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If: 1) we not fucking 2) we not grinding 3) we not eating I don't even know why u using the word we
Shorties be mad u won't fall into their fake attitude
Join my future or meet my past..
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F🙏nesse F🙏ther
Today is product of a bunch of lil bitches w daddy problems who grew up
Bad bitches tend to be crazy ...
Stop looking for people and things to surround yaself w. Stick to energies
I be having some weird ass dreams.
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I deadass have not smoked a session this entire month. I may spazz out
And I wish real life had an unfollow button
From now on I'm cutting anyone off that stresses me out
Bitches be hella insecure goin through phones and shit. Whole time I be laughin
Sneak dissing don't get you nowhere. ...but beat tf up.
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Bitches assume u supposed to take they bullshit cuz u fuck with them But actually no, I don't. That's yo bullshit not mine
Dumb ass lil girls swear they pussy golden or sumn
Bitch if u keep actin up I swear to god I'll replace you
Check out the music if you haven't already @ #TRAPinLIFE
It's forever someone staring in my face
@QuiseLimye: My nigga @BrooklynsDodger playing with this rap shit too” not never
If this bitch green ima slay er
Check out the music if you haven't already @ #TRAPinLIFE
I hate when people think I'm mad or sad cause I'm not talking.. nah I'm chillin bitch.
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If school wasn't so expensive I woulda said fuck this shit
Don't ever call my phone back to back
One Hunna ft ChaunSAY Mackin and Ashton Vines
That moment when it's someone in ya quiet spot ..
I really be smokin and I really be drinkin
Only thing I know is dead presidents
Make life the juug
im not proud of my mistakes, but sometimes we need to fuck up in order to change our lives.
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I wanna be successful & if I don't make it, I'm going to die trying..😘
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"Strive to be the realist nigga you know"
It's a million reasons why u shouldn't and ppl be still hopeful for that one positive
I'm gettin paid to fuck bitches I'm gettin paid to do shows
Aunt Jemima and Sprite
I'm puttin pills into models and long dick in ya hoe
@SoSo__Def: Since he's tweeting, me & @BrooklynsDodger got beef” I guess lol
She don't wake up to breakfast nah, just my kids in her throat
Check out the music if you haven't already @ #TRAPinLIFE