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Brittany Snow
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@courtknows: So @Brittanysnow, what's your favorite @Cirque show?” #O #Idunno I mean, what can I soleil?!
Can Bill Murray's voice replace Siri on my phone... Because I will go wherever he tells me to. #trust
I accept your #ALS #IcebucketChallenge @jessicalstroup. @annakendrick47 @courtknows @chrissiefit @sidsplit You have 24 hrs to donate AND/or take the challenge. #StrikeoutALS
We don't like to walk alone. It's hard. @kelleyjakle @annakendrick47 @thelanawwe @chrissyfit
Love is louder than ______. You guys fill in the blank! But make it inspirational it's for a great cause! The winner will get a surprise :)
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How many Step Up movies will happen before someone realizes eventually you have to step down #endlessStaircase
Go to #Loveislouder Experience at @nycparamount for a free copy of the new James Patterson book #HomeroomDiaries (limited supply) @JP_Books
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And to the one we are leaving behind... Miss you already little weirdo. ❤️ Decided to post our most comfortable family photo.
Remembering our attempt at a Vanity Fair photo shoot? Last day of shooting #PitchPerfect2. I already miss these amazing girls. They are my family. Love them dearly.
This is how we release stress on the set of Pitch Perfect 2 x
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LOVE this "@chrissiefit: When DJ Snow @Brittanysnow, makes an amazing playlist and puts @EsterDean #dropitlow on it
We have a store! Visit the #LoveisLouder Experience at the @nycparamount through Aug 6th. Sponsored @wenbychazdean
So excited to get home to this. Porch. Billie. Home. #tbt
Because @annakendrick47 already posted it & captured this as well.... We do our own stunts here on #PitchPerfect2 #fightscene #actionMovie
My girls reppin. Take your #loveislouder pic & start sharing the love. @loveislouderpics #PitchPerfect2
I'll be at the @LoveisLouder experience tomorrow in Times Square at 6:15pm fist bumping and high fiving people!
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#PitchPerfect2 photos while all of us girls have WAY too much fun with balloons.... What air heads.
@StrongbowUS: Hope you had a great 4th!” ok they are all in front of me but I assure you I have friends! Ha. Cheers!
Clearly... Our emotions are all bottled up. @kelleyjakle @courtknows @luckynos @jrodgers11
Happy 4th from the #pitchperfect2 crew. Xx