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Brock Phillips
Huge thanks to @kinesiologists for providing the most professional and helpful teaching environment this weekend!
Time to go pray at the temple of iron πŸ’ͺοΏ½#fitnesss#motivationozc
Hope you're a puritan, because if you're not good luck surviving as an outcast.
Can you imagine if we lived in colonial Massachusetts in the 1650s and had forced religion? That's terrifying. Unless you didn't like voting
Good morning beautiful world
I much prefer telling people I'm a musician, or a buoyant object.
I think I really enjoy economics, truly - but do I like it enough to have to tell people "I'm an economist?" #Yawn
This month's focus has been mid / upper back. Finally starting to see some results! #fitness #motivation #dreambig
I just saw a korean young man who was literally so flawless and beautiful I wanted to puke. #Wow #LetMeBeYou
I know our numbers in the #Brockstar family have been low lately - but those who stay for the downtime are definitely remembered I promise.
I really do keep meaning to make more music.. I'm doing a full time business degree and personal training courses but I'm not going to quit.
And I still don't know anything at all
Here I am 6 months away from being 21 and only just now do I feel like I'm in a place I want to be. Hang in there, it takes time.
Sweet mother of poultry I just ate 7 chicken breasts
How do people go to college and not enjoy learning? Why are you getting your degree if you don't love what you do?
Discipline > Inspiration
Why do you get up every morning? Find your reason πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
6 beers later in downtown Van and I am on some random persons snap story singing blues in the middle of a street with a street musician
Thankful for every day I'm alive man
Thanks to the fantastic surgery, my mouth now feels like a pulled pork sandwich. Recommended strongly to anyone who hates living a good life
Home stretch after 6 hours of studying. Almost there..
8AM and I've already worked out. Time to study aaaay
How to get turnt in shower...hit shuffle....@BrockPhillips95 comes on.....sings loudly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚οΏ½b29OSjgs
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4:45 AM wakeup call for the gym with @KaseyMcdougall, the only person crazy enough to come with me for a 5:30AM session
Studying hard because I want that Bentley πŸ™‹W
I can't feel my face when I'm with u
Bruh I love pain meds. I can't feel anything hahaha
For having my jawbone drilled into, you know this isn't as bad as I thought it would be
Post-Wisdom Teeth surgery. Laughing at a light switch and then getting very concerned about said light switch.
In other news, getting an IV is not something I enjoyed
Got my wisdom teeth out a few hours ago and needed to take a selfie with my mom apparently. #IAmDying
I only ate fast food today.
Well its the first day of school so don't forget your vitamin D. Also remember to do up your zipper.
45 seconds. I can almost taste it.
There was confusion, now there is just fusion. Fusion of raw chicken and thermal energy turning it into cooked chicken.
"nur essen das Huhn bereits . Du bist schwach" (Just eat the chicken already, you weak man) - My Stomach, Circa 5PM today.
Oh to be immune to toxins from raw white meat would be a blessing from the gods truly, my stomach is yelling at me in angry German.
5 minutes until broiling stage of chicken. I am sweating and panting with cold hard anticipation
The overwhelming smell of Florentine stuffing fills my nasal cavities and taunts me like a lion hunting a gazelle.
External repetitive sounds around me start to make me anxious and angry
Stomach begins to growl
Yo yo yo it's your boy Brock Phillips about to live tweet my experience waiting for my bacon wrapped chicken to finish baking. 20 min remain

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