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Antoney Darling
To get a follow back either send me a message or have some pics up its 2014 going on 2015 no reason to not have a photo #Comeon
Just followed a bunch of people back 😃
Currently in the Bx. Possibly the only part in NYC that is still underdeveloped
Phuck a follow respect mean more than numbers. You can miss me with the bullshit. People need to uplift one another not Bash or Hate.
Anyone who say some disrespectful or inappropriate shit to me gets Blocked, Defriend, Unfollowed.
I no longer entertain people & their bullshit
As I get older I just wanna surround myself with people are following my vision.
Happy how my life turning out #Highlyfavored
Enjoying a nice trip out of NYC. I can't lie I don't miss it. lol
Earlier today having breakfast with the misses #Winning #Birthdayweek #SomewhereinAmerica
nobody will ever understand why you fuck with someone so strong as you do, but it really ain't none of they business 🙊👐😏
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Blessed to see another year I'm in my zone #Workhardplayhard #Greatness #Bawse
Thankful to see another year everyone doubted me growing up 20 years later I'm winning #Blessed #Flyest #Birthdayboy #26yearsofwisdom #Killingthecompetition
Thanking God for another Great year #Birthdaypreview #26yearsofwisdom
Been MIA working on a lot of things!
I'm back on Twitter for good 😃
Starting to feel like Drake.. "I know it's coming I just hope I'm alive for it" #Scorpioseason
Quiet before the Storm! #Birthdayeve #26yearsofwisdom #Birthdayboy #Ready42015blessings #youngking #Thankful
Figured out my passion 1 year ago. At age 24. Find what you love and stick to it. Then pray 😃🙏 lol
Twitter has become a shit show 90% of Twitter is full of retweets #yadefeatedthepurpose lol
Girl I do this often #Greatness
Shredding weight like crazy #12poundsdown #Nofilter #CauseIcan #Youuglyniggazstillneedthemthough #Hashtaggodjustwokeupbitches lol
Chilling in the crib #bighead #nobeard #10poundslighter #stilllookbetterthanyourman lol
Clean shaven vs short hair #Closeup #Nomakeup #Nofilter
Ebola Ebola Ebola Ebola Ebobla Ebola Ebola montherphucker I'm I'll lol
Nowadays it's so hard holding conversations with people who don't talk about money.. I guess I'm Moneysocial Lol
Everyone who knows me knows I don't post up food pics cause it's lame. But it's been at least 5 years since I stepped in the kitchen & made some Jamaican Breakfast #Chefgamecray #Stillgotit #Sausage #Eggs #Sugardumplings
Been busy getting back in shape took 1 year off. Can't wait for 2015 to hit stay tune 😉😇
I'm old fashion steady sipping wine like a old person #xeno
In Jamaica (Queens) Fly motherfucker reason you already know the cost #Nofilter #Ibeonautopilot
The reason I don't trust anyone :-|
Making mistakes in life is unavoidable.. The lessons they teach is valuable.
To make it to the top you have to go through the snakes no if or maybe
Lot of shit lined up for 2015. #Justwaitonit
"Got a Full Time job but a n!gga cant afford shit"
Everyone scream they real but when a real n!gga voice his opinion all the people claiming they real back down #society
Long & painful nights.. For long & bright futures.
Smile because life is beautiful, Good Morning.
NYC City Of The Greats!
If you aint awake past 12 am you aint grinding hard enough $Facts