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Brian Wood
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Photo: From the extras section of the new The New York Four, a little drawing Ryan did to comment on the...
I still remember how my babies felt to pick up, the weight and the smell and warmth. Photos of little corpses.. I can only imagine the pain.
@brianwood I don't think one needs to have kids to feel that way. Just a spark of empathy. Sad to see how many people on Twitter don't.
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also I don't need to hear crackpots telling me they are killing their own just for the media coverage. I really don't, thanks.
re: my tweets. overwhelmed today. losing my own kids is biggest fear I have, so the fact so many in Gaza are losing theirs is affecting me.
@brianwood How do you define a "civilian" in a place with no army ?
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@brianwood with respect, Hamas does that on purpose to get sympathetic Western coverage to paint the very picture you are painting.
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@brianwood The leaflets essentially mean: "Run around the block and hope a bomb doesn't hit you!". There is literally nowhere to run.
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@brianwood it is a shame Palestinian rockets don't come with a get out of the way notice also. Love you work however.
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are pols really praising Israel for the "get out of the way" leaflets? To Gaza, 50% children and sealed borders? Get out of the way where??
Attack on Airliner Sets a New Precedent for the World’s Battlefields by @kgilsinan
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The smartest thing I've learned in comics is to know when to sacrifice a late night working for an early night to bed.
I'm sorry @AymanM, we have to cut you off in Gaza because we have some breaking beer pong news from Luke Russert
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I realize that anyone who gets a good Norma Rae reference is pretty much a better person than someone who doesn't.
Poem: I laugh. You cry. Everybody dies. Cyberwar.
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New Book: REBELS - Only one person guessed my teasers correctly, and its this: Northlanders-style series...
I know thats a funny thing to say, but Tilda's great and I find the resemblance amusing
I'm looking for an old photo but pretty sure they ripped off my late mother's look for Tilda Swinton's in Snowpiercer.
article on the "cease-fire ploy" that ppl say was manufactured justification for "very robust" bombing…
@brianwood It is a shitty double standard that I slowly learned about. stay home dad is seen as this nice guy hero for doing ...anything.
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@brianwood apparently most other Dads are total ding-dongs- Al says her mom friends are astonished at how much I help out. Bar = low.
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anyway, weird gender throwback thing, where dads are overly praised for doing "women's work", even in ultra progressive 2014 brooklyn
.@Marc_Deering I had a classroom of moms applaud me for being a 'helpful dad' at the end of a term once. do they not see I do what they do?
not a good message to send our children (2/2)
Even in progressive Park Slope, stay at home dads are considered some precious aberration, even by women who do the same task (1/2)
And if it's done by a father, it's a marvel.
. @jaredkfletcher unsung hero. or at least deserving of more song. #intlcomicprolove
Photo: Some unused art by Garry Brown, Massive villains Bors and Arkady.
. @Ben_Abernathy great editor, my vote for nicest guy in comics #intlcomicprolove
. @beckycloonan @funrama Riccardo B @GarryBoom Rob G my longest running collaborators, thx for the time, talent, and faith #intlcomicprolove
Sierra Hahn gave me a safety net during my fired-from-DC free fall. Also smart enough to not be on twitter! #intlcomicprolove great editor!
She's basically how I talk if I drop the covert and let it rip. Except she's 1000x funnier and more charming.
Australian singer and songwriter Megan Washington talks about her stuttering. #singer #stuttering #tedtalk What...
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The writer's lament: do I work at a desk like a human or curl up in bed and fall asleep and make no money and die alone oh God
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"Remember that 8th-grade Holocaust denial assignment? Kids earned praise for hoax claims"
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ICYMI: I made a public post on how I broke into comics and made a career of it.… If you enjoy, consider being a patron
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writing a script with one hand while I foam-roll out some painful triceps. Some days I wish I could just pick one life and run w it.