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My feet hurt and I really would like to edit.
I guess the CPAP makes me feel better. It's only the second day on it. I'm still tired, but I could stay awake if I wanted too. Which is rad
I went to a gas station and found the coolest thing. It's a @TWIZZLERS and it's huge!
The gym was fun. Filmed some more after @hannnneeeerrrrr went to bed. Still didn't edit enough. Goodnight!
No more edits or filming for a bit. It's time to go to the gym with @hannnneeeerrrrr. She's a cutie.
I checked that footage. After some finagling, I finally worked out a little something. How does it look?
I filmed some stuff and then had prep dinner for me and @hannnneeeerrrrr. Starting the video creation again with checking out the footage
Coming off of my lunch break. Time to start filming stuff for Winning Wednesday.
Back from the gas station with my huge drink and my lunch. ¢69 for a 52oz drink, you guys should really get membership cards.
I'm currently putting away my bed/bedding and cleaning the CPAP. Then I will take shower and start editing! Yay!!
Alright, I'm up for the day. Slept about 4 more hours than usual. I really wanted to let the CPAP do its magic. I feel different, so good...
No more editing tonight, I'm ready to try out my CPAP. Yay for sleeping! More tweets and edits tomorrow. Woo!
This is the background for a little segment in the show. Off to VBS now, but will probably be editing later tonight.
Just added a baseboard to the digital set. Woo, exciting!
Currently building a digital set for my newest episode of Winning Wednesday. Don't worry it isn't to replace the normal set. It's for a joke
Today, is a great day. It is the first day I've had to edit video in a week, I also got my CPAP machine, and it is the final night of VBS!
Removing @thecampaignbook from his green background for a video that is coming out on the 29th.
The new season of Winning Wednesday will air on July 29th. I'm making the calendar for filming and editing, right...
I found something really great in a house I was cleaning, yesterday. #christmasstory #ChristmasInJuly
Our church is having an Indiana Jones themed VBS. This is the host's costume.
This is a picture of my new offline edit notebook. I can plan edits on paper, instead of starting edits unprepared.
My new Twitter art kind of makes me feel like consuming a banana split...
Tonight, me and @hannnneeeerrrrr are going to clean/watch movies and work on videos! It's going to be great, and I can't wait to finish work
Why are all my fingers numb?
It is strange that as a carpet cleaning technician, that my own carpet is full of tape/Windex stains, and a giant scorch mark. Irony.
Gas stations are great. You can get huge drinks for a half dollar. It's cheaper to kill yourself, than to eat right. Sorry, Michelle Obama.
A black tanktop, camo shorts, and then black crocs with the white socks. That is as stylish as it gets in Tennessee, folks.
We have started production on Season 3 of Winning Wednesday today. The first new episode will be aired on July...
Movie Idea: Franchises of movies about a taxi service run by stern, old people. Called ' The Slow and The Serious.'
It's time for a new video! This time it's an interview with Steve Hillis, drummer for Myth of Logik. Remember to...
Send my sister a video. I got this back
I've had 5 shots of espresso + a cup of coffee and I still feel like I'm gonna pass out I am weak college is weeding me out of the gene pool
Retweeted by Brian Kyle McCord is down for maintenance at the moment. But be sure to check it out in a few days for the...
I just released a new video to my channel. This isn't like the normal stuff, I made this for school. I will be...
A new video! I made this one for school.
Last year we released Pizza Junction into the world. What other flavors do you think Pizza Junction could come up...
We here at the Brian Kyle McCord channel are surprised at the amount of nerds in Tennessee. More surprisingly,...
We just passed a sign that said "Texting while driving? Oh, cell no!"
My car's loaded up and my trip will begin after school. I feel like a real college student.
Haircut yesterday which means today is job interview day. Wish me luck!
Is there such a thing as too organized? Spreadsheets and calendars. New videos coming soon.
Final Update on The Male Breast Bandits: @hannnneeeerrrrr told me that one of them has a tattoo on his chest. The other wanted to match.
Update on Chest Tattoo Squad: He already has a chest tattoo, that I just saw, so I'm really confused about what he's asking the guy for.
Update on The Nipple Ring Crew: instead of piercings, we are upgrading to a tattoo of hands on the chest. What a great mind this fella has.
At a piercing shop, @hannnneeeerrrrr is getting her septum done. Two random boys at my attractiveness level walked in for nipple piercings.
If you haven't seen it yet, go watch the season finale of Winning Wednesday! New episodes this summer!...
I've really been wanting to go to @kfc lately. Unfortunately, a @PandaExpress was directly next to it... So...
If you haven't seen it yet, please check out the Winning Wednesday Finale. Below is a preview....
This is it. The season finale of Winning Wednesday. Watch me talk to me in a Back to the Future homage. Also,...

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