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u dont get any props when you steal from your family or ur squad
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Ain't nothing in life permanent
Baby we don't know Scotty
@ItsMilesx: Go peep @BrooklynsDodger 's music, shit is raw af.”
I put money over bitches, I guess mama taught me well
I miss when music had a meaning
She my trap queen ☺️
Just keep it 💯
I rlly cant fuck w ppl that don't have any goals in life
Money keeps my head up, Loyalty ova Bs
It's don't cost you shit to be real 💯
Fuck I look like signing, let me sign yall
I got all my mother fuckin jewelry on me You could try flexin like yo bitch ass want it
Bitch im randy mossin
To my squad, I pledge allegiance
We can't all be doctors. Somebody gotta be chief keef
Who gotta active hoot for me?
Yea I'm not gonna lie, I came to Howard because the women were beautiful
Thot till proven loyal
I'm good w just head if er head better than er pussy
@reddreloaded__: the same bitch they say "dont worry about" or "idfwh" .. thats his bitch on the low👐” girl logic
So what do yo do? Me: I make music So u rap? Me: yeaa, but I technically make jazz trap music ...
Fucked around w a cotton swab and almost went deaf
That moment when you like : Imy But ya pride like : fuck u
Nigga said "she look like she eat kids" U mean swallow nigga? 😂😂😂
Girls w curly hair tho 😩😍😍😍
The more u want sum the further it appears out of reach 😒
"One day" translates to maybe just maybe I'll be bored enough to indulge in ya bullshit "one day"
Lowkey convinced "I'll let you know" is a hint that no's the answer
When niggas make u laugh but u tryin not to choke off the smoke 😂
Black Friday - only shop at black businesses or your a fuckin opp.
Smoke X Eat X Smoke some more = Happy Thanksgiving
Niggas said I should work w @1Marzey
Someone bring me a plate
It's at times like this I think of u the most
@ibstrokn: NEW FIRE 🔥🔥🔥 JESUS HIT By Pastor Jebediah Shmurda” lmaooo
Some more heat 🔥🔥🔥 from Pastor