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Making mistakes in life is unavoidable.. The lessons they teach is valuable.
To make it to the top you have to go through the snakes no if or maybe
Lot of shit lined up for 2015. #Justwaitonit
"Got a Full Time job but a n!gga cant afford shit"
Everyone scream they real but when a real n!gga voice his opinion all the people claiming they real back down #society
Long & painful nights.. For long & bright futures.
Smile because life is beautiful, Good Morning.
I love Mondays :-)
NYC City Of The Greats!
If you aint awake past 12 am you aint grinding hard enough $Facts
I'll never surround myself with people that will accept my failure
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Too much Retweeting on Twitter lately.. No one wants to be original anymore Smh
Something about the struggle is priceless
if it ain't bout positivity or money dont be blowing me up #realshit
Why n*ggas worryin if Beyonce & Hov gonna get a divorce. . What yah need to worry bout is ya baby momma giving neck to your cousin Lol
I dont post much but when I do.. I post some heavy duty shit Lol
Surround yourself with people that are better than you.
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in Jamaica! (Queens)
Should I get a Cavs Lebron Jersey next week or No? Lol.. @KingJames since 2009
Lets Go Cavs! Lol
Mall Shopping #Maine #2014
Music, Family, Liquor, Money & Guns Are My Kids #Bushwick
Midnight cruise with the misses! #2014
I'm Getting Paid I Put That On My Granny Grave #Me #Portland Lol
I said I just be chilling #ME #Portland 2014
"They ain't make me who I am they just found me like this!" #Vacation #Nofilter #IfIaintthebestweallgoingtohell Lol
Vacation mode! #54321
Shopping in Queens
Anniversary gift. #Strength #Success #Gold Thanks to the misses!
Morning motherphuckers! Lol
Heats really had a nice run.. 2 out of 4 is great Like spoe said. The Heats have nothing to be ashamed of.. they won back to back titles!
People will always try to bring you down to their level because sadly most of the World are undachievers
God bless the man who dares to chase his dreams and never settle for nothing but the best @KingJames
Win or Lose im still a Lebron James fan. #Allday #Aintnobodygonesayshitbouttheking Lol
#Happyfathersday chilling in Brooklyn earlier #2014
Never had a father growing up. My mom & grandmom was my dad.
Quick flick #1sttake #WhereamI #Kingchasingthethrown #Wereallinfinite #Believe
On my way to the money
Not every good day gonna be a good day.. #liveandlearn
Everyday someone out there hopes for my failure while I constantly thank God for my continued success.. Who do you think is gonna prevail?
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Praying I'll be able to quit my job comfortably in a year. . #Crossingfinger #bossshit
Miami toying with the Pacers.. Lebron hasn't even flipped the switch and the Heats are up. #Beveryafraid