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from the bottom of the bottom
only put out good vibrations i dont even see the lows
tunnel vision to the paper i dont really need you hoes
@BrooklynsDodger time doesn't exist anyways- it's just a construct of the human mind
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weak niggas im finna destroy
There is no present or future, only the past, happening over and over again, now
It ain't my fault this nigga bitch say she in love with me.
no one values your time how you do
@BrooklynsDodger what the fuck Chance you Rebel...and WiseGuy at this jawn since WHEN
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Now the judge hang us w a hunnid years, used to hang us by a tree
if it aint money callin ima let it ring
its gone stay that way
I remember the fuckery called dial up connection
I be forgetting schools exist outside of Howard
I'm saying I never heard of ur frat or school. So who knows…
Fraternity's are gangs Idc Idc
Pretty much unless u go to a pwi. Idk about them shits…
If you not in a d9 u not in a frat. You really just some friends in matching shirts
Weave be hoes religion
Everybody a fan nowadays
These rap niggas be frauding. Fake chains, fake sneakers, fake gangs. Smh
I can't make u trust me
Lies. Like telling ugly children beauty is on the inside…
women can't honestly handle being told their sex is poo. idc.
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No matter what u can't make a girl happy
Black people must of came on unidentifiable boat objects
I feel like aliens don't abduct black people
Keep on receiving the scholarships
I fr hate that bum ass Chrysler 300
Scorpios are crazy be ware
Let me put this jazz in ya life
Start focusing on the shit that actually matters instead of the shit that doesn't
Iont trust ppl. But it was worth the try
Bitch don't touch that plate unless you was there to cook for a nigga when he was starvin
Girls will make u mad on purpose

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