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Just trynna build w u shorty
Product of an abandoned room in CHS, 3:00 AM. w/ my niggas @BrooklynsDodger, Zay, @Mook_Ali & Shaq. Killin' shit.…
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You can't help erbody
A nut and a blunt a day keeps the stress away
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I ran it up w the same niggas get the money and stay w the same niggas
DS2 chopped n skrewed
Like I'm a slave master
im pretty sure the whole ghost writing thing was ploy to get niggas to actually listen to @Quentin__Miller but hey, i guess it worked
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Aye yall go follow @BrooklynsDodger and go click the link in his bio and listen to his music for me ✊
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What yall on? Ima be in the a come August…
"Things do not change; we change." -Henry David Thoreau
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I got clientele I got clientele
Where ya ass was at dog when I was drinking high tech
A lot of you rappers just be talkin. But then again that's ppl in general
Listen to Get The Bread - KingKLA$$ (Prod. Mannie IL) by @BrooklynsDodger 💯🔥#np#np…69A
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I fw black and white photography
It's niggas I went to school w makin it. And it cuz we went to school
Niggas be on they own dick. Alone. Lmao, arrogance.
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It's like you got the world in your hands and my drugs there too...
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My man's got the close up and all. S/o to @iLoveMakonnen5D for fucking with the homie @CheikhFoolie 🙏7
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Niggas always want a handout
Lol one day I gotta make a song w @JustineSkye and shoot the vid in 113
Took a listen of @QueenLosa shit today. It was chill
if there is anything the "game" needs its less ego.
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I blow a bag today
Yall niggas keep catching that lightskin Drakin and shit
Feels good waking up to do what you love
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Scared Money Don't Make No Money 😈
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If you my friend you good for life. House, clothes, whatever you need.
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This DMV lingo challenge is accurate Af
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#dmvlingochallenge I stamp I wasn't tryn yea but she yea and we yea so I had ta yea to get the yea so I ended up yea
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If you kissin these hoes you bold
pussy nigga just remember we aint cool
I see u Can't Add I See u Ain't Fast
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I fuck with the real & these niggas ain't real so we don't kick it!
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