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Brian Kyle McCord
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I liked a @YouTube video from @BrianKyleMcCord POOR WAYFARING STRANGER - 7 Days to Die, Part 3
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Should I make a base at the hardware store or improve my shack? You decide.
Changes coming to the channel and all of it's pages. Keep an eye out!
Yeah, it'll be a bit before I drink the orange cream one. I got cool down for a second. #strangesodastudies
I may have to drink a water to wash this one down after I finish it. 95% finished. #strangesodastudies
I'm not fond of this either. It doesn't taste like a PB&J sandwich. It tastes of fake watermelons tainted by chemicals #strangesodastudies
I can kind of taste the jelly. No peanut butter or bread. Just the stickiness of jelly, and a part of the taste. #strangesodastudies
I wanted to finish this, but I think I'm going to close it and put it away. Someone else can try it later. #strangesodastudies
I am not a big fan of chocolate/chocolate soda. This is no exception. If you like chocolate soda, this would be fine. #strangesodastudies
I'm starting with #grossgus's dinosaur dung chocolate soda.
Just bought some weird soda at a gas station near my school with some tip money. Time for #strangesodastudies
A little 'taste' of what I had for lunch yesterday. I call it the McKyle. It's two cheeseburgers with…
Need a logo for your company, YouTube channel, or whatever? I can make you one! Logos are custom priced, but...
Are you ready? You better be! Because season 3 of Winning Wednesday just came out yesterday! Get hyped!...
The Winning Wednesday season premiere is ready, and exporting. However, I won't be able to upload it until after work. It'll still be out!
Do you know anybody who's birthday is soon? That's great! Give them a gift that can stand the test of time; a...
Beatrice felt like taking a selfie. Video nearly done. #winweds3
If you need any videos created contact me!
Keep an eye out for a new episode of Winning Wednesday, coming to a Tube near You, sometime today. Obviously, it...
A new episode of Winning Wednesday will premiere as soon as possible. It was planned for today, but work.
The very early stuff is done being edited, I just have to render it out and do a once over. Then I will start filming in about an hour.
And since I'm waiting on that I'm working on the wiki.…
I hate waiting for edits to render when there are tons of layers.
Finally, back to my computer for some edits.
I've been trying to edit, and I'm getting close to being done with the basic stuff.
I'm currently unable to edit. But I have managed to get through the third draft of next week's episode. #winwed
The season 3 premiere of Winning Wednesday, hits this Wednesday. This is sneak peek. Please subscribe to the...
The Friends theme song is so engrained in my muscle memory that I would rise from my grave to clap along if an episode was playing nearby.
I'm putting a futon in my room
A stretch hummer - or bummer, as I say - looks like a photoshop error. Oops scaled it too wide...
A sneak peek from the newest episode of Winning Wednesday. Acquaint yourselves with Sonny Rays, he's…
A sneak peek at another clip from the season 3 premiere of Winning Wednesday.
I already had the assets for the pizza ad though ;)…
I'm having to design lots of graphics for this one. For instance, a talk show/a news show, and an MTV parody. And a pizza ad...
Having pizza and root beer and editing the finale
I am v ready to watch Ant-Man.
And this corndog is boss!
Have you ever had pizza sticks? ITS FRICKING PIZZA IN A STICK!
What's on the other side of the Earth?
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My feet hurt and I really would like to edit.
I guess the CPAP makes me feel better. It's only the second day on it. I'm still tired, but I could stay awake if I wanted too. Which is rad
I went to a gas station and found the coolest thing. It's a @TWIZZLERS and it's huge!
The gym was fun. Filmed some more after @hannnneeeerrrrr went to bed. Still didn't edit enough. Goodnight!
No more edits or filming for a bit. It's time to go to the gym with @hannnneeeerrrrr. She's a cutie.
I checked that footage. After some finagling, I finally worked out a little something. How does it look?
I filmed some stuff and then had prep dinner for me and @hannnneeeerrrrr. Starting the video creation again with checking out the footage

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