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KingKLA$$ - Letter Home "Stay Shining" [Prod. By The Gonz Beats] - Noble...
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Don't go chasing waterfalls
@BrooklynsDodger I spent all that time listening to your music😭😍🙌🏾. Your shit goes hard🔥✊🏾.
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If you make music and u #hu19 hit me
Listen to KingKLA$$ - Bravado (ft. Tia P. & The Captain)[prod. Full Metal]…
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My boy @MannieILLA more than just a producer , I swear he just gets this music shit. We're Last of a Dying Breed
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🙏 I appreciate it fr �RJ
Niggas still ain't get to work w @WlZKHALlFA wt I been in the city
i took 56 bars all in one month and it was all crazy
I gotta get a phone
Feminism isn't a black concept. Yet black women are feminist. Idk
Bruh. Shorty took the pic on a razr flip phone first off…
So if Becky wanna look good in braids she can't cause she's appropriating black culture? lmao ok.
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Getting high watching time fly
A dub = a dance A dub =$20 A dub = $20 worth of weed A dub = an unwanted situation All about context #NycLingoChallenge
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Catfish is retarded. It's 2015 like wtf
I wish I could show you how u act. But that's everyone
"i put money over bitches i guess my mama taught me well" -@BrooklynsDodger
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Ppl closest to you typically hurt you the most
Posted a new song: "Get The Bread (On My Mind)" #music
Shorty come through. Bring papers and smoothies.
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I could never let the pussy come between me and the trap
Just trynna build w u shorty
Product of an abandoned room in CHS, 3:00 AM. w/ my niggas @BrooklynsDodger, Zay, @Mook_Ali & Shaq. Killin' shit.…
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You can't help erbody
A nut and a blunt a day keeps the stress away
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I ran it up w the same niggas get the money and stay w the same niggas
DS2 chopped n skrewed
Like I'm a slave master

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