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Lamont Broadus
One of your familiar dilemmas centers on your natural desire t... More for Scorpio
Amen either you with me or against me...
As much as you might want to cling to your past, your ambition... More for Scorpio
You don't understand why people seem resistant to your ideas t... More for Scorpio
This is true... Made a huge change... No worries tho...
A friend or partner might annoy you with obstinate behavior to... More for Scorpio
If you are working on a major project, you might attempt to sp... More for Scorpio
You're acutely aware that something is lurking in the shadows ... More for Scorpio
Although you could put on quite a performance today, your fear... More for Scorpio
Your soft and gentle approach may seem a bit out of place toda... More for Scorpio
It is as if you're driving on an open road without a posted sp... More for Scorpio
You could grow quite philosophical today as you seek to fulfil... More for Scorpio
You could be the hero who saves the day at work if you are wil... More for Scorpio
My main man watching over me! #lickylizard #dontjudge
That face you made in middle school when the kid grading your paper asks the teacher if your answer counts... Lmao
Family... Straw Bail gardening... Collards and Cucumbers #familytime
You are swimming in a sea of your own feelings now. However, y... More for Scorpio
Just being honest! #KrispyKremes
There is a surprising fork in the road today, requiring you to... More for Scorpio
Your kitchen isn't complete without one of these... Lmao