because you don't know how they feel?
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Beyond interested
Sammy the play station
@DBeamss thanks man, hope you're doing well
I've been blessed with a lot in this life, but there isn't anything I value more than my 2 brothers @KennyMiller10 and @NathanielHero
"The lion will always fall to the siren"
"As you dwell inside my heart you're burning a fire that's growing."
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Shout out to my classmate and fellow actor @BryArion
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Your private life should stay private, your work will speak for itself
Just bought my ticket to LA for the summer. Helllllll yeahhhhh
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@NathanielHero: @BryArion @JaredBot Hahahaha we're killing it jbot! And bro we're sooo stoked for you and @TiarraKick to come!!!
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One from the shoot the other day
Didn't get a chance to post this yesterday but happy birthday little sister, I love you very much
Such a surreal feeling
Experienced my first earthquake today
full moon tonight
It was good seeing my boy @BryArion before he left. Bout to do it big in LA
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It was nice going back and seeing the places and people, that helped make me who I am. Very humbling experience
Should've made different moves
@BryArion you gotta fill me in on your nc trip too man when we're both back Sunday.
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@NathanielHero can't wait to hear about it
"There's three things, that I need each day: something to look up to, something to look forward to, and someone to chase"- M Mcconaughey
Couldn't have gotten better news, ready to get back now
It's a wrap for that
@QawiAlim_10 haha im about to come see you q
forgot how much I missed some people
Treeless plain Lilly.....
I swear I love "the spot"
had to make a soundcloud just so I could post this- my 12 year old little sister, all I can say is wow…
@pichhon well then come! Just tell me a good time to come see you a England and I'll see what I can do
@BryArion come to London when I'm there! Then you'll get to see me and @pichhon 😊
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@BryArion haha I really wanna come to LA and visit in July or maybe August!😚
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Also my fave American @kjmitch517 is moving to London and @jdylanmusic is coming in the summer @BryArion when are you visiting then?😎
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@pichhon @kjmitch517 @jdylanmusic well I have to see my favorite Brit soon, what are you doing in July? I might be a little more free then