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Brock Phillips
RIP "Favourite" button
Going cold turkey off of gym supplements, just murdered legs day using only natural energy during and protein after. I want to live longer.
To the full day of studying I'm about to do: I'm not scared of you! šŸÆ
Very important data, retweet and vote! (Trust me) :)
This next one is even more important.. I'd be very thankful if you participated! Check back in 30 seconds
Thanks everyone for helping with my last survey.
Excessive profanity in a public area is so ugly. But I mean, so is this person being rude and profane though.. #NotDoingYourselfAnyFavours
That's a much better ratio
I didn't expect that to be so even omg
For a class, help me out please:)
I love playing and winning the "maintain eye contact with strangers game".
Why is Ariana Grande's new song's chorus the way that it is?? Why are we ignoring this god awful chorus??
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Okay sharks club. You win.
so condoms are free at college but printing isnt? is a nut more important than my assignment?
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Like yeah okay I get its a small % overall but I'm trying to transfer universities so can u not.
How is a professor careless enough to accidentally forget to add 6% of my total mark on a midterm worth 25% of my grade.. #lmao
Instagram ForteLifestyle
Make sure to follow Forte Lifestyle's instagram for daily motivation. Also if you like this bicep follow @dtempz ;)
You can always do nugget porn to pay for your books now..ā€¦
And it's not bad or good it's just such a shift from everything I knew. How insane.
Today had to be the weirdest day of my life. My world just got flipped upside down
You ain't basically shit cuz I am. Call me when you win a warā€¦
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A+ on my history midterm? Man I'm basically George Washington now
Too many people are living for the weekend, that kind of Rollercoaster life isn't sustainable. Live for TODAY AND TOMORROW.
Forte Lifestyle is almost ready for launch.
"It's like she has two 2 year olds taped to her chest" looool @dtempz
Weight Trainer Exam booked for November 5th! Excited:)
Listening to my macroeconomics prof bumble his way around the English language before a test isn't how I want to spend my night.:(
On a relevant note, money can't literally buy happiness.. but it can facilitate it, and isn't that the same thing?
Marginal trade offs are the worst when they're made on a gut instinct, this for that but at what cost? And what logic? šŸ˜© there's no winning.
John Mayer's Paradise Valley record is a surefire way to put me in a calm and pensive mood. Thanks to @invisible_spec for hooking me last yr
Upper and mid back development. I'm super super hyped on this.
Conversations with @BrockPhillips95 : Fitness, fashion and small talk in between fitness and fashion conversations
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Thanks fitbit for keeping my heartrate down when I'm stressed. This thing is a miracle
Hard work does pay off. Top mark on my management class midterm!! šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
Loafers aren't just a summer thing. Broke out the Cole Haan loafers today paired with some fall coloured burgundy chinos from J Crew (Driggs Fit) . #loafers #fashion #menswear #wiw #like4like #chinos #fallfashion #luxury #followforfollow #follow #midterms
Can't handle alone time
Switched up my split today and the pump had to be documented. #fitness #inspire #gains
I've never felt sicker than right now
I've been giving them names to keep myself calm, this guy is "General Slurp n' Burp", apprentice of "Noise Ninja"
If I was ever going to commit a capital crime it would be against those who slurp and chomp loudly in quiet area. STOP.

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