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Brian Kyle McCord
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I'm absolutely loving #FHURush. Hanging with the best people ever!
I just touched my eye for the first time. Like not my eyelid, but my actual eye. It was weird.
The planning for Winning Wednesday season 2 is well under way. It will be a return to the original style of the...
Here are Six Really Awkward Situations for Shy People |…
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Vanilla Coke is the bae <3
I'll always be childish, call me Maggie Simpson
#RetweetTime @CarmikeCinemas For a chance to win 4 movie passes, RT this pic! Winners announced Monday at 9amEST
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Can you believe it's been ten years since filming started for the first series of Doctor Who? -BPHQ
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The Studio is almost reworked and clean, as is my computer. :)
cheers to the freakin' weekend *lays in bed for 2 days straight*
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Being on Twitter and not retweeting is like getting a DeLorean and not going 88.
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The first step to creating season 2 of Winning Wednesday is organizing all of my stuff. Digital and Physical. Coffee!
If you haven't seen it yet, my newest video is a video about the new Godzilla movie:…
Today's video is Godzilla! A movie which I thought was pretty bad. Have you seen it? What are your thoughts?
In the newest episode of Spoiler Alert I talk about Godzilla.
Video coming tomorrow about Godzilla. Winning Wednesday planning happening currently. I am also a part of the...
My newest video - "What Does Matt Say?" - is available on YouTube. It's a music video Nathan & I created. Check it:…
I posted a new photo to Facebook
A video I produced (and starred in) for the senior graduation party is now on YouTube. FYI I put it on the...
Do you like the X-Men? Well you can hear me talk about the newest X-Men film right now! Go watch it!
This week's review is for X-Men: Days of Future Past. Nathan is even here this time.
What are you guys thoughts on a follow up of Pizza Junction? Pizza topping ideas? Other staff at PJ? Anything...
How do you guys feel about a follow up to Pizza Junction?
How have you not seen my movie review show, Spoiler Alert. It's pretty much the best thing since Cinnamelts. It...
You seriously haven't seen my new movie review show? Go watch it!…
'What Does The Matt Say' will be hitting YouTube this week - I just have to re-edit some masks that I had to rush...
Pancakes, we do this. We thought that you knew this.
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I need an assistant... and money...
Okay so finally this new movie review show is almost done. Provided I can film the next one it will launch today.
In honor of becoming an official host for #7dtd we're handing out 10 copies for free! Retweet and follow us for a chance to win! #7dtd4free
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I find it weird that MJ and JT made a song. Because Michael Jackson is litERALLY DEAD!… In which my friend @wrappedinpeace has a very poignant talk about high school graduation, with some usual Izzy humor
I borrowed some mics from my uncle. I should be able to shoot several videos once I get the mixer
The reports of Mario Cart 8 were not exaggerated. It is amazing. Nothing has made me want to own a Wii U this much.
So I really need to relight/reshoot this video so I can finish it. However a freaking airshow is going on outside.
I am just going through the episode and cleaning up my keying, then I'll do the outro, and blamo! It will hopefully be out tommorrow.
Once I get this intro right, I'll be able to mass produce these Spoiler Alert episodes. But until then it's just frustration.
There is actually a background. But I've taken all decorative layers off, until I'm finished to speed this up.
The video about #TFIOS is taking so long because of all the layers... of feels. But seriously though, the layers make one render take 1.30h
Sorry, it's just been a while since I started a new show. This is probably the most pro thing I've ever keyed. It looks super boss. #TFIOS
I think I'm going to unlink the FB and Twitter pages, so it's not really spammy. There is a Twitter tab on the FB page for those who care.
I did the art for Twitter. I think it came out better than FB's. Tell me how it looks. Especially on mobile:
I literally can't keep my eyes open anymore, powernap and then back to Spoiler Alert and the channel trailer.
Here is a picture of the FB banner. Get the scaling right, Zuckerburg! #jamacianmeangry