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Brian Wood
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Earth has 52% fewer wild animals today than in 1970, according to an @WWF report
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This vodka was filtered through lava rocks, what was I supposed to do? When in Rome (close enough).
Just been hanging out with @brianwood #SimonBisley and @RUFUS_DAYGLO for the past hour. Best. Day. Ever!
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On the train to Horsens w the Bis
Beer with Simon Bisley, achievement unlocked.
I neglected it last week, but @brianwood's epic MONO: Pacific released it's 3rd episode! Get it on the app or here:
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This is the part of the trip where I'm filled with sadness, guilt, regret, and intense self-hatred for leaving my babies. #neverlearn
Icelandair to Copenhagen via Reykjavik.
Recommendation 1. The Massive #27 by @brianwood @GarryBoom @whoajordie Such a fan of this series,the end is coming...
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CDC now projects as many as 1.4 million Ebola cases by January:
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And that it is amazing.
I'm dying with this @tulalotay Rebels cover in my hands. I usually hate this kind of teasing tweet but I have to acknowledge its existence.
New Law Will Publicly Shame Landlords Who Harass Tenants…
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Working on a script for an upcoming series that's about this EXACTLY:…
These people are making it impossible for anyone reasonable to stand anywhere near them. Good. Change is coming.…
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If I was making the original Star Wars today, I'd cast Emma Watson as Leia.
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Dark Horse - So here’s the Dark Horse shelf of my “ego library”, where I keep one copy of every edition of...
Cheers and thanks to Gaelen Hadlett and Matthew Clement for getting the ball rolling.…
Greenland’s dark snow may start global warming ‘feedback loop’…
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Photo: Spirit of ‘77, my sister and I.
This guy does Sonic Youth covers on an old acoustic, figures out the alt tunings by ear. Some of them defy belief.…
Black Jesus is my favorite show on TV. The spiritual successor to the movie Friday.
Massive 27 preview, love that cover, love the reveal. Spoilers, perhaps, but not really:…
This guy sure likes to follow and unfollow and follow and unfollow me…
Dark Horse PR director Jeremy Atkins exits after 10 years
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Re-posting my essay about my mother from last fall:…
This is very close to my heart, and you helped me raise a TON of money last year. Thank you again so much.
Doing another Barbells For Boobs campaign this year. More info to come, but here's the page:
DMZ Deluxe Book 4 (of 5) is scheduled for next July.
"Mono was there…where no one else could go..” MONO: Pacific #3 on @deviantART + #madefireapp
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Could Obama be blamed for Scotland voting for independence? David Frum says yes. Seriously.…
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Outreach! "GOPer Drops Out Of Race Over ‘F*gs’ And ‘N*ggers’ Tweet Rants"…
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So, my super awesome @RoseCityCC panel is about reading/not reading the comments. EVERYBODY COME AND HAVE OPINIONS. 1pm this Saturday.
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Japan: 'solar islands' replace nuclear power… 2 more plants announced
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Just got the last Massive script. It's all over man! @brianwood
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Bangalore cosplay: “@polkacafe: @brianwood Hi, we wrote an article on cosplay for comic con. Hope you like it! :)”
What an episode! With @brianwood - as in, the guy who made the best comic ever (DMZ).… #graphicnovels #comics #DMZ
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Integrity Disqualifies Bernie Sanders for White House… via @NewYorker