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Photo:  Justice League Dark #34 selfie variant cover by Kyle Baker
Unreal table read yesterday with the cast of #Powers @PlayStation. This is going to be a stellar show. @BRIANMBENDIS @Oeming @CharlieHuston
Photoset: davizlopez: New Mutants, character sketches.
Photo: Elektra & Wolverine by Dan Brereton
Photo: Unpublished Nightwing Variant Cover by Mike Allred
Photo: Original wraparound cover art by George Perez from Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC...
kinhuheck said: Today is Friday so do you have any news about Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, or Ultimate...
theintrepidautist said: Planning on dropping by Dragon Con while you're in Atlanta?
Photo: Léon: The Professional’s Mathilda by J. Scott Campbell
ncpiskator said: Does the Powers tv show being made in Atlanta have anything to do with The Walking Dead...
spaceisforlovers said: Any hints on what "Time Runs Out" will bring?
asexualrogers said: I'm trying to get into x-men but have no idea where to start! any pointers?
antoniotyler said: With Powers being filmed, Miles Morales being animated, and characters like Victoria...
trollbananacrust said: Seriously loved new guardians. I'm not a crazed Richard rider fanatic, but the...
Anonymous said: Hey Bendys, how are you ?
x-menfan said: why isnt the O5 part of avengers and x-men axis?????
Anonymous said: Is Richard Rider (Nova Prime) coming back or did you kill him off?
kindofagiant said: As an Atlanta native, I'm really excited and proud that so much television and film...
a0040pc said: I read All New X-Men #31 yesterday. I liked the story but I am disappointed to see that Kitty...
Photo: All-New Angel & X-23 || Stuart Immonen & Wade Von Grawbadger
"Have you ever read a @BRIANMBENDIS comic? They're alllll about feelings and kissing." @kellysue
Anonymous said: What are your thoughts on issue-by-issue reviews of comics? Do these reviews have any...
hesoslim said: Tom, please. No context was lost. You were posting here and you said that X-Men is limited...
Photo: Briar Rose aka Sleeping Beauty by Phil Jimenez
Hey y'all, it's laurennmcc​! I'm helping Kelly Sue this weekend, and one of the things I'm doing is putting u…
Photo: Pretty Deadly by Cameron Stewart
Photo: Uncanny X-Men #24 by Brian Michael Bendis and Kris Anka
Anonymous said: Whenever I start to work on a story idea and hash it out, I think "this is stupid, this...
chupacabraconvoy said: From what little I heard about how long it took Powers to make it to the screen, is...
Photo: Amazing World of DC Comics #16 cover by Marshall Rogers
Sorry I gave off the impression that I'm @DragonCon. I was just visiting @kellysue I am not part of it. except, of course, the furry orgy
I could have a written another issue of X-Men in the time I’ve been waiting for an elevator at Dragon con
Photoset: The ABC’s Of Wolverine by Sean Gordon Murphy
Photo: Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #14 cover by Terry Moore
I’ve never been to Dragon con but I’m in the hotel lobby and holy fuck!!
Photo: The Dark Knight Returns by Jim Cheung
Photoset: Jessica Jones & Peter Parker (Alias #23, 2002) Michael Gaydos (Pencils & Inks) Matt Hollingsworth...
today was the @PowersPS4 full cast table read. surreal isn't the word.
Photoset: Citizen Wayne by Brian Bendis & Michael Gaydos My only DC work…. for now :)